Resource: Multicultural Gifted Education, 2nd ed.
Website: Multicultural Gifted Education, 2nd ed.
Author: Ford, D.
ISBN: 978-1-59363-699-9
Publisher: Prufrock Press, Inc.
Year: 2011
Description: This book bridges the gap that exists between educating advanced learners and educating culturally different learners. It addresses various topics, including racially and culturally diverse students and families, historical and legal perspectives on educating gifted and minority students, culturally responsive curriculum and assessment, and counseling students from a multicultural perspective.

Comments: Contributed by: Educator on 12/10/2012
Multicultural Gifted Education is an excellent book that should be read by every educator. It is packed with so much valuable important data that it needs to be read during the summer when educators are preparing themselves for the upcoming school year. The cultural characteristics of the various racial or ethnic groups are on target, and ways to address and reach their education needs are included. I particularly like the Questions and Activities for Reflection included at the end of each chapter because the reader has a chance to critically think about and map out strategies that may be extremely beneficial in the classroom. The contents in the book give all the ideas, formats, and information necessary to develop and create a multicultural curriculum that is rigorous. The types of questions to ask, lesson planning that matches the learning styles of four large diverse racial and ethnic groups, and the type of instruction that should be offered is given. The work comes in by taking the information given in the book, and using it to plan effectively for the culture in each individual school and classroom. The information given is so detailed that adequate time to critically think about what to teach, how to teach, and how to plan so that the learning styles of all students are met.

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