Resource: Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (EMF)
Website: Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (EMF)
Organization: Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
Description: EMF is a self-contained, self-study program from the Institute for Mathematics & Computer Science (IMACS) that allows gifted and talented students to complete all of middle and high school mathematics except calculus before leaving middle school. The EMF curriculum exposes students to subject areas not found in the standard curriculum such as operational systems, set theory, number theory, abstract algebra, and probability and statistics. For university-level, online courses in computer science and mathematical logic, consider eIMACS.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 4/10/2014
The days of learning math by repetition are a thing of the past. EMF teaches children critical thinking, logical reasoning and analytical math at their own pace. Although the program is self study,it has one-on-one feeling of having an instructor and at a very fair price. My daughter is very advanced for her age, and she tells me she enjoys the challenging work of EMF and the abstract mathematical concepts EMF employs. As a parent I give EMF an A+.

Contributed by: Parent on 3/5/2014
As a homeschooler, our son is an avid user of online educational resources. Over time, he has had the opportunity to use a wide variety of online curricula. I recently asked him to pick his favorite online course. He answered, "most definitely EMF, by a wide margin."

Contributed by: Student on 3/4/2014
EMF does more than teach; it inspires. I enjoyed the Operational Systems course immensely. Were it not for Operational Systems, I would never have known that there was such a thing, and that it is an idea which extends through every single mathematical topic there is. Seeing all the operations tie in with concepts like sets, which in turn tie in with functions and relations later, and so on, has allowed me to teach mathematics to the students whom I tutor, and not a discrete collection of problem solving methods. Using the ideas I learned from EMF, I was able to show them that math not only makes sense, but is truly fun!

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