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Considering Your Options: A Guidebook for Investigating Gap Year Opportunities

This guidebook is a tool for both parents and students who are considering a gap year as an educational option. Readers will find information on gap year options for students under the age of 18, the pros and cons of taking a gap year, what colleges think of students who pursue a gap year and much more.

Organizations: Competitions

National History Bee

The National History Bee is a history competition for elementary and middle school students. Participating students progress from the school level to the regional level and finally to the national level until one student is crowned the National History Bee Champion.

Organizations: International

Oak Meadow

Oak Meadow offers an affordable independent school experience for students in kindergarten to grade 12 through distance learning and independent curriculum. Oak Meadow designs progressive, experiential homeschooling curriculum that families can use independently or by enrolling in our fully-accredited, teacher-supported distance learning school.

Quaqua Protege Award

The Quaqua Protégé Award recognizes the most outstanding college-bound home-educated students in the world. As funds permit, other general and talent-specific awards are also given.

Quaqua Society, Inc.

Quaqua assists homeschool educators around the world to interact, showcase their achievements, receive financial aid, build friendships, obtain career assistance, and help the general public to appreciate the benefits derived from personal and secular rights.

Organizations: Local

Tall Poppies Las Vegas Gifted Homeschooling Group (Las Vegas, NV)

Homeschooling a gifted child can sometimes be challenging. Some homeschooling groups welcome gifted children, but others seem less comfortable with the disparity between a gifted child's age and abilities. Working together, we can pool our resources, share our stories, and give our kids the chance to socialize and have fun with kids like them -- not just with kids as old as they are.

The Arbor Learning Community (Southern California)

The Arbor Learning Community is a gifted-friendly, non-profit, secular homeschool organization serving elementary, middle and high school students in Southern California. The Arbor offers both academic and enrichment classes and specializes in experiences that are difficult to simulate at home, such as literature discussions, science labs, robotics, foreign language conversation, performing arts, and much more. Classes are offered year-round and are kept small so that students receive individualized attention. Non-homeschooled students are welcome during summer classes as well. A parent familiar with the needs of profoundly gifted (PG) students, the Arbor Learning founder created this organization to provide an educational environment where unique individuals, including PG, visual-spatial and 2e learners, feel comfortable being themselves.

Unschoolers Unlimited (Guilford, CT)

Unschoolers Unlimited publishes a newsletter, mailing list, and learning exchange list to stay in touch and network. Members hold family gatherings every other month so to socialize, share ideas and information, inspiration and good food.

Organizations: National

Alpha Omega Publications - Placement Tests

For parents unsure of which grade level to use when starting your homeschooler in AOP's Christian homeschool curriculum, Alpha Omega Publications offers homeschool families diagnostic tests for both the upper and lower levels of LIFEPAC Math and Language Arts. Placement tests are provided for 1st through 8th grade as well as 7th through 12th grade.

Carmel Institute

An independent study program for homeschooled students, Carmel Institute guides junior high and high school students through project-based, multidisciplinary curricula that is fully individualized to meet each student's interests and learning needs. The online school mentors students through individualized, multi-disciplinary, project-based curriculum that integrates the theory and practice of STEM into all core subject areas. Carmel Institute offers direct one-on-one instruction, supplemented with peer-to-peer interaction on collaborative projects.

EEME - electronics

EEME makes hands-on project kits paired with an online video curricula to teach 7-12 year old kids electronics. Their goal is to nurture the curiosity & critical thinking kids need for the science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) opportunities of tomorrow.

Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society

The purpose of Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society is to recognize and encourage scholarship among home school students. This organization also advocates homeschooling as a viable and successful educational methodology and acts as a liaison for homeschooling to the general public, colleges/universities, and the media.

Gifted Homeschoolers Forum (GHF)

This organization, based in California, is interested in linking families with information and resources regarding educating a gifted child at home. They provide gifted homeschoolers with the opportunity to network and increase awareness of homeschooling as a viable educational alternative for gifted children.

Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)

HSLDA works on national and state levels to advocate for parental freedoms, especially the rights of parents to direct their children's educations. It provides legal support to members free of charge. HSLDA provides a wide array of services to the homeschool community.

National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI)

The mission of National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) is: to produce high-quality research on home-based education; serve as a clearinghouse of research for homeschoolers, researchers, and policy makers; educate the public concerning the findings of all research on home education. NHERI's forte is in the realm of research, statistics, technical reports, data, facts, demographics, the academic world, consulting, academic achievement tests, and expert witness while serving people ranging from researchers and policy makers to professional educators, teachers, homeschoolers, and parents in general to the media, marketing consultants, and the general public.

Princeton Learning Cooperative (NJ)

The Princeton Learning Cooperative is a center that helps teenagers live and learn without school by supporting teens to create a personalized education based on their interests, abilities and goals. The organization offer help developing a personalized plan, classes that run throughout the day, tutoring, help finding internship and volunteer opportunities, mentoring, help with college admissions and a safe and comfortable place for students to work and socialize.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology: BirdSleuth K-12

BirdSleuth is an inquiry-based science curriculum that engages kids in scientific study and real data collection through the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s exciting citizen science projects.

Youth Digital

Youth Digital provides online computer science classes for students 8 to 14 years old to teach them how to code, design, develop and create with technology. Youth Digital’s learning platform provides students with a comprehensive learning experience that is fun, highly interactive and extremely effective. Students watch videos, respond to questions, earn badges, complete quizzes, and attempt challenging assignments as they step toward mastering critical technology skills and professional-level software. Students can learn to code, program in Java, make Mods for Minecraft®, animate their own movies, design and print in 3D, develop their own mobile apps, create video games, and more.

Organizations: Regional

Arizona Families for Home Education (AFHE) Scholarships

In the summer of 2000, Arizona Families for Home Education (AFHE) formed the Arizona Homeschool Scholarship Committee (AHSC). AFHE has two different opportunities for the scholarship seeker. These college scholarships are available for students who have been homeschooled in Arizona. Applicants do not have to attend college in Arizona.

Organizations: State

Hand in Hand Educational Services (Maryland)

Hand In Hand offers free resources to help Maryland families meet their homeschooling educational goals. Hand In Hand also offers a variety of services for a fee including curricular planning to individualized achievement testing.

HomeSchool Association of California (CA)

This organization honors the diversity of homeschoolers, supports and promotes the entire spectrum of homeschooling, empowers families to make the choices that respect the rights, needs, and aspirations of their children, and more.

Homeschooling Michigan

This site hosts a message board to support families who homeschool by county in Michigan. It also includes many groups, such as SAGE - which specifically offers support for gifted education in the home.

PA Homeschoolers (PA)

PA Homeschoolers is a network linking homeschoolers that organizes political action, provides for communication among homeschoolers, and organizes state-wide activities including a homeschool excellence day in the Harrisburg Capitol Rotunda. This is a great site for homeschoolers and even parents of children in public or private schools. This organization has also published several books and guides, which it sells in their internet bookstore. The site also sells workbooks, educational games, math textbooks, videos, and other educational materials to the homeschooling community nationwide. The PA Homeschoolers organization offers AP Internet courses and reviews of the textbooks that it sells.

Texas Home School Coalition (Lubbock, TX)

The Texas Home School Coalition serves and protects Texas home school families by helping its members if they have problems with government officials related to their right to teach their children at home - including written or verbal intervention and, when necessary, legal assistance. It communicates with school districts in the state to correct erroneous information and help officials come to a clear understanding of the law as it pertains to home education.

Printed Materials: Books

A Mother's Letters to a Schoolmaster

The author, "Anonymous," is the mother of a profoundly gifted boy whom she decided not to send to the local elementary school, but to educate at home instead. This book is the mother's side of the correspondence between herself and the principal, explaining why she was not enrolling her child in a conventional school. "Anonymous" traces in painstaking detail the educational development of her profoundly gifted son between the ages of six and nine, as she uses a child-directed method of learning.

A Sense of Self: Listening to Homeschooled Adolescent Girls

This book examines the lack of a "crisis of confidence" in homeschooled adolescent girls, compared with other girls in more traditional school settings. Several of the girls interviewed for this study are intellectually or artistically gifted.

Accidental Genius

The story of homeschooled profoundly gifted child, Michael, who attended kindergarten at age 3 and graduated from high school in only one year at the age of six. He graduated from college at 10; holds four Guinness World Records; and, graduated with a master's degree in chemistry at 14.

Allosaurus Publishers

Allosaurus connects the past to the present through history, science & reading comprehension. Allosaurus provides books in science, history, writing and social science.

And Sometimes Y (Howling Vowels) (Volume 2)

The sequel to The Howling Vowels, this fictional book continues to take a look at one group of friends and their experiences with homeschooling.

And the Skylark Sings with Me: Adventures in Homeschooling and Community-Based Education

This book documents the home education of a musically talented, highly intellectually gifted child, from the perspective of her father. An interesting, detailed account of the child's musical development within the context of the total educational program is included.

And What About College? How Homeschooling Can Lead To Admissions To The Best Colleges & Universities

This is a helpful, practical guide to college admissions for homeschoolers, especially those who may not have had a "typical" program or sequence of study (including unschoolers or early college entrants). Cohen describes and provides examples of how to translate interdisciplinary homeschooling curriculum and apprenticeship experiences into a high school transcript, and de-mystifies the college admissions process. Highly recommended, especially as a guide to developing a transcript for students whose homeschooling programs have included non-traditional educational experiences.

Barbara: The Unconscious Autobiography of a Child Genius

Written by Barbara Newhall Follett, Harold Grier McCurdy and Helen Follett, this book is about Barbara, the daughter of two authors, who was a homeschooled writing prodigy. This book chronicles her literary development as a child and adolescence, as well as her mysterious disappearance in young adulthood.

Better than School: One family's declaration of independence

This book chronicles one year in the life of a homeschooling family with two profoundly gifted children. It is written by a mother who decided to remove her son from school after a disastrous early experience and used an unschooling approach to teach her children at home. Both children are accomplished musicians.

Creative Home Schooling: A Resource Guide for Smart Families

This book is a comprehensive guide to homeschooling. It includes features on reasons to homeschool, record keeping, curriculum resources, how to get started, college preparation, social and emotional issues, and much more. It also includes a chapter on homeschooling your twice exceptional child. Click here to read a review of this book.

Critical Issues and Practices in Gifted Education: What the Research Says (2nd ed.)

This book is the definitive reference book for those searching for a summary and evaluation of the literature on giftedness, gifted education and talent development. The book presents more than 50 summaries of important topics in the field, providing relevant research and a guide to how the research applies to gifted education and the lives of gifted children. This second edition updates every topic with new research and introduces several critically important topics such as cluster grouping, Response to Intervention, programming standards, the Common Core State Standards, educational leadership, and legal issues. This book provides an objective assessment of the available knowledge on each topic, offers guidance in the application of the research, and suggests areas of needed research.

Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum: A Guide to Catholic Home Education

Laura Berquist's book provides a direct, clear explication of materials, books, and schedules to select when implementing a classical homeschooling program for each grade, kindergarten through 12th. Specific recommended materials, books, and subjects are provided. This book has a Catholic emphasis, but the suggested Catholic materials can easily be replaced with secular or Protestant materials if desired.

Everyday Words from Classic Origins: A Language Activity Workbook

This workbook is great for homeschoolers. It helps students master the Latin and Greek roots by providing sequenced activities, practice sets and reviews. A separate response key is also provided. It has over 275 word bases, including the variations. For example, FAC (FIC), FACT (FECT) (FY) all mean "to do, to make." Each lesson has five sections: "Touching Base", "Branching Out", "Words in Progress", "Words in Action" and "Word of Interest". After every 3 lessons, there are review activities and practice sets. There is also a list of Latin and Greek prefixes and suffixes in the back of the workbook.

Family Matters: Why Homeschooling Makes Sense

This book discusses how a public high school English teacher homeschooled his own children. It touches on the primarily child-led curriculum he used, the reluctance of his peers to accept his choice to homeschool, and the common question of socialization. He makes a strong argument about why homeschooling makes sense through research as well as example.

Finding an Online High School: Your Guide to More than 4,500 High School Courses Offered over the Internet

This comprehensive guide from Vincent Kiernan, provides students, teachers, and educators with a road map to the rapidly expanding field of online high schools. Math, Science, History, English and even physical education - name the course, and this book will help you find it online.

Finding Your Way through the Maze of College Prep Tests: A Guide to APs and SAT Subject Tests with Tips for Homeschoolers and Accelerated Learners

Written by the parent of a gifted student, this book is filled with information that parents and students may find helpful when making decisions about pre-college planning and testing. The following questions are addressed. Are you a high school student trying to decide on college prep courses? Are you a parent wondering about APs and how they affect your student's high school and college plans? Are you homeschooling through high school and need resources for tackling college prep work and the details about how to register for testing? This reference will guide you through the ins and outs of AP exams and SAT Subject Tests, including answers to: Are there special rules for homeschoolers or pre-high school students?

Five in a Row

The three volumes of the Five in a Row curriculum provide 55 lesson plans covering social studies, language, art, applied math and science. Designed for a homeschool setting, these lessons would also be appropriate in a conventional school. Although the original Five in a Row was designed for children ages 4 to 8, families of profoundly gifted children will find these guides more appropriate for the preschool years. The accompanying Five in a Row website offers sample lessons, an online newsletter, and curriculum user discussion boards.

Forging Paths: Beyond Traditional Schooling

Traditional schooling may not provide your son or daughter with a satisfactory or fulfilling education. In this book, you’ll read the stories of nine young people who took varying, nontraditional educational paths and succeeded in their chosen endeavors and vocations. Click here to read a review of this book.

Freedom Challenge: African American Homeschoolers

Written by Grace Llewellyn, this book features descriptions of daily life in the homeschools of a number of African American and biracial families. Several of the vignettes include homeschools with extremely gifted children. The volume provides an excellent perspective on what it's really like to homeschool, day in and day out, with bright, curious children.

From Homeschool to College and Work

This book is about turning homeschooled experiences into college and job portfolios. As a parent who homeschooled and, more importantly, unschooled her children since birth, McKee had often pondered how she would go about writing a college portfolio if her children chose to attend college. This book outlines how her family wrote two successful college portfolios. Topics covered are (1) how to get started (2) documenting the learning process (3) compiling data for a portfolio (4) putting a final document together to create a college admissions portfolio or job resume.

From School to Homeschool: Should You Homeschool Your Gifted Child?

This book by author Suki Wessling guides parents through the process of considering homeschooling options and educational alternatives. The book is filled with practical information and loaded with resources that will get parents off to a good start as they begin their home-schooling journey with their children.

Gifted children and homeschooling: Historical and contemporary perspectives

This chapter reviews the history of the homeschooling movement among families with gifted children, explores some of the reasons families of gifted children choose homeschooling as an educational alternative, reviews the way giftedness can unexpectedly impact legal issues, curriculum development, and socialization in the homeschool, and looks ahead at the future of homeschooling gifted children.

Gifted Children at Home: A Practical Guide for Homeschooling Families

This guide to educating gifted children at home includes information about giftedness, home schooling, and the intersection between the two. The material in the book is designed for new home schooling families, or for those who have just learned that their children are gifted. It includes resources and helpful forms for record keeping. The authors are all home schooling parents of gifted children. This book contains a non-denominational Christian perspective.

Gifted Education Comes Home: A Case for Self Directed Home Schooling

This book describes a homeschooling method for highly gifted students which stresses a self-actualizing home education approach based on the child's interests and motivation. The book is grounded in theory and research from education and psychology.

Growing Good Kids: 28 Activities to Enhance Self-Awareness, Compassion and Leadership

Created by teachers and classroom-tested, these fun and meaningful enrichment activities for grades 3-8 build children's skills in problem solving, decision making, cooperative learning, divergent thinking, and communication while promoting self-awareness, tolerance, character development, and service.

Home Grown: Adventures in Parenting off the Beaten Path, Unschooling, and Reconnecting with the Natural World

This book is about a family who opted out of formal education for their two sons, who learn through self-directed play, exploration and experimentation on their farm, in the woods, and (reluctantly) indoors. This approach allowed the boys to develop confidence, resourcefulness, and creativity. They learn, they play, they read, they test boundaries, they challenge themselves, they fail, they recover.

Home school, high school, and beyond: A time management, career exploration, organization, and study

This book/course is designed to help teens become increasingly independent in planning and managing their own homeschooling programs. Sections include goal-setting; making a four-year high school plan; working out a yearly plan; planning individual courses; developing and completing course assignments and projects; scheduling; record-keeping; and planning for post-secondary education. The book contains many helpful, reproducible forms that will streamline the planning and recordkeeping tasks of home schooling for many families. Transcript format options are included. It is nominally coming from a Christian perspective, but can easily be adapted to students of any faith, or none.

Homeschool Your Child for Free: More Than 1,200 Smart, Effective, and Practical Resources for Home Education on the Internet and Beyond

This book is a compilation of free curriculum guides, worksheets, educational materials, lesson plans, reference materials, teaching tips, legal issues, and more. Parents can use it to design a homeschool program without spending any money. It contains reading readiness activities for preschoolers to science projects for teens, and categorizes, reviews, and rates more than 1,200 educational resources on the Internet and beyond.

Homeschoolers College Admissions Handbook

This book is for homeschooling families who are looking at college. The transition from homeschooling children to preparing them for success in college requires planning and preparation. As the parent of a homeschooler, there are many issues to consider besides academic excellence: fulfilling other people's expectations and standards, tackling standardized tests and application essays, and introducing your homeschooler to the atmosphere of a college campus.

Homeschooling for Excellence

Role models for a generation of homeschoolers, David and Micki Colfax are teachers turned ranchers who taught their four sons at home in the 1970s and '80s and schooled three of them into Harvard. This book contains their curriculum suggestions.

Homeschooling Our Children Unschooling Ourselves

This book is a compelling story about one family's journey into the unknown territory of homeschooling, told with skill by Alison McKee, a gifted teacher with a wide experience in traditional education and a special sensitivity to the individual needs of children. Trusting her own children to 'show me the way' was a difficult challenge, but one that gave unexpected and rich rewards.

Homeschooling: The Teen Years

This book is a complete guide to successfully homeschooling 13 to 18 year olds, the years when many homeschooling parents start to question or abandon their efforts. It's a precarious time, with challenging academics, pressing social issues and the prospect of college looming. This guide calms parents' teen-time jitters and offers hope to those turning to homeschooling when their child is about to enter high school. With "how we did it" testimonials from other parents throughout the book, the author offers sage advice.

How to Work and Homeschool: Practical Advice, Tips, and Strategies from Parents (Perspectives in Gifted Homeschooling) (Volume 5)

This book addresses the following questions many parents have: do you want to homeschool, but you need to keep working? Maybe you’re already homeschooling, but you would like to start a business? Perhaps you’re homeschooling, working, and volunteering, but need to create space for yourself? How can this possibly be done? How do other parents manage? This book is contains real world examples and tried-and-tested approaches.

I Am a Homeschooler

In this picture book for younger children about homeschooling, 9-year-old Teigen tells others what it is like to be a homeschooler. She describes her daily routine - prayers and working on specific subjects in the morning; helping her mother with chores or baby-sitting in the afternoon; music and art; nature study; field trips; and a weekly cooperative day at a local church facility where home schoolers meet to have gym, science, and history classes and time to socialize. She also describes some days when everything goes wrong and classes are canceled due to family emergencies.

Jackdaws Curriculum Guides

Jackdaws are a series of curriculum guides for eras in American and world history, accompanied by primary source historical documents. For students (and homeschooling families) who prefer to work from primary sources, like the accurate "look" of history, and find a curriculum guide helpful, the Jackdaws will lend a "you are there" perspective to the study of history.

KONOS Character Curriculum

The KONOS Character Curriculum is a multi-level, K-8 curriculum guide which allows a homeschooling parent to teach several ages of children from the same materials. The units are designed around desirable character traits, and incorporate many elements appropriate for gifted pupils, including an interdisciplinary approach to curriculum, challenging hands-on projects, enrichment suggestions, and the possibility of placing a child at accelerated or varied levels within the curriculum. A nondenominational Christian curriculum, this program was originally designed for Mrs. Hulcy's own highly gifted children.

Learning All the Time

Author of 10 books that concentrate on early child development and education, John Holt is widely considered the father of the modern-day homeschooling movement, because he grew to believe that schools stifle the learning process. In this, his final book--compiled by colleagues from drafts, letters, and magazine essays written by Holt before he died in 1985--he strings together his own observations and philosophies to show how young children can be encouraged to learn everything from reading and math to music and science.

Literacy Through the Book Arts

This curriculum guide offers instruction on how to interrelate words, illustration, and design through simple book making activities. Starting with the concertina book, Paul Johnson demonstrates that the creation of simple books is a powerful (and fun!) medium for developing writing skills.

Mathematics: A Human Endeavor

This text, first written in 1970, treats mathematics as a language, wholly within each human being's grasp to discover and learn. Chapters are broken up into individual lessons, enabling the book to be used for multiple students at different levels and abilities.

Natural Education

Stoner's early book from 1914 describes in minute detail the homeschooling program of her daughter, Winifred, from babyhood through middle childhood. Stoner's book features the "progressive thinking" of the day, including chapters on discipline, eugenics, world peace, and Esperanto. Stoner's philosophy was very different from Berle's, though their books appeared the same year.

Nebel's Elementary Education: Creating a Tapestry of Learning

This book (450 pages) contains approaches and actual subject matter for delivering a superior K-5 education. It describes not only WHAT to teach, but also HOW to teach it using hundreds of hands-on activities, and much more.

No Regrets: How Homeschooling Earned Me a Master's Degree at Age 16

This book is Alexandra Swann's personal story of her homeschooling career and her very early entrance into college via a distance learning/independent study bachelor's degree program. It espouses a philosophy of homeschooling called "accelerated academics." Alexandra and her nine siblings were all homeschooled and completed high school work by the ages of 11 or 12. Although the "gifted" word is never mentioned in this book, it is obvious that this is a very gifted girl with very gifted siblings. This book also tells the story of how a homeschooling family stuck together in good times and bad. At 16, with a master's degree in hand, Alexandra became a community college instructor.

Project-Based Homeschooling: Mentoring Self-Directed Learners

This book combines student interests with long-term, deep, complex learning. It is an introduction and guide to creating the circumstances under which children can teach themselves. The author gives parents concrete tips for helping children do challenging, meaningful, self-chosen work. From setting up a workspace that encourages independence to building a family culture that supports self-directed learning to concrete suggestions for a step-by-step approach to inquiry-based investigation, this book shares techniques for mentoring independent, confident thinkers and learners.

Reading Strands

This book by Dave Marks provides parents and educators ideas for discussing fiction with their children. The goal of this book is to help parents teach their children to enjoy reading.

Serving Gifted Learners Beyond the Traditional Classroom: A Guide to Alternative Programs and Services

Part of The Critical Issues in Equity and Excellence in Gifted Education Series, this concise guide provides an introduction to the various types of out-of-school programming recommended and appropriate for gifted and advanced learners. VanTassel-Baska includes overviews of mentoring programs, residential schools, summer opportunities, and distance learning. Readers can learn about alternative services for teachers, parents and gifted education program directors. Click here to read a review of this book.

Setting the Records Straight: How to Craft Homeschool Transcripts and Course Descriptions for College Admission and Scholarships

This book is designed to provide parents the tools and information they need to create homeschool records to perfectly document their homeschool education in a way that will demand attention. The author's proven system will teach you how to present your child to colleges in the best possible light.

Simply Grammar

This book by Karen Andreola features an oral approach to teaching the basics of English grammar. This approach is particularly attractive to families homeschooling gifted children, since gifted children often have an aversion to written drill and practice activities. While the books are designed for students in the 4th through 8th grades, the grammar program can be conducted with children of a variety of age levels at once; students may accelerate in the program as fast as they are able to master the material.

Spectra Program: Learning to Look and Create

This combined studio art/art history program provides lesson plans, and background materials for those who want a structured, interdisciplinary art and art history curriculum. Developmentally appropriate, but challenging activities are included for each grade level. Each grade level's materials comes in a large three-ring binder. Supplementary art prints and slides are also available. These curriculum guides were designed with public school teachers in mind, but could easily be adapted to a homeschooling or co-op setting.

Spelling Power, 4th Edition

The latest edition of this award-winning spelling program includes a digital tutor, new DVD seminar and a number of other updates to accomplish it's goal - to teach solid, basic spelling skills. Geared toward homeschoolers, Spelling Power can be beneficial for gifted students because it allows them to work at their own pace and accelerate through curriculum when needed.

Strategies That Work : Teaching Comprehension to Enhance Understanding

This book covers educational strategies for teaching/homeschooling, focusing on instruction that is responsive to kids' interests and learning needs. It also has an appendixes that includes lists of educational aids, such as books, magazines, and journals, curriculum guides and professional journals.

The Complete Guide to the Gap Year: The Best Things to Do Between High School and College

This is the go-to book for anyone considering a year to re-charge, to follow a passion, to become immersed in another culture, or to find their love of learning again. It includes everything a student, parent, or guidance counselor would want to know about the gap year; including what a gap year is, what it is not, and why it can have a positive impact on a young life. Click here to read a review of this book.

The Complete Home Learning Source Book: The Essential Resource Guide for Homeschoolers, Parents, and Educators Covering Every Subject from Arithmetic to Zoology

The Complete Home Learning Sourcebook provides parents and teachers with information on all the resources needed to plan a well-balanced curriculum for the home or the classroom, from preschool through high school. The Complete Home Learning Sourcebook not only covers basic academic subjects but also addresses diverse interests. Thorough and up-to-date, this invaluable resource reviews all possible learning tools.

The Guidance Manual for the Christian Home School: A Parent's Guide for Preparing Home School Students for College or Career

This manual provides Christian homeschoolers with a plan for preparing for schooling and career after high school graduation. The Callihans explore the college admissions process, college entrance, career preparation, future family life, and other related issues from a Christian perspective. Specific materials and resources are suggested. The Callihans also briefly address the issue of early graduation.

The Problem Solver

The series provides 10 logical and easy to apply approaches to problem solving, with challenging practice problems that allow students to choose, apply, and reexamine appropriate strategies. The materials can be used to supplement the regular math program for grades 1-8.

The School In The Home: Talks With Parents And Teachers On Intensive Child Training (1912)

Berle's two books are the first real "homeschooling manuals" for the general public in this century. In the first book, he outlines a Christian philosophy of home education. The second book reviews curriculum materials. Berle raised four extremely gifted children, considered prodigies in their day, who entered college early. One son became deputy Secretary of State under FDR.

The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education

Filled with strategies, resources and guidance on how to design an interest-driven self-education, this book is for any bright student who wants to escape the drudgery of traditional school and get a "real education."

The Three R's at Home

Howard and Susan Richman wrote this book about homeschooling their four children in the early elementary years. The Pennsylvania homeschooler's site says, "Here's a great help for parents for teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic at home. Helps beginning homeschoolers see how home education can be different from schools. Inspiration and ideas for the experienced homeschooler as well."

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling

This book describes the joys of homeschooling and essential tools for success from a personal experience vantage point. This book includes a CD-rom containing the complete text of the book plus web-site links and a browser.

Transcripts Made Easy: The Homeschooler's Guide to High-School Paperwork

This book covers everything parents need in order to assign grades, grant credit, and keep the right records. New in this edition is a chapter on Records and Transcripts for Special Needs Students, quotes from college admissions counselors on what they want to see in the homeschool transcript, and more information on granting credit and weighted grades for AP and honors courses.

Using John Saxon's Math Books: How Homeschool Parents can Successfully use Them - and Save Money!

Author, Art Reed, has taken his more than 20 years of experience with Saxon Math books and put this experience and knowledge into a 132-page guide to assist homeschool educators in their successful use of Saxon math books – from Math 54 through calculus and physics. Answers are provided to questions such as: How are the high school courses correctly transcripted?; Does the Saxon high school student receive credit for geometry – and when?; and, Do Saxon math books still offer an excellent math curriculum?

Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home

This guide to classical education features complete descriptions of each of the classical education stages (grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric); suggests pedagogical approaches at each stage; and suggests textbooks and resources. The second half of the book focuses on specific homeschooling issues, including socialization, athletics, schedules, record keeping, and testing. It offers a secular, rather than religious, approach.

Writing Because We Love To: Homeschoolers at Work

This book describes several very bright young writers between the ages of 10 and 15; contains examples of their work; and provides information about how an adult writer mentored them.

Writing Strands

This series by Dave Marks is a complete writing program using a process approach to writing and composition assuring continuity and control. It has been written specifically for homeschoolers. The author has created manuals for the parent and/or student to use, depending on the level, suggesting the typical number of days to spend on each assignment. The author has also created manuals to teach fiction and interpersonal relationship skills, as well as to evaluate writing.

You're Gonna Miss the Prom: A True Life Account and Guide Book for Gifted Kids

This book is a guide for gifted kids who accelerate, home school or enter a college program. One author skipped high school and entered college at age 13, graduating at 16. This book details the process she took, the social questions and answers on entering early college, how to research laws and generally how to prepare to accelerate.

Printed Materials: Online Documents

Considering Homeschooling: A Guidebook for Investigating an Alternative Path to Education

Written by Davidson Institute team members, this guidebook is a valuable tool for parents who are considering homeschooling. Readers will find information on homeschool curriculum, applying to college, cost considerations, networking with other families, homeschool laws and more.

Helping Gifted Children and Their Families Prepare for College: A Handbook Designed to Assist Economically Disadvantaged and First-Generation College Attendees

This book is a gold mine for families of all economic backgrounds who are homeschooling gifted children! Most homeschooling families do not have access to guidance services and must figure out the college entrance maze on their own, this book goes far in guiding parents and students through that process step by step. Multi-year planning is encouraged, and the book is sensitive to the unique issues of gifted college bound students coming from diverse backgrounds.

Steam-Powered Classroom: Resources for the Creative Educator Guidebook

Written by a part-time children’s librarian and homeschool mom, this booklet contains lists of her favorite books and online resources, with tips on cross-referencing and putting together a fun learning unit—all with no textbook in sight.

The Howling Vowels

This fictional book takes a look at one group of friends and their experiences with homeschooling.

Schools & Programs: College Affiliated

Columbia College Scholarships for Homeschool Students (Columbia, MO)

Columbia College is a private, homeschooling friendly, four-year liberal arts and sciences college. Located in Columbia, Missouri, they are affiliated by covenant with the Disciples of Christ Church. Admitted applicants in their final year of homeschooling who score a 26 or higher on the ACT or 1190 or higher on the SAT are invited to participate in one of the scholarship days in January or February. Columbia College awards five Columbia College Scholarships (full tuition, room and board) and five Presidential Scholarships (full tuition).

Schools & Programs: Independent

A Beka Home School and Correspondence School

This website for A Beka offers three homeschool options for families: A DVD program, a traditional parent-directed option, and textbooks/materials for homeschoolers. The program is a producy of Pensacola Christian College.

Calvert School - Grades K through 8 (Baltimore, MD)

Calvert is an actual private school in Baltimore, MD. offering a homeschool curriculum. Their complete course packages are balanced and coordinated allowing home schooling parents to spend the majority of their time educating their children, rather than researching subjects or writing lesson plans. Through creative presentations and clever games, learning can be fun, yet challenging. The classes utilizes fundamentals, reinforced through repeated drills and ample free time to encourage the independent development of the student. The goal is to help guide the students' education while allowing them to discover their own paths.

North Star (Hadley, MA)

This organization provides a customized academic plan to map a personal educational approach. The academic plan will be based on the teen’s interests while also fulfilling the parent’s needs. North Star facilitates this process through discussion, brainstorming, and recommendations based on 16 years of supporting families through this process. If the teen is under age 16 the organization will help parents develop a homeschooling curriculum for submission to the local superintendent to certify the student as a homeschooler. This is the contract that makes leaving school legal for youths under age 16.

Schools & Programs: Public

Colorado - Aurora Public Schools - The Options Schools for Homeschoolers (Aurora, CO)

Aurora Public Schools offers a free support and enrichment program for homeschool students (K-12) called The Options Schools program, which is designed to support parents. Parents remain the primary instructional provider, with the school supplementing their efforts. Families participating in the program get limited instruction and educational materials at no cost. This is possible because, as a public school, Options receives a portion of the PPOR (Per Pupil Operating Revenue) distributed at the state level for each enrolled student. This money is used to pay salaries, for curriculum and other costs associated with running the program.

Great Books Academy (Manitou, CO)

The Great Books Academy is a complete, nursery through 12th grade, classical, liberal arts homeschool program. Course options include books and Lesson Plans for: Art, Cartography, Geography, Language Arts, Literature, Math, Music, Philosophy, Science, History, Foreign Languages and online Socratic discussions. Graduates have the option of testing for a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree by the Great Books University College.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone provides up to five levels of instruction in select languages, beginning with a foundation of listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. With Rosetta Stone, students do more than learn about a language. They learn to use it.

Voyagers Homeschool Resource Center (Acton, MA)

This is a home school cooperative. There are a variety of classes offered for children ranging from foreign language to geography. Classes meet once or twice per week and are led by parents, professionals and/or students.

Websites & Other Media: Commercial


This online school is a private online learning center with a rolling admissions policy that offers courses and certificate programs for support for homeschooling on the secondary level, and support for high school and postsecondary study. CALCampus High School is nationally accredited by the National Association of Private Schools and is a candidate for accreditation by the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA).

Carolina Biological Supply Co.

Carolina Biological Supply Co. provides supplies, educational resources and lab aids for the instruction of math and science. Sections of the site include; Worlds of Science such as, Anthropology and Archaeology, Biotechnology and Genetics, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Ecology, K-6 Science, Mathematics, Physics, Software, etc.

Gifted Home School Ed Materials

This group is a place to buy and sell homeschool educational materials for gifted students. The initial post goes to the entire list while replies come to the seller/buyer. Transactions are between buyer and seller and can be made via paypal, money order, cash or any other exchange media that works for you. This is a list for parents and teachers who homeschool gifted students to re-sell gently used materials that are no longer need.

Global Student Network, LLC

GSN is a provider of Virtual Curriculum ideal for homeschoolers. Delivered online, this curriculum for grades 2-12 is rooted in the National Academic Content Standards. Global Virtual Curriculum offers a complete, affordable, and comprehensive online education solution.

Hearts at Home Store

Hearts at Home is a Christian homeschool website sells homeschool curriculum at discounted prices. Most of the homeschool curriculum offered is Christian homeschooling products, but visitors will find other homeschool publishers and homeschooling vendors listed as well.

Home School Marketplace

This website is an excellent source of information for the homeschool community. The Home School Resource Center section contains teaching materials, helpful articles and other resources. The Home Business Resource Center section teaches children how to start their own family businesses. Home School Marketplace also provides e-newsletters, product reviews, recommendations and much more!

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

This is a large purchasing cooperative for families educating with a homeschool curriculum. They negotiate exclusive member discounts for homeschooling families from educational suppliers offering homeschooling resources.

Homeschool Learning Network

This online K-12 curriculum service allows home educators and teachers to access thousands of unit studies, lesson plans, and worksheets. The website also allows educators to communicate and interact with each other.

Homeschool Microscopes - LGS

The mission of this website is to provide high quality, low cost microscopes to homeschool families.

Homeschool Reporting Online

A homeschooling father developed this internet online reporting to help minimize the administrative burden of reporting. This site is designed to help schools and families meet their reporting requirements in a fun and efficient manner.

Homeschool Scopes

This website offers a variety of microscopes for homeschooled students.

Homeschool Tracker

Homeschool Tracker is a flexible, all-in-one online tool for planning, organizing and managing a homeschool. This software is suited for groups and co-ops as it allows sharing of lesson plans with other users. If one member creates a lesson plan, it can easily be shared with everyone else in a group. Members can also create professional report cards and transcripts using grading and record-keeping tools. A co-op or group can qualify for a discount if at least five families participate.

K5 Learning

This is a online math and reading enrichment program for kindergarten through fifth grade allowing students to work independently with more than 3,000 lessons. Their philosophy about gifted students as stated on their website is that gifted children should work at their skill level, not grade level. It is recommended that gifted students complete thefree online reading and math assessments. Then, each student is placed in the lessons according to their skills, not their grade levels. A gifted child may be placed several grades ahead in particular skill areas. The K5 material is typically suitable for gifted kids in a younger age range (pre-k to grade 3/4). offers comprehensive tutoring covering fifth grade math to Algebra 2, math test prep courses ranging from the SAT to the COMPASS placement test to the ASVAB military test, as well as complete homeschooling math courses. The company continuously develops new lessons, adapts its lessons to the latest delivery platforms, and expands its offerings. The company now

Miquon Math Materials

This series of workbooks, published by Key Curriculum Press, is targeted at K-6 homeschooled students. The material is not specifically designed for the gifted, but students can utilize advanced grade materials. As part of the coursework, students build models for concepts to prepare them for written work.

Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Online AP Test Preparation

This distance learning resource by Pennsylvania Homeschoolers provides online AP courses for homeschoolers to prepare them for the AP tests in particular curriculum areas. The courses includes interaction between teacher and students.

Power Algebra

Power-Algebra offers two unique courses – a homeschool course for in-home instruction, and a classroom course, designed for the high school teacher. The course was designed to help students who are struggling with math.

Rainbow Resource Center is a family owned, on-line store, with catalogue, for homeschoolers everywhere. Our mission is to provide quality educational materials to home school families and private schools. Their hefty catalog (396 pages) is full of educational supplies, spanning all academic areas, plus more. There are many, many resources for each subject area, science supplies and kits, arts and crafts supplies, educational games, etc.

Singapore Math & Science Books

Singapore Math offers series of books on both math and science appropriate for classroom use and homeschooling. There are six different series of math programs from pre-school to college and two levels of science: primary and lower secondary. They offer textbooks and workbooks as well as teacher's guides. Offers placement tests, placement guides, scope and sequence, answer keys and online forum help.

Sonlight Curriculum

Sonlight Curriculum is more than a company or a curriculum. It is a community as well. Sonlight offers products to effectively teach homeschoolers including instructor's guides, student activity sheets and study guides. Purchases can be made through the online catalog, or a printed catalog can be requested.


Time4Learning is an online resource that provides activities for students in grades preschool to eighth grade who wish to improve math and reading skills. This site offers homeschool curriculum, after-school learning, and summer activities for pre-school, elementary and middle school students. Online educational teaching games allow the student to work at their own pace, developing independence and efficiency. Parents can track their children’s progress and have access to printable worksheets for reinforcement, quizzes, and unit tests.

Veritas Press

Veritas Press offers an online catalog filled with teaching materials for secular teaching. Their catalog provides "Christian educators in the home and school setting with quality tools for a quality education."

Well-Trained Mind

The website is full of helpful information for those considering or using a classical approach to homeschooling (and also for public and private schools using a classical curriculum). Includes bulletin boards; sample chapters and resource lists; handouts from conference presentations; a classical curriculum review index; basic information about homeschooling; and links to educational materials and curriculum sites for classical education.

Websites & Other Media: For Educators

Curriculum Share

The Curriculum Share website is a place where homeschoolers can get FREE curriculum from other homeschoolers. Curriculum Share is managed by the same homeschooling family who owns Hearts at Home Discount Homeschool Curriculum Store.

Gifted Homeschoolers Forum

This organization, based in California, is interested in linking families with information and resources regarding educating a gifted child at home. They provide gifted homeschoolers with the opportunity to network and increase awareness of homeschooling as a viable educational alternative for gifted children.

NOVA Education - Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

NOVA Education tailors NOVA's digital resources for educators in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics including life science, earth and space science, and physical science. The free educator library is produced according to teaching standards and includes videos, audio segments, lesson plans, and interactives designed to facilitate effective classroom integration.

Teachers Pay Teachers

This website is an open marketplace where teachers buy and sell original teaching materials. It's mission is to make teachers' lives easier by bringing together those who create curricula with those who are seeking fresh new approaches in the classroom.

Websites & Other Media: Informational

A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling Web Site

This website contains a wide variety of information, including links to the state departments of education pages with content standards. There are also various resource links and helpful hints on how to best use content standards in regards to homeschooling. There is also a section devoted to homeschooling gifted children.

Asynchrony: Homeschooling an exceptionally gifted child

This brief article discusses the reasons why an exceptionally gifted child may need to homeschool, and the arrangements that need to be made to accommodate extreme asynchronous development homeschooling.

Choosing a Homeschool Curriculum

This website walks readers through the different curriculum options for homeschoolers as well as many of the questions parents may have, such as complete packages vs. individual curriculum materials, homeschooling vs. “unschooling” etc. Families considering homeschooling may find it helpful.

Classical Christian Homeschooling

This is a resource for those who are using a challenging classical homeschooling approach. Includes articles describing the stages of classical education and curriculum suggestions; an online catalog with links for ordering curriculum materials; a frequently-asked questions section; an art history index; Latin curriculum reviews; and an educator's support group loop. This is a Christian website but much of the material is easily adaptable to a secular approach.

Classical Christian Homeschooling Western Civilization Art History Index

This site contains classic examples of art from various eras of Western civilization, with links to other art history sites.

Discovery Education - Lesson Plan Library

The Discovery Channel's education website, Discovery Education, has hundreds of original lesson plans for elementary, middle, and high school students. Borrow them as-is or use them to spark your own lesson plans. - Printables and Resources for Home, Home School and Classrooms

The Donna Young website contains information and many useful homeschool forms printables for those who are educating children. In order to access the files at, one must have a current subscription to either - Basic Subscription or YoungMinds subscription. Free articles and homeschooling tips are also available on the site.

Eclectic Homeschool Online

This site includes a list of online schools, correspondence schools, and other suppliers of stand-alone curriculum. It does not include information about the array of high school level curriculum available to homeschoolers.

Education Corner

EducationCorner® is one the Internet's most comprehensive guides to the best education sites, resources and articles on the Web. All education topics and resources are sorted by subject and lifestage, so you can find precisely what you're looking for quickly and painlessly.

Education: Gifted and Talented Students - KidSource Online

This website offers articles relating to gifted education, home schooling, twice exceptionalities, college and career planning, and more.

GT-Spec-Home email Discussion List

This email discussion list is for families homeschooling gifted/special needs children.

Home Educator's Family Times

Home Educator's Family Times is the homeschool publication for new or veteran homeschool families. The website offers a variety of homeschooling resources for parents, educators, and other professionals.

Home School Dads is a website geared specifically for fathers who homeschool their children. It has homeschool articles, homeschool resources, a homeschool bookstore, and message boards.

Home Schooling - A Family Affair

This parent walks the reader through her initial thoughts and concerns about homeschooling, explaining the effect it can have on the whole family.

Home Schooling Highly Gifted Children

This short article discusses why homeschooling often fits the unique educational needs of the highly gifted.

Homeschool Diner

This is a great resource for new homeschoolers, gifted and twice exceptional homeschoolers and veteran homeschoolers. Content includes the basics of homeschooling along with actual curriculum ideas and online resources

Homeschool Facts

Homeschool Facts is the brainchild of a consortium of homeschool parents, licensed educators, counselors and researchers. We are passionate about education choice, and especially the parent's right to choose their child's education.

Homeschool Success

This website was created by homeschool consultant Barbara Hettle. She provides a number of resources related to homeschooling.

This site empowers parents to create the ideal school for their child at home!'s founding principle is to consistently provide resources, information and support to all homeschooling families.

Homeschooling at Sassafrass Grove

This online curriculum resource offers unit studies and links to more than 300 unit studies for homeschoolers. Most are complete with curriculum goals and objectives, lists of required materials and readings, and evaluation procedures.

Homeschooling Basics 101

This article provides many helpful hints for those beginning a home school curriculum. Author Beverly Hernandez has included a number of links for resources related to home schooling and education in general. Both beginners and experienced home schoolers should find this a useful resource.

Imperfect Homeschooler

The Imperfect Homeschooler is a website designed by homeschooling mom, Barbara Frank. She provides articles and homeschool links on her site. An archive of past articles is also available.

Internet Resources for Homeschooling Gifted Students

Internet Resources for Homeschooling Gifted Students is a website that lists a number of resources for homeschooling parents.

K12 - Online courses, online school, homeschooling

In many states, K12 Inc.’s inspired curriculum is available to families at no cost through virtual public schools and distance-learning programs. These are not tutoring programs — they’re full-time, tuition-free, public schools using K12 Inc.’s award-winning curriculum. K12 has partnered with these schools in the belief that all kinds of kids — from gifted children, to those needing a more flexible pace than what is possible in a traditional school — can achieve mastery of the key concepts and skills they need to succeed. It is this mastery that allows children to reach their personal potential.

Learn In Freedom!

Karl Bunday, creator of this informative website on homeschooling, outlines the steps of getting started with independant education and how to use schools and teachers only when they are helpful to you. Also found are great references on this subject including socialization and homeschooling resource guides.

Living Math

This website is dedicated to sharing math resources for learning, exploring and enjoying math in a dynamic and holistic manner, for all ages. This site was created and compiled by a homeschooling mother of four. It provides links to lesson plans, co-ops, articles, ideas and reviews.

Math Worksheets Land

This website contains more than 4,000 PDF files that total over 12,000 printable pages related to numerous math worksheets on topics such as algebra, multiplication, percentiles and more.

STEAM-Powered Classroom

This website provides a number of resources for homeschoolers and educators. It’s emphasis is student-led, project-based learning in a hybrid (both home- and public-school) environment.

Teachers Helping Teachers

This is a free, non-profit service. That is updated weekly during the school year. The information on this website is great for teachers and homeschooled children, offering online curriculum in a variety of subjects.

World Science U

Providing education for everyone at all levels of interest and knowledge, World Science U is for high school students, science majors in college and lifelong learners to explore the wonders of science guided by leading researchers and educators. World Science U offers Science Unplugged, which provides hundreds of short video answers to a wide range of questions. Master Classes designed by prestigious scientists from leading research universities are also offered, as well as university-level classes. Students work at their own pace and can earn World Science U certification upon successful course completion.

Websites & Other Media: Learning Tools

Big History Project (BHP)

The Big History Project (BHP) is a history course covering 13.8 billion years of history told through engaging videos, animations, articles, and classroom activities targeting middle- and high-school students. Big History challenges students to think critically and broadly, and tries to ignite a passion for inquiry and exploration. In addition to helping students master the sequence and scope of 13.8 billion years, the course focuses on three essential skills: thinking across scale, integrating multiple disciplines, and making and testing claims. The materials are free and are available to be used by school districts, individual schools, teachers, homeschool families and the general public.

Brown University - Science Cartoons Program (Sci-Toons)

The Science Cartoons (Sci-Toons) initiative was developed to engage STEM and non-STEM students and faculty in the creation of science animation. The Sci-Toons model is a new approach for communicating scientific research and concepts to broad audience via storytelling, animation, high-quality multimedia and art to conceptualize and communicate science. The final Sci-Toon videos are very compelling and engaging to a broad range of audiences.

CLC Network (Christian Learning Center)

This organization provides online middle school courses for gifted students. Teachers develop multi-media curriculum and instructional methods in order to present concepts in a variety of ways. The online courses receive high marks from students, families and schools for their engaging style and thorough instruction.

Currclick - Curriculum in a Click!

The mission of Currclick is to make homeschooling more convenient and more affordable to homeschoolers all over the world by offering a stress-free shopping experience, a marketplace that rewards authors and publishers who create good quality education materials, and excellent customer service.


Froguts officially started in the Spring of 2001 after Richard Hill developed the first frog simulation for a graduate project. As froguts grew in acclaim, a company was established to continue developing quality education modules, as well as offering laboratory maintenance and specimen products to schools and individuals.

History At Our House

History At Our House, otherwise known as HistoryAtOurHouse.Com, is the site for the world's first Full Integration history curriculum for students from 2nd to 12th grade. Since 2007, the HistoryAtOurHouse curriculum has been providing homeschooling parents with an opportunity to give their children a professionally designed, flexible and affordable history program.

Homeschool Math Online

This website offers a series of free, online math courses geared toward homeschooled students. Topics include pre-algebra, algebra, algebgra 2 and geometry.


A virtual community for homeschooling parents which gives each member a range of tools to use on the website. These tools include: An event calendar that lets you easily see what's going on near your home, Flexible networking options that allow you to communicate with homeschoolers you know either by adding them to your “friend list” or through groups, similar to yahoogroups, Free classified ads to buy and sell curriculum, We make it easy to list books, websites, and places that help with your homeschooling and share them with your friends or the entire community.

OpenCourseWare Consortium

OpenCourseWare is a free and open digital publication of high quality educational materials, organized as courses. The OpenCourseWare Consortium is a collaboration of more than 200 higher education institutions and associated organizations from around the world creating a broad and deep body of open educational content using a shared model. The mission of the OpenCourseWare Consortium is to advance education and empower people worldwide through opencourseware.


phil4 is affordable rigorous interactive online classes for homeschoolers. Classes meet College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Advanced Placement (AP) requirements and earn college credit with passing exam grades. All class sessions are discussion oriented with lots of time for personalized help. Classes leverage many resources such as recorded lectures, mathematical software and games to maximize learning.

Rock-It Science - Sparking Enthusiasm & Creating Excellence In Science Education

The primary focus of this non-profit organization is to provide science enrichment classes to underserved and at-risk youth. Rock-It Science offers three programs: In-Class Instruction; Summer Programs and Camps; and, Homeschool Science Classes.

TabletClass System

The TabletClass concept is much more than simple math videos; it is a remarkable educational system that duplicates what is taught in the classroom. The result is a tested and proven master online learning program that gives the student extensive math instruction as if they were personally being taught by the math teacher.

The Encyclopedia of Earth – Geography

This website provides students geographical information and spatial perspective of the world.

The Quirkles

The Quirkles® are 26 imaginary scientists that help children everyday, all over the world, develop a love and appreciation for science. They offer a fresh new way to integrate literacy and science at school, for educational programs, or at home. Vocabulary builders, two related science experiments, and a character education lesson are also included in each of the 26 alphabet-series books. For a complete introduction and to get to know each Quirkle, start with "About The Quirkles" and work your way across the main menu bar above. Have fun exploring and please contact us with any questions you may have!


Thinxygen provides gifted young thinkers with a range of learning materials (print books, digital editions and interactive guides) that cover challenging, exciting subjects often not taught at a school level. The materials are designed to foster readers' creative, lateral and critical thinking, encouraging dynamic synthesis of ideas and the creation of links between ideas and fields of study. Thinxygen learning materials are designed to be engaging, exciting and fun to use.