Resource: Primoris Academy (Westwood, NJ)
Website: Primoris Academy (Westwood, NJ)
Description: A school in northern New Jersey exclusively for gifted and talented children, Primoris Academy is an independent, private school located in Westwood. It currently enrolls gifted students ages 4 to 12. Current students will be able to earn their high school diploma from Primoris Academy as the school will open an "Upper School" in 2015 serving students up to age 18. Primoris also offers a Summer Enrichment Program for preschoolers through high school seniors. The programs are broken into four, 2-week sessions and by age.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 1/24/2014
Primoris Academy started just in time for my daughter, who turned 5 shortly after school started. We still had one more year to go before Kindergarten when we realized she was an advanced learner and was already bored in preschool! Within weeks after starting school in September, she declared "I love school", and within months she was singing songs in Latin, naming the different bacteria that live on our bodies, skip counting, learning about Egyptian and Roman cultures, learning to play the cello, and more! The teachers and staff are very dedicated and knowledgeable, and they really keep a pulse on each child. They take their time to really get to know each child individually and teach them according to their levels. The best part is, for my daughter, she gets to be around other children who really understand her (they're all amazing by the way), and it's pure joy to watch them develop what could be lifelong relationships. The parent community is also developing into a wonderful supportive group where we can really understand each other and our challenges. I wouldn't trade it for the world!

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