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Organizations: Competitions

National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN) (New York, NY)

The National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN) works to offer a Model United Nations conference emphasizing accuracy, preparation and a problem-solving approach -- a conference that truly puts students into the shoes of diplomats -- is a uniquely powerful way to educate young people about global issues.

Organizations: International

Manitoba Science Academy Summer Program (Canada)

This six-week, residential summer program is open to international students with futures in science and engineering. Students (grades 10-12) earn 2 high school credits which are transferable to their State/Province. Gifted youth work as full members of the research team and are involved in the collection and analysis of data. Students must generate a Scientific Report and deliver an oral presentation of the findings of their study to successfully complete the program.

Oxford Advanced Studies Program (UK)

This program offers enthusiastic young people, from the U.S. and elsewhere, the opportunity to study and live in Oxford, home to one of the world’s oldest and most celebrated universities. Based at Oxford Tutorial College in the city center, it is an informal student-centered learning environment that offers gap year and summer options.

Organizations: Local

Engineering Minds (Tampa, FL)

Engineering Minds is an engineering education program teaching theory, application, and career skills to intellectually gifted middle and high school students. Saturday, weekly, and summer workshops are offered and include high level technical discussions and videos on topics such as artificial intelligence, quantum mechanics, entrepreneurship, intellectual property, and much more.

Missouri - Gifted Resource Council (GRC) (St. Louis, MO)

This non-profit organization provide enrichment activities for gifted children in the St. Louis area as well as workshops and information for parents and educators concerning topics of interest.

Wild Bear Center for Nature Discovery (Nederland, CO)

The Wild Bear Center for Nature Discovery offers year-round, hands-on educational programs to people of all ages to foster a lifelong appreciation of the environment and to promote an environmentally aware, responsible and ecologically sound community. Summer programs, school year programs, and outreach programs are available.

Organizations: National

Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute

Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge of and inspiring lifelong learning about Latin, Greek, and the ancient Greco-Roman world, especially at the elementary and middle school levels. To accomplish its goals, Ascanius maintains a number of programs. The centerpiece of the Institute is its student program, known as LatinSummer, a summer enrichment program.

Envision - Leadership, Scholarship and Career Programs

For decades, Envision (formerly LeadAmerica) has been a home for students with high academic achievement and a desire to build a focused plan for their future. With programs for elementary, middle, high school and college students, Envision offers career, technology, and National Youth Leadership opportunities in a variety of subject areas. Activities mirror real-world challenges and facilitate critical thinking and communication among the groups. Many of students are nominated by teachers; others are selected via a national student talent identification program; and still others are selected by the Admissions Board based on GPA, test scores, and passion for a specific area of career or leadership interest.

Envision Global Young Innovators Initiative (GYII) (Various Locations)

At the Global Young Innovators Initiative: Impact Through Leadership (GYII), students in grades nine through 12 serve as a real-life international business consultants and other roles. Along with a professional mentor and a team of other students, students collaborate via Skype and email. This six-day summit is held, in partnership with Leadership Initiatives, a U.S.-based non-profit that approaches the problem of underdevelopment by empowering communities to address their own needs through education and local financing.

Future Investor Clubs of America (FICA)

Future Investor Clubs of America (FICA) is a national financial intelligence training program for kids and teens ages 8-19. Their primary goal is to provide student members with the skills to earn, save and invest their money. As a member, students have an opportunity to attend fun, exciting, informative Field Trips, Summer Camps and Young Investors Workshops. In addition to face-to-face training programs students are assisted with designing an American Dream Plan while keeping track of goals and objectives using the Young Investors Club Network online training system.

Girl's State

The Girls State program targets young women interested in the government process and emphasizes the role of responsible citizenship in good government. As a result of their training in this valuable Auxiliary program, many young women will take responsible positions in business and government.

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY)

Founded in 1958, the mission of Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) is to inspire and develop our global community of youth and volunteers to a life dedicated to leadership, service and innovation. HOBY programs are conducted annually throughout the United States, serving local and international high school students. HOBY programs provide youth selected by their schools to participate in unique leadership training, service-learning and motivation-building experiences.

Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder is a proactive enrichment program for intellectually gifted children who face obstacles to success. The mission of Jacob's Ladder is to aid and encourage children in grades four through eight in reaching their potential so they will become leaders equipped to help others in similar economic and social environs; to foster the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of at-risk, gifted children; to provide support and information to the family unit; and to offer guidance in planning for advanced educational opportunities.

Kieve-Wavus (ME)

Kieve-Wavus Education is a multi-faceted non-profit organization with facilities on two Damariscotta Lake campuses in Maine. The organization specializes in experiential educational programs for children and adults including Kieve Camp for Boys, Wavus Camp for Girls, KW West, The Leadership School, 9/11 Family Camp, Veterans Camp and a Writers’ Conference.


This is an intensive 5-week-long summer program for gifted high school students designed to provide them with the opportunity to study advanced and unusual topics in a challenging and dynamic environment. There are regular courses, problem-solving sessions, small group tutorials, and lectures with opportunities for follow-up and discussion.

National Conference of Governor's Schools (NCoGS)

The National Conference of Governor's Schools, Inc. was launched in October 1987 at the first national assembly of governor's schools' leaders and board members. The number of states that operate summer residential governor's school programs fluctuates as programs gain and lose legislative funding. Governor's school programs are funded, in part or in full, by state legislatures and/or governor's offices. As a result, governor's schools are available exclusively to residents of the funding state or commonwealth.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program (REU)

The National Science Foundation makes possible a number of opportunities for undergraduates to join research projects each summer. This allows students to experience first-hand how basic research is carried out, and to contribute consequentially. The principal support by NSF of such activities is through the Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program. REU "Sites" are established in all fields of science, mathematics, and engineering. Each Site consists of a group of ten or so undergraduates, who work in the research programs of the host institution. Students are in general accepted from throughout the country. Each student is assigned to a specific research project, where he/she works closely with the faculty, post-docs, and graduate students. In addition, seminars, lunch meetings, and social functions are organized to facilitate interaction between the undergraduates. Students are granted stipends, and in some cases assistance with housing and travel.

Students and Teachers As Research Scientists (STARS)

Students and Teachers As Research Scientists (STARS) is a program, funded through the National Science Foundation, that introduces both rising high school juniors and seniors and their teachers to the various aspects of the scientific enterprise as practiced by successful scientists in academic, private and governmental research institutions.

The Center for Gifted Education at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) (AR)

The Center for Gifted Education provides programs and services to talented students and their families, teachers, and administrators. The goals of the Center are: To provide graduate education for individuals interested in teaching talented youth and in assuming leadership positions in the field of gifted education; to provide professional development programs and services to educators who serve talented youth; to engage in research and scholarly inquiry on talent development among high ability learners and their educators who serve them; to provide a learning laboratory for precollegiate learners and their educators; and to serve as a community resource for talented youth, their families, school districts, and state departments of education.

U.S. Intelligence Careers and Student Programs

The U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) is a group of 17 federal intelligence agencies working together to protect the United States of America. This group focuses on an ever-expanding range of issues, from terrorist financing to drug trafficking, from climate change and environmental issues to foreign technology threats and nuclear proliferation. The IC offers students a wide variety of excellent programs to get a jumpstart on a career in intelligence, such as summer programs and internships.

Organizations: Regional

Appel Farm Arts and Music Center (Elmer, NJ)

Appel Farm's mission is to provide people of all ages, cultures, and economic backgrounds with a supportive, cooperative environment in which they can appreciate and present works in the performing and visual arts. Whether it's the concert series, summer camp, the annual arts & music festival, children's performances, community projects, classes for all ages or our unique facilities dedicated to creating and enjoying the arts, there is always something going on at Appel Farm!

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center (Cortez, CO)

The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center initiates and conducts archaeological research, hosts public education programs and is dedicated to preserving the rich history of the ancient Pueblo Indians, who inhabited the American Southwest. This Center hosts archaeology summer camps for middle school students ages 8-12 and high school students. Attendees can be part of an ongoing research project working alongside professional archaeologists, learn excavation techniques by digging at a real archaeological site and work with artifacts in the lab. The camps are held for one-week with a three-week High School Field School option for students to earn high school or college credit.

Institute for Talent Development and Gifted Studies (Highland Heights, KY)

Located at Northern Kentucky University, this organization offers a variety of programs and services for students in grades K-12, their parents, and teachers. This includes the ExploreMore Saturday and Summer Enrichment Program and Parent Lecture Series, the Young Women L.E.A.D. Conference, and the Men's Leadership Summit, among others.

Organizations: State

Delaware Governor's School for Excellence (DE)

This school offers a one-week summer program bringing together academically and artistically talented sophomores from Delaware high schools. Students live in residence halls on the Newark campus and attend either the academic program (e.g., discussions, lectures, films) or the visual and performing arts program (e.g., tutorial instruction, performances). Student participants must have completed 10th grade. University faculty participate as instructors.

Georgia Tech CEISMC (Atlanta, GA)

The Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing (CEISMC) is a partnership between Georgia Teach and educational groups, schools and opinion leaders throughout the state of Georgia. The mission of CEISMC is to enhance STEM education in schools leading toward an improved appreciation and performance in STEM for all students in grades K-12. Programs offered to students through CEISMC include academic mentoring, a variety of summer programs and camps, and the K.I.D.S. Club Saturday program for gifted students. CEISMIC also works with educators and schools providing professional learning initiatives and programs focused on to bring STEM into classrooms.

Green Mountain Center for Gifted Education (Colchester, VT)

This nonprofit organization seeks to affirm, educate, and support Vermont gifted students and their parents and increase awareness of the needs of the gifted and talented. Through the Center, Vermont's gifted youth have access to summer programs, adults who understand them, programs specially tailored for their needs, and more.

Schooner Sound Learning (New Haven, CT)

Schooner Sound Learning is a non-profit marine education organization dedicated to the conservation of Long Island Sound and the rivers of Connecticut, and appreciation of their culture, history and future. Based in New Haven, Connecticut, Schooner provides educational opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to promote awareness and concern for Long Island Sound, arguably Connecticut's greatest natural resource.

Young Scientist Program at Washington University School of Medicine (St. Louis, MO)

Founded in 1991, the Young Scientist Program is designed to attract high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds into scientific careers through activities emphasizing hands-on research and individualized contact between young people and active scientists.

Printed Materials: Books

Early College Programs: Summer College Programs for High School Students

This book by author Robert Hydrisko is the nation's first guidebook for pre-college and enrichment programs for high school students. Find out where and why more than 30,000 high school students attend early college programs every year. A must-read for parents, counselors, librarians, teachers, and students.

Homesick & Happy - How Time Away from Parents Can Help a Child Grow

In an age when it's the rare child who walks to school on his own, the thought of sending your "little ones" off to sleep-away camp can be overwhelming-for you and for them. But parents' first instinct-to shelter their offspring above all else-is actually depriving kids of the major developmental milestones that occur through letting them go-and watching them come back transformed. In Homesick and Happy, renowned child psychologist Michael Thompson, PhD, shares a strong argument for, and a vital guide to, this brief loosening of ties.

Serving Gifted Learners Beyond the Traditional Classroom: A Guide to Alternative Programs and Services

Part of The Critical Issues in Equity and Excellence in Gifted Education Series, this concise guide provides an introduction to the various types of out-of-school programming recommended and appropriate for gifted and advanced learners. VanTassel-Baska includes overviews of mentoring programs, residential schools, summer opportunities, and distance learning. Readers can learn about alternative services for teachers, parents and gifted education program directors. Click here to read a review of this book.

Printed Materials: Online Documents

Talent Search Opportunities

Compiled by the Davidson Institute for Talent Development, this comprehensive table provides a schedule of Talent Search programs in the United States. Much of the information is applicable to summer programs.

Schools & Programs: College Affiliated

Bard College at Simon's Rock the Early College (Great Barrington, MA)

The only four-year college of the liberal arts and sciences designed specifically for students who are ready to enter college after the 10th or 11th grade, Simon's Rock has proven over five decades to be a much-needed answer and life-changing opportunity to young scholars ready to begin their higher education now. Simon’s Rock is a one-of-a-kind institution, leading the emerging early college “movement."

Center for Bright Kids' Western Academic Talent Search (WATS) (Westminster, CO)

Formerly known as Rocky Mountain Academic Talent Search, the Center for Bright Kids (CBK) offers K-12 enrichment and acceleration programming for high interest and high ability kids. Their focus is not only on how kids think and learn, but how they discover ways to navigate the world while thinking and learning differently. CBK has offered the Western Academic Talent Search, Summer Programs, and other youth programs for 28 years.

Center for Talent Development (CTD) - Northwestern University (Evanston, IL)

The Center for Talent Development (CTD), housed at Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy, is an accredited learning center and research facility serving gifted students, their families and educators for nearly 30 years. Some of their programs include: the Midwest Talent Search, summer programs for pre-K through grade 12, Saturday enrichment programs for pre-K through grade 9, an Accelerated Weekend Experience (AWE), Gifted Learning Links for K through grade 12, a Civic Education Program for grades 7 through 12, scholarship programs for underrepresented students, and educator and parent programs.

College for Kids Program - St. Louis Community College (St. Louis, MO)

The College for Kids (CFK) program is offered by the Continuing Education office of St. Louis Community College at Meramec for gifted and talented elementary and middle school youth who have completed kindergarten through eighth grade. Courses offered are designed to challenge and advance a student's skills. Programs are offered in the spring and summer.

Early Experience Program - University of Denver (CO)

This program is designed for students in grades 10-12 of exceptional maturity and academic ability. Eligible students take regular University of Denver courses for undergraduate college credit. The program is offered during the regular school year and summer quarter. The cost is 50 percent of the normal tuition per credit hour.

Excel for Youth Program - Sonoma State University (Rohnert Park, CA)

This program offers students in 4 -1 0th grades the opportunity for academic enrichment in accelerated classes. Classes are held at Sonoma State University and utilize labs, guest speakers and field trips. An exciting variety of courses are designed to stimulate, challenge and provide participants with resources to enhance their learning experience. Classes range from Shakespeare to clay, microscopes to jewelry, chemistry to inventing, researching and performing to Web page design.

Florida State University (FSU) Summer Academy for the Gifted (Tallahassee, FL)

The Summer Academy program is sponsored by the Florida Center for Advanced Aero-Propulsion (FCAAP) and the Florida State University (FSU) College of Education. The summer academy will provide 20 select 10th - 12th grade students with the opportunity to participate in a week-long (July 11 - 16) residential academy on the campus of FSU. The program is offered at no cost and will focus on engineering, aero-science and mathematics.

Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI) - Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN)

The Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI) at Purdue University conducts research into the psychology of gifted and talented individuals and effective educational practices for high ability youth. Super Saturday and the GERI Summer Camps, GERI's youth talent development programs, provide challenging learning opportunities and a healthy social environment to a diverse population of high ability children and teens.

Glenn T. Seaborg Center at Northern Michigan University (Marquette, MI)

The Center is both a department in the Northern Michigan University College of Arts and Sciences and a member of the Michigan Network of Mathematics and Science Centers funded by the Michigan legislature. A major component of the Center’s activities are in programs for K-12 students, teachers, and the community. As a Michigan mathematics and science center, the Seaborg Center is accountable in six areas: leadership, student services, professional development, curriculum support, resource clearinghouse services, and community outreach.

IMPAC (Intensive Mandarin Program At Cornell) - Cornell University (Cornell, NY)

IMPAC (Intensive Mandarin Program At Cornell), formerly a part of the FALCON Program, is run by Cornell’s Department of Asian Studies. IMPAC provides beginning and intermediate Mandarin students with the equivalent of one full year of college Chinese instruction in nine weeks of intensive study. Program participants have included undergraduate and graduate students, qualified high school students, and professionals outside the academic world. IMPAC is a rigorous and intensive program, so all applicants should be highly motivated to learn Chinese and be ready to put steady effort into the endeavor.

Iowa State University - Office of Precollegiate Programs for Talented and Gifted (Ames, IA)

This organization, located at Iowa State, is designed to match exceptional students with advanced learning opportunities well-suited for their advanced needs. Some of the services OPPTAG offers are: A talent search program, summer and academic year programs for students (grades 2-11) and links for helpful resources. Students will find each of the three summer programs challenging: CY-TAG, which addresses individual needs and learning styles; Explorations!, which covers areas of study usually not taught in a high school curriculum; and Adventures!, designed for those who excel academically at a very young age.

Kids on Campus – Schoolcraft College (Livonia, MI)

Schoolcraft College offers a Kids on Campus program that offers a large variety of exciting educational programs for children grades 1st - 12th. Classes are offered during the fall, winter, and summer semesters at times convenient for children and parents.

Litchfield Summer Gifted Academy (Chestnut Litchfield, IL)

The Litchfield Summer Gifted Academy is to provide numerous stimulating and exciting opportunities to promote academic and social skills of gifted children.

Long Island University - Center for Gifted Youth Summer Program (Brookville, NY)

This program is unique in that it provides gifted students the top gifted educators in the area in university-level facilities. A wide range of subjects are offered, varying each year. Summer courses are also available, as well as Saturday classes throughout the semester.

Louisiana State University's Recruitment Into Engineering of High-Ability Minority Students (REHAMS) (Baton Rouge, LA)

This program is designed to offer academically talented minority students an opportunity to examine first-hand the activities and thought patterns characteristic of engineers.

Montclair State University Gifted And Talented Program (Montclair, NJ)

Montclair State University’s Academically Gifted and Talented Youth Program provides accelerated, inquiry based courses designed to meet the unique intellectual and social needs of high ability students. Gifted students in grades 1-11 have an opportunity to enroll in fall and spring weekend courses as well as a six week summer camp. Kindergarten students are eligible for spring semester. Students in grades 11 and 12 may enroll in college courses as part of our High Jump Program.

Northwest Writing Institute - Lewis & Clark Graduate School Writer to Writer Seminar (Portland, OR)

The Writer to Writer seminar encourages creative writing by high school students through interaction with professional writers in fiction, poetry, screenwriting, journalism, and other forms. Since 1984, the seminar has been offered as an annual week-long summer event, drawing students from throughout Oregon, but primarily from the Portland metro area.

Robinson Center for Young Scholars at the University of Washington (Seattle, WA)

The University of Washington is home to an internationally unique and renowned resource for gifted students, the Halbert and Nancy Robinson Center for Young Scholars. For more than 25 years, the Robinson Center has been the gateway through which some of the brightest young scholars in Washington State enter the UW and/or participate in academically accelerated summer courses. The Early Entrance Program is the Robinson Center’s original early university entrance program. The UW Academy is the premier early university entrance program for high school students in Washington State. The Robinson Center for Young Scholars at the University of Washington offers summer academic programs for students finishing the 5th-10th grade.

Sacramento State Academic Talent Search (CA)

Academic Talent Search (ATS) is sponsored by California State University Sacramento and is designed for high achieving students currently enrolled in sixth through ninth grade. The benefits of ATS include: providing students with an opportunity to accelerate their learning in traditional subjects like mathematics and to experience new topics which are not always available in regular schools; the ATS teaching staff includes University faculty, community college professors, high school instructors and industry professionals; through ATS, students have the opportunity to experience a collegiate environment.

Sarah Lawrence College Pre-College Programs for High School Students (Bronxville, NY)

Sarah Lawrence College provides distinctive, intensive programs for high school students on a campus 30 minutes from Midtown Manhattan. With small class sizes, students can enhance their academic experience and explore their passions in a supportive, non-competitive environment. Non-residential programs are offered in the spring and fall, and both non-residential and residential programs are offered in the summer.

Saturday and Summer Enrichment Program - College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, VA)

Programs for high-ability students are offered through the College of William and Mary's Center for Gifted Education. Students in Kindergarten through grade 9 may apply for enrollment in the Saturday/Summer Enrichment Program courses. These courses are offered each year at The College of William and Mary and at various locations in Richmond, Virginia during fall, spring, and summer sessions. This enrichment program enables students to explore specialized topics not typically studied in the regular classroom.

Science and Engineering Apprentice Program (SEAP) (Washington, DC)

The Science and Engineering Apprentice Program (SEAP) for high school students places academically talented apprentices with interest and ability in science and mathematics in Department of Defense (DoD) laboratories for eight continuous weeks during the summer. These students work with scientists and engineers who act as mentors. The program offers students a unique and positive experience in their fields of interest, thus encouraging them to pursue careers in science and engineering.

Stanford Youth Orchestra (Stanford, CA)

The Stanford Youth Orchestra brings the finest young musicians from around the world to participate in a three-week intensive orchestral and academic program. Bringing together world-renowned faculty instructors, the Stanford Youth Orchestra provides participants with exceptional orchestral training in the new state-of-the-art Bing Concert Hall, and includes academic workshops in composition, music theory, musicology, and technology. Students can choose between residential or commuting options.

Talent Identification Program (TIP) - Duke University (Durham, NC)

The Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) identifies gifted children in 4th, 5th and 7th grades and provides resources to nurture the development of these exceptionally bright youngsters. Duke TIP is committed to serving this unique group of students by providing services and programs beyond what is offered in the classroom. Through Duke TIP, a whole range of activities and programs are accessible to parents and teachers to meet the individual needs of gifted children.

The Center for Gifted Studies - Western Kentucky University (Bowling Green, KY)

Located on the Western Kentucky University campus, The Center for Gifted Studies has been serving children who are gifted and talented, their educators, and their parents for nearly 30 years. The Center provides exciting educational opportunities for gifted young people, rigorous professional development for teachers, and support for parents of gifted young people. The four-course gifted endorsement is offered through this center allowing teachers to become certified in one year.

The Conservatory of Music at Baldwin-Wallace (Berea, OH)

The Conservatory of Music at Baldwin-Wallace is an artistic community within a liberal arts college. The college offers quality music and arts education for students of all ages from beginning to pre-professional from throughout the Cleveland community.

The Frances A. Karnes Center for Gifted Studies - University of Southern Mississippi (Hattiesburg, MS)

In 2004, The Frances A. Karnes Center for Gifted Studies celebrated its 25th anniversary. The Center for Gifted Studies was established in 1979 and provides services for children and youth in grades kindergarten through 12 and support for teachers at the undergraduate and graduate level.

University of Colorado - Science Discovery (Boulder, CO)

Science Discovery, established in 1983, is an experience-based educational outreach program of the University of Colorado in Boulder. Science Discovery's mission is to stimulate scientific interest, understanding, and literacy among Colorado's youth, teachers, and families by interfacing with university resources and academic expertise. Science Discovery is dedicated to engaging the whole person in the journey of learning, and strengthening individual capacities to participate actively in local and world communities. Programs include after-school classes, homeschool classes, summer programs, and wilderness camps. They also offer professional development programs for teachers.

Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth (WCATY), (Madison, WI)

WCATY offers many opportunities for talented students in Wisconsin. These include on-line programs during the school year, and enrichment and accelerated courses through their residential programs during the summer months. In addition, WCATY is the Wisconsin affiliate for the Midwest Talent Search.

Schools & Programs: Independent

Choate Rosemary Hall (Wallingford, CT)

Choate Rosemary Hall is a private coeducational day and residential high school for grades 9-12, located in Wallingford, Connecticut. A rigorous academic curriculum with an emphasis on character formation is at the core of the school's mission. The school's balanced curriculum offers each student a firm grounding in the fundamentals of clear thinking and expression with emphasis on individual development.

Crestwood Country Day School (Long Island, NY)

Crestwood is a day school with a reputation as one of the premiere educational programs in Long Island, NY since 1956, with students ranging from toddlers to eight graders. The school has recently embraced acceleration programs and offers small classrooms that feature teaching children foreign languages, computer skills, and an appreciation for the arts.

Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) - (Plantation, FL)

IMACS is designed to give children a competitive edge by teaching them how to think critically using logic and reasoning. Headquartered in Plantation, Florida, IMACS offers after-school and weekend classes for gifted and talented 1st-12th grade students in math enrichment, computer programming and virtual robotics, electronics, university-level mathematics, and university-level computer science. Classes are held at various locations throughout South Florida and at affiliate locations in Connecticut, Missouri, and North Carolina. Some IMACS locations also offer a fun-filled Hi-Tech Summer Camp. Secondary school students not able to attend a local teaching center may take foundational courses through Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (EMF) or university-level courses through eIMACS, both of which are online.

My Spectrum School (Port Washington, NY)

Located in Port Washington, New York, My Spectrum School is dedicated to educating gifted children in their preschool, kindergarten, first grade, after school enrichment, and summer camp gifted programs. Their facility has 5,000 square feet of carefully designed classroom space for stimulating and enriching learning experiences. Students are challenged and their interests' cultivated with an accelerated curriculum modeled after the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Harvard University Project Spectrum in conjunction with New York State Common Core Learning Standards.

Primoris Academy (Westwood, NJ)

Primoris Academy is a non-profit, private school exclusively for the brightest young minds. It is located in Westwood, in northern New Jersey, a suburb of New York City. It currently enrolls students in pre-K through ninth grade in small classes that are grouped by ability, not age. Primoris also offers Summer Enrichment programs and After School Classes.

School Year Abroad

School Year Abroad (SYA) is the only high school study abroad program which requires students to live with a European or Asian family for an entire academic year while earning U.S. high school graduation credits and preparing for selective U.S. colleges and universities. The central elements of SYA – the homestay and an academic program emphasizing foreign language acquisition – ensure that students return home with real mastery of a second language. At the same time, instructors from U.S. schools guarantee that they do not lose ground in their core American courses: math and English. Extracurricular activities and organized travel round out the year.

SEA Summer Seminars

SEA Summer Seminars are modeled after the SEA Semester undergraduate program but specifically designed for high school students. These 3-week academic programs balance on-shore research and team building with oceanographic research aboard a traditional sailing vessel. Program offerings vary. This organization provides online resources and lesson plans for K-12 students, focusing on topics such as marine biology, oceanography and nautical science. This organization also hosts summer programs in oceanography for high school students.

Schools & Programs: Math & Science Programs

Advanced Biotechnology Institute at The Roxbury Latin School (West Roxbury, MA)

The Advanced Biotechnology Institute at The Roxbury Latin School is a 3-week program for students interested in biotechnology includes hands-on experiments, tours of Boston-area biotech companies, etc.

Areteem Institute

Areteem Institute is an educational institution that develops and provides in-depth and advanced math and science programs for K-14 (High School, Middle School, Elementary School, and 2-year college) students and teachers. The Areteem Institute offers online classes, summer programs and teacher training. Students may attend the Areteem Institute part time or fulltime through these options: live and real-time face-to-face online classes; self-paced classes by watching the recordings of the live classes; and summer intensive and winter boot camps.

Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM) (New York City, NY)

Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM) is a nonprofit organization based in New York City that seeks to find low-income, high-performing math students. The mission of Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM) is to create pathways for underserved students to become scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and computer scientists. BEAM Scholars are provided with organizational help, academic counseling, academic help, mentorship, and support to enable them to attend advanced academic programs through high school. BEAM Scholars are immersed in deep mathematical experiences through rigorous summer programs and challenging, enriching year-round activities.

C THE World Academy (Fairmont, WV)

This organization offers enrichement camps and classes for middle and high school students during school breaks as well as private classes for homeschoolers. Their mission is to enrich students in the areas of science, math and critical thinking skills. C THE World is designed to develop students' STEM-based knowledge through a system of logical, yet creative steps.

Idea Math (Various Locations)

The IDEA MATH program was created to help talented students who want to advance their problem solving skills - both to expand their mathematical horizons, and to maximize their performance in math competitions. They offer the following for students entering 6th to 12th grade: weekend program; winter program (AMC 123); summer program; and an online program.

Russian School of Mathematics (Various Locations)

The Russian School of Mathematics is an award-winning, afterschool math program for K-12 students. The RSM programs help children of all levels build a solid math foundation and develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Their systematic curriculum and approach is based on the best practices of math schools in the former Soviet Union and Europe, adapted to the U.S. educational environment. More than 15,000 students attend branches across the country in a variety of after school and summer programs ranging from day camps to sleep away camps. Online courses are also available for students in locations without a physical branch.

Storming Robots (Branchburg, NJ)

Storming Robots provides year-round robotics engineering and technology education for talented youth from Grades 4 to 12. Engineering challenges that are not commonly present at grade-school levels are offered. Through the engineering process, students are engaged in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with hands-on, application-based robotics projects. During the summer, it also offers college level computer science for high school students, known as Summer Storming Robots.

Schools & Programs: Saturday Program

Space Voyage Academy - Summer Programs, Weekend Programs (Littleton, CO)

Space Voyage programs bring to life the importance of math and science, reinforces concepts identified in academic content standards, build confidence through genuine achievement and offer a fun place for kids to imagine the possibilities, learn and grow. Parents of gifted children report that the program is challenging and supportive of their gifted children. The Summer Camp offers 10 weeks to choose from for ages 5-16.

Vanderbilt Program for Talented Youth - SAVY (Grades K-6) – Saturday/Summer Academy at Vanderbilt for the Young (Nashville, TN)

SAVY – Saturday Academy at Vanderbilt for the Young Day Program – Held each fall and spring, students in grades K-6 engage with like-ability peers in accelerated courses over six consecutive Saturdays.

SAVY – Summer Academy at Vanderbilt for the Young Day Program – Each summer, rising 1st-7th grade students take part in a variety of advanced courses taught by content experts. Weekly sessions are available for all grades in the months of June and July.

Summer Programs: International

Abbey Road Programs

Abbey Road Programs offers two-, three-, and four-week programs in the United States as well as Spain, France, Italy and other European countries. Abbey Road incorporates experiential learning in all daily classes. Student can learn and improve foreign language skills while interacting with locals during real-life situations; and lessons involving art, history and culture occur on-location throughout the host community. Students will live in either modern apartments, with host families, or hotels, depending upon the program choice.

Academic Study Associates (ASA) (Multiple Locations)

Choose from several Academic Study Associates (ASA) programs that allow students to travel, learn, have fun and experience other cultues. Whether you want to improve your SAT scores, explore exotic locations and cultures, take challenging classes, improve your language skills, and discover experiences with new friends, ASA has a variety of academically challenging and socially exciting programs.

Atlas Workshops Global Innovators High School Summer Trips

This summer, high school students can combine hands-on research, design thinking, and real world problem solving with an international trip through Atlas Workshops.

AwesomeMath Summer Program (Various Locations)

A three-week intensive summer camp for mathematically gifted students from around the globe. An initiative in response to parents and teachers of bright students who have not yet shone at the Olympiad level, as well as of those who would like to expand what they have learned in programs such as MATHCOUNTS. These talented students wish to hone their problem solving skills in particular and further their mathematics education in general. Many of our participants seek to improve their performance on contests such as AMC10/12, AIME, or USAMO.

Boston Leadership Institute (Boston, MA)

The Boston Leadership Institute selects outstanding high school students for three-week programs each summer. Students develop high-level research skills and subject matter expertise that strengthen credentials valuable for college admission. Boston Leadership Institute programs are led by top teachers from leading high schools with experience teaching high-achieving students. Many of these teachers have won major teaching awards and/or hold advanced degrees. Students may apply online or request a phone interview. Students excelling in honors or advanced STEM classes are encouraged to apply.


Broadreach is a world leader in educational adventure travel camps for teenagers with more than 35 trips to more than 30 countries. The programs inspire leadership development, skill building, personal growth and global awareness. The camps include Carribean - dive, sail, explore; marine biology; outdoor skills and leadership; community service; and, academic adventures.

Cambridge Immerse (UK)

Cambridge Immerse is a two week residential educational experience for students ages 16-18 that allows participants to gain an insight into up to two chosen disciplines, ranging from the arts to the sciences. Tutorials and seminars are taught by highly regarded tutors from Cambridge University and Oxford University in an optimal learning environment that stimulates academic enquiry; yet the carefully planned schedule ensures that the program not only meets the academic needs of the participants, but also provides a unique insight into the university city through an abundance of activities.

Earthwatch Expeditions

EarthWatch Expeditions are run by the EarthWatch Institute. The expeditions offer individuals the opportunity to come alongside scientists and researchers around the world to work on research projects. Research opportunities are offered in the following topics: archaeology and culture, climate change, ocean health, and wildlife and ecosystems. High school group expeditions are available, and teens 16 and older are often eligible to participate in many additional expeditions. No previous experience is required.

Global Works

Global Works gives students the chance to gain international experience through their Cultural Exchange, Language Immersion, or Enrichment programs. Each program will include a community service aspect, allowing students to earn up to sixty hours of community service.

Great Books Summer Program (CA, MA & UK)

For years, the Great Books Summer Program has brought together outstanding middle school and high school students at Amherst College, Stanford University and the University of Oxford, with distinguished educators and counselors from top colleges, to enjoy the kind of intellectual experience most can only dream of during the school year.

International Summer School for Young Physicists (Waterloo, Ontario)

The ISSYP is an exciting and challenging two-week program for Canadian and international high school students who have a keen interest in theoretical physics and intend to pursue physics studies at the university level.

LatinSummer Rome

For Students in Grades 5-8 (including homeschooled students) and their Parents to learn Latin in Rome during this summer enrichment program that brings the ancient Roman world to life. Explore the arena where gladiators and beasts fought long ago, race along the tracks of ancient chariots, perform a play on the same stage as ancient actors, approach Rome along the queen of roads, and much more! No prior knowledge of Latin or the Classics is required.

Secondary Student Training Program - Belin-Blank at the University of Iowa (Iowa)

Iowa students currently in grades 10-11 may nominate themselves for the Secondary Student Training Program (SSTP), a five-week residential summer research program at The University of Iowa. Students conduct scientific research in university laboratories under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Students will also produce a research project/paper as a part of the program.

Summer Scholars (Dublin, Ireland)

This program is hosted at Dublin City University (DCU) and is designed for students ages 12 through 17. A wide range of academic courses are available for students to choose from. Students stay at DCU for the two week program.

Summer Study Programs

For the past 25 years, Summer Study Programs, has offered pre-collegiate programs at Penn State University, Colorado State University, Fordham University NYC, American University DC, and The Sorbonne in Paris, France. Students can take a wide variety of enrichment and college credit classes, internships, workshops, and SAT/ACT Prep. After class students participate in a variety of social and recreational day and evening activities and weekend trips.

The World of Begabungs

The World of Begabungs offers an online, virtual summer camp for gifted students across the globe. Participants range in age from 12 to 16. All activities are based on the interests of the students, with the belief that if they can decide on their own, they are more motivated and will have more fun. The organization also offers an OpenSim-world in combination with Moodle, ePortfolio, and Wiki. This virtual classroom suite is available for projects, groups, classes and schools. Individual users are also welcome.

University of Dallas - Latin in Rome Summer Program (TX)

This program is not a simple summer tour, but rather, a rigorous program of intensive study of Latin. Latin in Rome is a college level Latin course and requires that you have taken three years of high school Latin prior to participation. During Latin in Rome students study classical texts and have the opportunity to earn three hours of college credit. Participants study passages from Cicero, Pliny, Vergil and Horace relevant to their travels. Students also read selected passages from these and other authors to enhance visits to sites in Rome and Naples. The academic program includes lectures by University of Dallas Classics faculty who have lived and taught in Rome, daily language tutorials, group discussions of texts, as well as guided visits to the historical sites and world famous museums in the vicinity.

Summer Programs: MidAtlantic Region

Advanced Studies Leadership Program (Buzzards Bay, MA)

A 3-week summer college-like residential experience that emphasizes leadership and development and project oriented instruction in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) areas and the humanities for high achieving students from the Cape Cod Collaborative member districts.

Appalachian Summer Regional Governor's School (Wytheville, VA)

Funded and coordinated by local public schools and Wytheville Community College, This Governor's School has two primary focus areas. One is to provide a variety of academic experiences in arts, science, and technology to a diverse group of academically gifted high school students. The second focus is to provide a summer enrichment experience that is academically and intellectually challenging for gifted students.

Barnard College - Summer in the City (New York, NY)

A co-educational pre-college program for high school juniors and seniors at Barnard in partnership with Columbia University. The Barnard College Summer in New York City program offers young students a unique opportunity to sample pre-college courses, while exploring New York City both in and out of the classroom. With the four-week session, one-week mini courses, or the Young Women's Leadership Institute, studies could include visiting an art gallery, attending a poetry slam, or meeting city leaders.

Center for Talented Youth (CTY) Summer Programs - Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD)

Located at colleges and universities throughout the nation, students take a three-week, in-depth study of a course. Students live on campus and participate in activities ranging from sports to arts and music.

College of William and Mary Pre-Collegiate Summer Program - The National Institute of American History and Democracy (NIAHD) (Williamsburg, VA)

This immersive course offers a variety of approaches to studying the past, but the chief feature will be classes conducted on-site at the abundant historic places in the Chesapeake region. Readings and classroom work at the college level set the stage for site visits by providing essential background on the wider context of American development.

Cooper Union - Summer Stem Program (New York, NY)

The Summer STEM Program is an intensive, six-week experience that immerses students in hands-on engineering design and problem-solving, thereby placing them on the right track for careers in technological innovation. Students work closely with Cooper Union faculty at the forefront of engineering education. Projects range broadly and include robotics, digital fabrication, computer programming and app development, biomedical and genetic engineering, improved urban infrastructure, and even racecar design.

Delaware Aerospace Education Foundation (DASEF) Aerospace Academy (Newark and Smryna, DE)

Delaware Aerospace Education Foundation (DASEF) offers summer programs for youth in first through tenth grades. Half-day camps are provided for younger students, and full-day or residential programs are available for older students. The programs are designed to use STEM topics to explore Earth and space themes. Programs take place at the University of Delaware in Newark and the Environmental Outpost in Smryna.

Discover the World of Communication (Washington, D.C.)

Hosted by American University’s School of Communication, Discover the World of Communication (DWC) is a four-week residential camp for ninth through twelfth grade students. Students may choose from a variety of courses to participate in including writing, journalism, broadcasting, film, video, photography and communication.

Enrichment at Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs (Villanova, PA)

Located at Villanova University, one of America’s top liberal arts schools, Enrichment offers expert instruction to high school students in the arts, cooking, business, SAT Prep and dozens of other popular subjects along with sports, activities, trips and special programs. The program is offered in one-week sessions where students choose two of over 20 subjects each week.

ESF Camps (NJ & PA)

With locations in Lawrenceville and Moorestown (NJ) and Chestnut Hill and Haverford (PA), this three-week experiential summer program is "a voyage of discovery" where campers choose their own path, selecting their favorite Major from a broad range of options, including Animal Advocates, Design, Law, CSI/Forensics, Sports Business, Medicine, and Community Service.

Georgetown University Summer Programs for High School Students (Washington, DC)

Georgetown University offers an array of summer programs for high school students. Some options include college credit while others provide non-credit opportunities. Students live on campus, attend class with undergraduate Georgetown students, and are encouraged to take advantage of the many resources available in our nation's capital.

Global Scholar

Global Scholar is a two-week summer seminar that offers rising high school juniors and seniors the chance to immerse themselves in college- level coursework on world affairs. The seminar normally takes place each July, at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. At Global Scholar, students prepare for the academic rigor of America's leading universities and develop their leadership skills. They will raise their awareness of global issues through academic study, through face-to-face videoconferences with their peers around the world, through film and music and through interactive simulation experiences.

Global Youth Village (Bedford, VA)

Global Youth Village (GYV) is an international summer training program for young people 13-18 located in Bedford, VA. GYV is a micro-model of the world community filled with the music, laughter, food, arts and aspirations of our diverse humanity. The program offers stimulating workshops in music, dialogue and conflict resolution, global issues, environmental issues and mass media. Here future leaders expand their minds, skills and horizons. With trust, cooperation and enthusiasm, they cross barriers of ethnicity and race, gender and religion. Discover how to make a difference both locally and globally.

Hobart and William Smith Colleges Environmental Studies Summer Youth Institute (ESSYI) - (Geneva, NY)

A two-week, college-level interdisciplinary program for talented high-school students entering their junior and senior years, ESSYI provides exceptional opportunities to explore the scientific, social, and humanistic perspectives of environmental issues. This program is designed as an introduction to a variety of environmental issues and perspectives on nature and our environment.

Johns Hopkins University Precollege Program (Baltimore, MD)

For pre-college students, The Johns Hopkins summer programs include a Summer University students can put themselves to the test before applying to college. Students can earn program credits through this summer program before applying to colleges. In fact, the credits earned at Hopkins are transferable to other colleges and universities. The number of transfer credits awarded is determined by the institution, so students should contact their prospective college for more information on their transfer policy.

Liberty University, High School Debate Institute (Lynchburg, VA)

This program is a summer workshop open to all high school students of all experience levels. It is designed for beginning students who want to learn how to debate in the classroom or in competition as well as for intermediate and advanced debaters who want to sharpen their debating skills and knowledge while getting a head start on preparing for the competitive debate season. Students can improve their speaking, debating and argumentation skills as well as their knowledge of debate theory.

Maryland Summer Centers for Gifted and Talented Students

The Maryland Summer Centers for Gifted and Talented Students provide summer educational opportunities for students in grades four through 12 who are advanced, experiential, and nurture student talents within unique environments.

MathILy (Bryn Mawr, PA)

Located in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, MathILy is a summer program for high school students designed for students to spend five weeks in Pennsylvania honing their math skills. MathILy is comparable in level and intensity to selective programs such as Mathcamp, SUMaC, HCSSiM, PROMYS and the Ross Program.

Mini-Med Summer Camp, Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA)

This three week day camp through Drexel University College of Medicine is open to eligible high school seniors or college freshman. The program allows students who are considering medical school to experience what it might be like to be a doctor. Students observe medical procedures, shadow physicians, and participate in medical simulations.


Students will do apprentice work with industry- or university-based mathematics, science, and engineering (MSE) professionals and participate in "hands-on" research. They will live on a college campus, participate in enrichment activities and meet other NASA SHARP apprentices from diverse backgrounds. NASA SHARP aims to establish individual working relationships between students and active researchers in aerospace-related fields, and to strengthen the nation's and the government's efforts to recruit and sustain underrepresented students in science and engineering fields. The Program offers aerospace-focused researchers and other science and engineering professionals the opportunity to serve as mentors to such students (16 years of age or older) who are rising eleventh and twelfth graders with interest and potential in science and engineering.

New Jersey Scholars Program (Lawrenceville, NJ)

"The New Jersey Scholars Program provides a dynamic learning environment at the Lawrenceville School where 39 able and motivated high school students experience the life of the mind as they have never done before. Scholars plunge into an inter-disciplinary college-level five-week summer program, expanding their intellectual abilities by approaching the summer's topic from many different directions. The Scholars learn and live together, stimulating and supporting each other as they wrestle with the challenges posed by this new approach to learning."

Pace University, Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems - Seidenberg Scholars Summer Experience (Pleasantville, NY)

The Seidenberg Scholars Summer Experience is a 5 day fully-funded program sponsored by the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems at Pace University. Alumnus Ivan G. Seidenberg, the CEO of Verizon, a $15 million gift to the school and a portion of his donation goes towards continuing an exciting initiative called the Seidenberg Scholars Program.

Penn Engineering Summer Academy in Applied Science & Technology (SAAST)

Penn Engineering Summer Academy in Applied Science & Technology (SAAST) is a three-week program at the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Pennsylvania. The five rigorous, intensive SAAST courses give high school students an advance look at the learning experience they can expect in college. Courses include: Biotechnology, Computer Graphics, Computer Programming, Nanotechnology, and Robotics.

Penn Law Pre-College Academy, University of Pennsylvania Law School (Philadelphia, PA)

Sponsored by Penn Law, this summer academy is open to rising high school juniors and seniors. During the camp, students attend lectures, study law and policy, develop written assignments and oral arguments skills, explore controversial issues, and prepare for Pen Law’s Summer Academy moot Court Competition.

Penn Summer Academies, University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)

Penn Summer Academies bring together classroom instruction and experiential learning opportunities to allow students to explore and research topics in depth. This is a day camp that is overseen and run by Penn faculty or staff. Eligible high school students are encouraged to apply. The four academies offered are: Biomedical Research, Chemistry Research Academy, Experimental Physics Research Academy, and Social Justice Research Academy.

Princeton University Summer Journalism Program (NJ)

This school offers about 25 high school students from low-income backgrounds an intensive, 10-day seminar on journalism every summer on Princeton's campus. The program's goal is to diversify college and professional newsrooms by encouraging outstanding students from low-income backgrounds to pursue careers in journalism. All expenses, including students' travel costs to and from Princeton, are paid for by the program. Students who attend the program come from across the country.

Research Science Institute (RSI) (Massachusetts)

Sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Education, the Research Science Institute (RSI) summer program involves focused content on advanced theory and research in mathematics, the sciences and engineering. RSI is open to students who have completed the third year of high school or the equivalent. Refer to this informative web page for application deadline details.

Rockefeller University's Summer Science Program (New York, NY)

This program (SSRP) is designed to offer intellectually curious, highly motivated high school students with a strong aptitude in the life or physical sciences a total-immersion experience in laboratory research. Students are matched to a lab according to their stated field of interest and are individually mentored by graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, or lab heads. These mentors volunteer to design and supervise individualized summer projects for their students.

Rutgers Summer Scholars Program for High School Students (New Brunswick, NJ)

This program is designed for advanced high school students (and, on a case-by-case basis, younger, gifted students) to participate in a university summer session program. It offers over 2,000 course sections, independent study/research opportunities, and internships at their New Brunswick, New Jersey campus.

Saturday and Summer Enrichment Program - University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA)

Two-week summer residential programs for gifted and talented students who are currently enrolled in grades 4-10 are available. Curriculum focuses on extending a student's capabilities in problem-solving, creativity and critical examiniation, and evaluation of content-rich fields of study. Financial Aid is available. Saturday Enrichment Programs are offered to gifted and/or high ability students from K-5th grade.

Summer Enrichment Program - University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA)

Students who are currently enrolled in grades 4 - 10 may apply to attend a two-week session in our program where curriculum emphasis will be on extending a student's capabilities in problem-solving, creativity and critical examination and evaluation of content rich fields of study. Areas that are new or of special interest to students will be investigated through hands-on simulations, demonstrations, lectures, discussion and/or individual or small group investigations. The 9th - 11th grade program will also emphasize the acquisition and practice of research skills within advanced topic areas.

Summer Enrichment Program, University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA)

This 12 day summer program for gifted or high ability students in grades 4-10, is hosted by the Curry School of Education in conjunction with The University of Virginia. Students are offered a variety of courses across many fields and disciplines.

The Alexandria Archeology Summer Camp (Alexandria, VA)

"The Alexandria Archaeology Summer Camp provides an opportunity for students, ages 12 to 15, to dig the past in historic Alexandria, Virginia. Participants work directly with City Archaeologists to excavate an historic site and discover evidence of earlier times. Choose a one- or two- week session, and use science, history and geography skills to discover more about the town's history and how archaeological methods uncover the past. Participants excavate on a real archaeological site, work with their excavated artifacts in the archaeology laboratory, and take field trips and walking tours. "

The Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology Summer Institute (M&TSI) (Philadelphia, PA)

This for-credit summer program is for students who want to learn about the integration of technological concepts and management principles. M&TSI is designed to introduce students to the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for successfully linking technology and management concepts in the 21st century. The program features classes taught by Penn faculty and successful entrepreneurs, field trips to companies and R&D facilities, intensive team projects, as well as other activities.

University of Delaware Summer Edge Pre-College Program (Newark, DE)

The University of Delaware (UD) Edge pre-college program prepares rising high school juniors and seniors for a future as successful college scholars. By emphasizing academic excellence, practical skill-building, and student leadership, Edge offers young individuals the challenge, independence and excitement of a living and learning experience that can only be found at a top national university.

University of Maryland (College Park, MD) - Young Scholars Program

Developed specifically for highly motivated rising high school juniors and seniors, this exclusive three-week summer program is a great way for a successful student looking ahead to college to test their academic interests, learn about campus life, study with the university's best and brightest, and get a jump on their college career. Earn three University credits and choose from 11 customized courses.

University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Architecture: Summer at Penn - Julian Krinsky Summer Program (Philadelphia, PA)

This program is based on the approach in Penn’s Undergraduate Architecture program. Students are encouraged to develop a unique creative process as they learn specific architectural design skills. Working with Penn faculty, students will experiment with different techniques and design tools. Offered by the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, the summer architecture program for high school students prepares students for college admissions as they experience college life and create their portfolio.

University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Art: Summer at Penn - Julian Krinsky Summer Program (Philadelphia, PA)

Each summer, the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design offers a four-week intensive studio summer art program for artistically gifted high school students. This pre-college art program in Philadelphia prepares students for the college admissions process as they experience university life and strengthen their portfolios. Courses are held within the School of Design’s fine art studios. The facilities, resources and faculty enable you to develop your technical skills and expand your modes of creative expression.

University of Pennsylvania, International Leadership With Model UN - Julian Krinsky Summer Program (Philadelphia, PA)

If you are interested in world politics, the International Leadership Summer Program at the University of Pennsylvania with Model United Nations will increase your experience, knowledge and skills in this fascinating arena. Living and working with students from around the world, you will gain a unique perspective on international affairs and how to achieve solutions through diplomacy. This program offers exploration of International Relations, Foreign Policy, and Diplomacy in a four-week session for students ages 15 to 18.

University of Pennsylvania, Summer Internships in Philadelphia - Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs (Philadelphia, PA)

Career Builders: Summer Internships in Philadelphia gives students entering grades 11 and 12 the opportunity to work in a chosen field while living on the University of Pennsylvania campus, during the three-, four- and seven-week sessions. Get a customized internship and a chance to do meaningful, hands-on work in the field of your choice. This is an opportunity to explore, discover and experience professional life firsthand in a fast-paced, educational and fun environment.

University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA) - Young Writers Workshop

The Young Writers Workshop of the University of Virginia, established in 1982, brings together writers with a common purpose: to create a supportive and noncompetitive environment where teenagers can live and work as artists. The faculty, professional authors interested in developing new talent, bring practical experience to the workshop setting. The staff counselors, who are graduates and undergraduates in related fields, broaden our instructional program as assisting workshop teachers and elective course instructors. The administrators, also writers, are dedicated to nurturing the artistic vision.

Virginia Governor’s Schools (Richmond, VA)

"Virginia Governor’s Schools provide some of the state’s most able students academically and artistically challenging programs beyond those offered in their home schools. With the support of the Virginia Board of Education and the General Assembly, the Governor’s Schools presently include summer residential, summer regional, and academic-year programs serving more than 6,500 gifted students from all parts of the commonwealth".

Virginia Governor's Mentorship for Marine Sciences (Richmond, VA)

The Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) Governor's School is a five-week summer residential school provided in cooperation with Christopher Newport University. For 14 years, this program has been serving high achieving high school students throughout the state of Virginia and providing participants with exceptional, authentic experiences in marine research. Each summer, VIMS hosts six gifted/talented students who have demonstrated interest in and aptitude for marine science. The program is structured as an apprenticeship, and is administered concurrently with a similar program sponsored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). These apprenticeships offer a broad variety of marine research experiences, and specific learner outcomes and achievements vary accordingly as each student works with a faculty sponsor on an authentic VIMS research project.

Virginia Governor's School for Agriculture (Richmond, VA)

The School's mission will be to provide hands-on, cutting-edge scientific and academic instruction to these future leaders and scientists to develop their understanding of the scope, opportunities, challenges, and both academic and scientific rigor of the broad fields of agriculture and natural resources.

Virginia Governor's School for Humanities and Visual & Performing Arts (Radford, VA)

The Governor's School for Humanities and Visual & Performing Arts is a four-week summer residential program for rising high school juniors and seniors. It is sponsored by the Virginia Department of Education and participating schools.

Virginia Governor's School for Life Sciences (Richmond, VA)

A Mentoring Team will consist of a public school science teacher and a medical or health professional student whose responsibilities would be to design and develop small group experiences, research projects and one on one opportunities for the students to obtain research and clinical exposure. The 30 students will be divided into 5 or 6 teams. Each team remains with the same teacher/student mentors throughout the experience. The curriculum consists of morning lectures provided by star clinical or research faculty in the fields such as genetics, forensics, neonatology, and bioinformatics. Afternoons would be reserved for the team to pursue opportunities with clinical or research experiences related to the morning sessions and time for work on their individual research project.

Virginia Governor's School for Math, Science & Technology

Governor’s School programs are summer programs that last for four weeks at different college campuses. The purpose of Governor’s School is to provide not only an academically enriching experience. but also one that fosters personal growth and development.

Virginia Governor's School Program (Newport News, VA)

Since 1973, outstanding young people have been attending the Governor's Schools in Virginia. Governor’s Schools provide gifted students academic and visual and performing arts opportunities beyond those normally available to them. Choice from summer residential, summer regional and academic-year programs.

Wesleyan Summer Gifted Program (WVWC) (Buckhannon, WV)

Wesleyan Summer Gifted Program is a unique program offering advanced classes to highly gifted students in a college setting. Students are housed in college dorms for the two-week period and taught by college professors in the areas of mathematics, environmental science, computer science, physics, creative writing, and history. Gifted students in grades 5-12 are accepted.

West Virginia Governor's Honors Academy (GHA) (Charleston, WV)

Designed to stimulate and support excellence in education through a multi-week summer program, the West Virginia Governor's Honors Academy is held at Bethany College. The mission of the academy is to operate an academically rich environment designed to honor high ability/high achieving students in an institution of higher education, challenging students to grow intellectually and creatively in a culturally diverse atmosphere.

West Virginia Governor's School for Math and Science (GSMS) (Charleston, WV)

The West Virginia Governor's School for Mathematics and Science (GSMS) is a summer residential program providing academic enrichment in the areas of science and math for current 7th and 8th graders living in and attending school in West Virginia. West Virginia University and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory at Green Bank will be the sites for GSMS in 2010. Central research themes are chosen each year, and the enhancing activities broaden students' understanding of the role of scientific research in society.

West Virginia Governor's School for the Arts (GSA) (Charleston, WV)

West Virginia Governor's School for the Arts (GSA) is a three-week residential program providing individual and in-depth group instruction in the arts for current high school sophomores living in and attending school in West Virginia. Areas addressed are dance, theatre, vocal music, instrumental music, and visual art. Skilled artists/teachers will work with students who demonstrate potential in those areas. In addition, the Governor's School for the Arts attempts to broaden the students' understanding of the arts through interdisciplinary courses focusing on common elements in the arts disciplines.

Xploration for Middle School Students - Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs (Haverford, PA)

Julian Krinsky Xploration is an opportunity for students 10 to 13 years old to enjoy learning, sports and activities on a classically beautiful tree-lined campus. Held at Haverford College on Philadelphia’s prestigious Main Line, Xploration offers expert instruction in the arts, sciences, sports, popular culture and dozens of fascinating subjects specially selected for the interests of middle school students.

Young Scholars Program In Discrete Mathematics (Rutgers, NJ)

"The Rutgers Young Scholars Program in Discrete Mathematics is designed to encourage talented students to consider careers in the mathematical sciences. Selected students participate in an intensive four-week academic program that provides a challenging introduction to discrete mathematics- a new and growing area of the mathematical sciences with many applications on the cutting edge of modern research. During the program, you will develop and enhance your problem-solving abilities by applying mathematical concepts to a wide range of problems. You will also meet distinguished professionals in the field of discrete mathematics who will serve as role models and mentors and help you decide if mathematics is the right field for you. Teaching assistants who are embarking on their own careers in mathematics will provide additional academic support. You will also have an opportunity to participate in a year-long research project."

Summer Programs: MidWestern Region

Academic Fun & Fitness Camp (Kirtland, OH)

This unique camp is for children ages 6 to 19 with learning differences: Autism, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Asperger’s Syndrome, LD, etc. At this “un-school camp”, instructors and aides use games, multi-sensory techniques, and systematic instruction to improve basic reading and math skills. Small group instruction and a personalized curriculum allow for strong academic success. Additional activities include:

Advanced Astronaut Training Camp (Woodstock, IL)

Located at The Challenger Learning Center in Woodstock, IL, this camp is for highly gifted math and science students ages 9-13. Future scientists and mathematicians explore the depths of the universe as they train, prepare and execute a simulated “Rendezvous with a Comet” space mission. Participants research, interview and assume their assigned roles.

All Girls All Math: Summer Mathematics Camp for High School Girls (Lincoln, NE)

The Summer Mathematics Camp for High School Girls provides a stimulating and supportive environment for girls to develop their mathematical ability and interest. Camp participants learn about the exciting mathematics of Chaos and Codes. The girls will work with female mathematics professors and graduate students, and interact with peers who share an interest in mathematics. They live in University of Nebraska-Lincoln residence halls and are chaperoned by a female mathematics graduate student.

Architecture Discovery Program (St. Louis, MO)

This program is recommended for high school juniors and seniors, and provides the opportunity for students to receive instruction from Sam Fox School faculty. Students work on designing and developing an architectural design to be reviewed by faculty. After successfully completing the two-week residential program, students earn two college credits.

Aspen Writers' Foundation - Aspen Summer Words (ASW) (Aspen, CO)

Aspen Writers' Foundation hosts an annual five-day, day camp called Writing Retreat & Literary Festival in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. This summer program is more than 30 years old and is led by some of the nation's most gifted and engaging writers. ASW provides the ideal venue for anyone with a passion for words by creating opportunities for intimate dialogue with acclaimed authors.

Ball State's College of Architecture and Planning - DesignWorks Summer Studio (Muncie, IN)

True to Ball State’s commitment to experiential learning, this two-week session for high school students offers a hands-on immersion into the exciting world of environmental design and problem solving, with fun and creative activities led by CAP faculty. The workshop's format bears similarities to the college’s First-Year Program for new freshmen—a sampling of various disciplines, conducted in the same design studios that college students use.

Belin-Blank Center - Summer Programs (Iowa City, IA)

The Belin-Blank Center at the University of Iowa hosts a number of summer programs for gifted students in elementary, middle and high school.

Blast! - Belin-Blank Center at University of Iowa (IA)

Blast is an academic commuter program for members of the Belin-Blank Exceptional Student Talent Search (BESTS). This program offers half-day classes for elementary school students at The University of Iowa and full-day classes in Ankeny and Waukee.

Calvin College, Academic Camps of Excellence (ACE) (Grand Rapids, MI)

Academic Camps of Excellence (ACE) are summer camps for gifted middle school students in math, science, literature, computer science and economics. Sponsored by Calvin College and the Kent County Association for Gifted and Talented, the camp courses take place at Calvin College in Grand Rapids.

Camp Kupugani (Leaf River, IL)

Less than two hours west of Chicago, Camp Kupugani - in separate girls-only and boys-only sessions - provides a multicultural sleepaway camp that focuses on diversity and communication skills in a fun atmosphere, uniting children of varied backgrounds and providing them with empowerment and community-building skills, so that children aged 7 to 15 expand comfort zones and build character.

Carnegie Mellon Precollege Program (Pittsburgh, PA)

High school juniors and seniors can spend six weeks at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the summer. These students have the opportunity to earn college credit in seven distinct precollege programs.

Central Honors Institute (Columbus, NE)

Central Honors Institute (CHI) at Central Community College in Columbus, Nebraska, is a one-week residential academic camp for Nebraska students who have completed the sixth or seventh grades and have demonstrated academic accomplishments, leadership and maturity among their peers. During the week, students choose to follow a particular academic track, either math or media/communications, led by CHI faculty.

College of Mount St. Joseph Honors Program (Cincinnati, OH)

This three-week summer honors institute provides students with the opportunity to explore the areas of mathematics, physics and computer science in a college setting. The program is offered to gifted Ohio high school sophomores and juniors. College credit may be available.

College Preparation Program at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL)

The College Preparation Program at Northwestern University is designed for high school students who want new academic challenges and the experience of real college life. This summer program for high school students offers three, six, and nine-week options as part of the Northwestern's Summer Session, and you'll earn college credit for the courses you take.

Columbia College (CC) Summer Arts Camp (Chicago, IL)

Since 1992, Columbia College (CC) Summer Arts Camp has been offering classes in fine arts, performing arts, communication and media arts.

Cranbrook Institute of Science Summer Camps (Bloomfield Hills, MI)

Cranbook Institute of Science offers summer camps for children grades PK-6. The camps offer children an opportunity to meet new friends, explore the natural world and become creative problem solvers while learning how everything in the universe is connected. Fast-paced daily sessions are supervised by museum educators and designed to ensure that every child has an extraordinary time. Choose from the following: Little Explorer Camp; Beginner Explorer Camp; Physics Explorer Camp; Anthropology Camp; Dinosaur Camp;Future Frontiers Camp.

DesignWorks Summer Academy (Muncie, IN)

DesignWorks Summer Academy at Ball State University provides an immersive, intensive, team-driven, college level experience for high school sophomores or juniors. Participants experience hands-on creative projects led by expert faculty from the College of Architecture and Planning who encourage expansion of their ideas.

Drury Leadership Academy (Springfield, MO)

Provides college-bound rising 10-12th graders with opportunities to take courses focusing on problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking in order to prepare them to assume future leadership roles in society.

Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP) Summer Programs (Durham, NC)

Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP) offers many summer options for students the opportunity to learn highly challenging material at rates commensurate with their advanced abilities. Duke TIP is a global leader in identifying academically gifted students and providing them with opportunities to support their development.

Duke University Summer Session (Durham, NC)

The Duke University Summer Session consists of two different programs, Duke Summer College for High School Students and Duke Summer Academy for High School Students. The Duke Summer College for High School Students is for grades 10 and 11 and prepares students for University learning. The Duke Summer Academy for High School Students if for all high school students and is a personal enrichment program.

El Lago del Bosque - A Spanish Langue Village (Concordia Language Villages) (Moorhead, MN)

This Spanish language summer camp offers several courses, including a two-week immersion summer program, a high school credit program and a college credit program.

Explorations in Engineering Workshop (Houghton, MI)

"The Explorations in Engineering Workshop allows high school sophomore/junior minority and/or economically disadvantaged men and women who are academically talented in mathematics and/or science the opportunity to investigate careers in engineering and science.

Frontiers of Science Institute (Greeley, CO)

The Frontiers of Science Institute is a six week residential camp at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado. High school students in their sophomore or junior year are eligible to apply. The camp has a strong focus on STEM subjects and gives students the opportunity to take the six week course for college credit.

Gifted Education Resource Insititute (GERI) Summer Youth Program - Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN)

The Summer Residential Programs sponsored by the Gifted Education Resource Institute offer "accelerated and enriched learning experiences in mathematics, science, the humanities, and the arts" for academically talented youth. Enrichment programs for ages 4 through 4th grade, as well as residential summer camps for students in grades 5-12 are available. The program also presents the opportunity for students to interact and establish lasting friendships with cognitive peers.

Gifted Resource Council Summer Academies (St. Louis, MO)

The Gifted Resource Council’s Summer Academies offer a variety of two-week academic day camps in the St. Louis area. Children interact cooperatively with other academically talented children during hands-on, thought-provoking camp sessions. Choose from six Summer Academies: Academy Americana re-creates a significant period of time from American history; Ancient Academy re-visits exciting eras of ancient history; ECO Academy entrepreneurs create and run an environmentally friendly business; Space Academy cadets launch their own rockets and explore the significance of robotics as they study space; and in Jr. Science Searchers and Math, Marvels & More students delve into oceans, rainforests, math, science and creative expression. These full-day sessions are for students completing kindergarten through eighth grade. Participants may attend two, four or all six weeks. Before/after care is available.

Girls' Adventures in Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Camp (GAMES), University of Illinois, (Urbana, IL)

Rising 9th through 12th grade girls are eligible to attend this one week residential camp at the University of Illinois. Eight tracks are available for students to select from, with each track focusing on a different scientific field. Students gain hands-on experience in their field of choice, attend presentations and demonstrations, and work with professionals in the field.

Girls on Ice (North Cascades, WA)

If you are a 16-18 year old girl, love adventure and want to learn about science in the outdoors, this course is for you! Discover the world of glaciers on Mount Rainier, an active volcano with 35 square miles of snow and ice. Experienced mountaineers and a glaciologist will lead nine women on a research expedition to the Emmons Glacier. We'll backpack to a remote campsite, sleep beneath the stars, and investigate glaciers as forces of erosion and indicators of climate change. To navigate the glacier safely, you'll learn basic mountaineering skills, including how to rope-up and self-arrest. The course will begin and end at White River Campground near the park's northeast entrance. Tuition includes food, group camping and glacier travel equipment.

High School Marine Biology Program (Chicago, IL)

Shedd Aquarium’s High School Marine Biology program allows high school students to work with Shedd experts, learn about Bahamian flora and fauna, research techniques and environmental issues. Students begin their camp experience at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois, followed by time spent aboard the Shedd’s research vessel in the Bahamas. High school students fourteen years-old and up, and who have completed at least one year of high school biology, are eligible to apply.

Horizons Unlimited (Norman, OK)

Horizons Unlimited is a one-week summer program offered by the University of Oklahoma for academically gifted and talented youth who have just completed grades 5,6, and 7. The philosophy of Horizons Unlimited is to stimulate academically superior students with intellectual challenges and exciting learning experiences. Students will discover new concepts, philosophies and perspectives as they enjoy a preview of the riches available on a major college campus.

Illinois Aerospace Institute (Urbana, IL)

This one week residential summer camp is open to eligible rising 9th-12th grade students. Students attend classroom discussions on aerospace engineering, put their knowledge into practice through laboratory experience and workshops, and attend academic fieldtrips.

Indiana University Office of Community and School Partnerships - Achievers Summer Academy (Bloomington, IN)

Indiana University (IU) hosts this residential summer camp for high school age students who enter 10th, 11th or 12th grade in the fall of each school year. The Achievers Summer Academy provides students with firsthand experience of what to expect in college and how to effectively prepare while in high school.

Innovation Institute at the University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA)

A two-week residential program at the University of Iowa, the Innovation Institute allows students to work in teams guided by experts in the field of web development. High school students in grades nine through 11 must be nominated by a teacher or administrator in order to attend.

Interlochen Arts Camp (Interlochen, MI)

This residential summer arts program provides students in grades three through 12 the opportunity to train with world-class instructors and work alongside 2,000 of the world’s best and brightest students. Located in Michigan, Interlochen Arts Camp offers a variety of programs, varying in length and cost. The programs focus on creative writing, dance, general arts, motion picture arts, music, theatre arts and visual arts.

Jonathan R. Reynolds Young Writers Workshop, Denison University (Granville, OH)

This eight day residential program is hosted at Denison University in Granville, Ohio, and is open to rising high school juniors. Throughout the program, students attend workshops in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, meet with faculty to discuss their work one on one, and attend group sessions.

Junior Scholars Institute (JSI) - University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA)

Iowa students currently in grades 6-8 may nominate themselves for the Junior Scholars Institute (JSI), a one-week residential summer academic program. Experiencing college life while living, studying, and playing in university classrooms, laboratories, dining halls, and recreational centers, students take a single advanced level course for the entire week.

Kentucky Governor's Scholars Program (Frankfort, KY)

"The Governor’s Scholars Program is a stimulating, five-week, residential summer program for outstanding Kentucky students completing their junior year in high school. Established in 1983, the popular program provides academic and personal growth in a challenging, non-traditional experience that balances a strong liberal arts program with a full co-curricular and residential life experience."

Kids and College - McHenry County College (Crystal Lake, IL)

Kids and College is an expanded enrichment program for all students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12th. Classes are designed for four different age categories to help all students explore new interests, gain additional skills, and start the process of life long learning. Programs include: Discovery Crew PreK to 3rd Grade; Kids on Campus 4th to 8th Grade (Summer Program); Investigators 4th to 8th Grade; Home School Connections 4th to 12th Grade; and, G.O.L.D. 9th to 12th Grade.

Martin W. Essex School for the Gifted and Talented - Otterbein University (Westerville, OH)

The 2015 Martin W. Essex School for the Gifted and Talented™ at Otterbein University offers rising high school juniors and seniors opportunities for career exploration through a unique program comprised of classes, seminars and workshops on the arts, sciences and humanities. Taking place in multiple venues throughout Otterbein’s campus, this residential program encourages social interaction and peer discussion so that students can be challenged intellectually and artistically and develop a better understanding of the role of their abilities and talents in their lives and in society.

Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program (MOSP)

The Math Olympiad Program was created when the United States began participating in the International Mathematical Olympiad in 1974. The goals of the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program (MOSP) include providing a mathematics program for about 25 very promising students who have risen to the top on the American Mathematics Competitions. The rigorous curriculum and daily schedule of the MOSP is designed to achieve the goals of the program. The MOSP will give students extensive practice in solving mathematical problems which require deeper analysis than those solved by students in even the best American high schools. Full days of classes and extensive problem sets gives students thorough preparation in several important areas of mathematics which are traditionally emphasized more in other countries than in the United States.

Mathematics Education for Gifted Secondary School Students (MEGSSS) (MO)

This program provides St. Louis and Rolla-based summer and after-school programs for middle school students highly talented in mathematics, defined roughly as those scoring the 98th percentile. Nominations for the program are accepted through May for a 10-day summer introductory program. The Summer MathJam program also offers math challenge and enrichment for math-talented students in the 90th percentile. Financial aid is available. Project MEGSSS bridges the gap between elementary and high school mathematics for mathematically talented middle school students. Coursework is offered to MEGSSS-qualified students for up to 3 years, including summer programming, which also serves as excellent enrichment for students unable to commit to an after-school program.

Men in Engineering and Computer Science Summer Camp (Cincinnati, OH)

This one week day camp will allow you to develop your creativity as well as provide you with the opportunity to meet and speak with working engineers who will allow you to see for yourself that engineers are innovative designers and problem solvers for society. Forty student participants will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Michigan Math and Science Scholars (MMSS), (Ann Arbor, MI)

Designed to expose high school students to current developments and research, the MMSS program is hosted by the Department of Mathematics and the College of Literature, Science and the Arts at the University of Michigan and features small classes taught by University of Michigan professors. Two 2 week sessions are offered and students are able to attend one or both. Students spend time in research and computer laboratories, doing field work with their professors

Michigan State University (MSU) - Crime Scene Investigation Forensic Science Program (East Lansing, MI)

The CSI Forensic Science Crime Scene Program at Michigan State University is a residential and commuter program. The curriculum is intended for academically able students who are currently in 7th, 8th, or 9th grade and at least 12 years old. Students will be working in a university setting with professionals who work in the field of forensic science.

Michigan State University (MSU) - Explore Africa (East Lansing, MI)

This Michigan State University (MSU) Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program is a residential week-long summer program that gives students in grades 10 and 11 the opportunity to study the arts and cultural expressions of Africa through team research projects, daily language classes in Swahili and seminar discussions with African graduate students in the humanities and social sciences. The program is held in July at MSU and limited financial aid is available, based on financial need.

Michigan State University (MSU) - Future DOcs (East Lansing, MI)

Future DOcs–GATE is a one-week summer commuter camp held on the campus of Michigan State University in partnership with the College of Osteopathic Medicine. The camp is intended for academically able students, who are currently in grades 7, 8, or 9.

Michigan State University (MSU) - Mathematics Science and Technology (MST) (East Lansing, MI)

This Michigan State University (MSU) Mathematics Science and Technology (MST) program is a two-week residential program for academically talented students who are currently in Grade 7, 8, or 9. The goal is to match the intellectual abilities of talented adolescents with rigorous and challenging course work which provides enrichment, but does not duplicate or accelerate course work in the K-12 curriculum. The program is held each July and financial assistance is available.

MichiganTech Summer Youth Programs (Houghton, MI)

Explorations in careers and knowledge for pre-college students cover such programs as Summer Youth Explorations, Women in Engineering, American Indian Workshop or Explorations in Engineering.

Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth (MITY) (St. Paul, MN)

The Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth provides and maintains an educational community where a diverse group of talented students can expand their academic and social visions and experience the joy and excitement of learning. The Institute has earned a reputation as Minnesota's premiere summer academic enrichment program. Classes range in size from 10 to 16 students which encourages individualized teaching and a friendly learning environment. Three courses are available: Expand Your Mind for students in grades 7-12; ExplorSchool for students in grades 5-6; and YES (Your Extraordinary Saturday) for students in grades 1-4.

Missouri Academy for Youth Advancement - MAYA - University of Missouri (Rolla, MO)

This is a 23 day summer program sponsored by the University of Missouri Rolla, Rolla Public Schools and Missouri Academy for Science, Mathematics, & Computing. Students may choose one major and one minor. Examples of the concentrated programs include: algebra, algebra physics, speech/debate, fencing, volleyball. Credit for the course work is given through Rolla Public Schools and allows the students to accelerate at their home school.

Missouri Scholars Academy - University of Missouri (Columbia, MO)

"The Missouri Scholars Academy is a three-week academic program for 330 of Missouri's gifted students who are ready to begin their junior year in high school. The Academy is a residential program held on the campus of the University of Missouri-Columbia."

Morton Arboretum's Summer Science Camp (Lisle, IL)

Students in grades K-8 can attend attend week-long science camps throughout the summer at this Chicagoland location. Camps range in many topics related to science and nature.

National Scholars Institute (NSI) - Belin-Blank Center at the University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA)

Iowa students currently in grades 9-11 may nominate themselves for the National Scholars Institute (NSI), a one-week residential summer academic program. Experiencing college life while living, studying, and playing in university classrooms, laboratories, dining halls, and recreational centers, students take a single advanced level course for the entire week. (There are two sessions available for this program.)

North Dakota Governor's School in Science and Mathematics (Fargo, ND)

The North Dakota Governor's School in Science and Mathematics is a six-week summer residential program for sophomore and junior high school students who have special aptitude and interest in science or mathematics. The Governor's School is a concentrated and intensive academic program. Students focus on math or science activities for part of each day; they also attend classes to help develop their ability to think creatively and critically. In addition, there are organized recreational and fine arts activities in the evenings and on weekends.

Northwestern University, Center for Talent Development (CTD) - Civic Education Project (CEP) (Evanston, IL)

The Civic Education Project (CEP) combines traditional education with community service to promote civic responsibility among young people. Through innovative spring and summer programs, CEP offers promising young people the chance to learn and serve in communities across the country, and helps students gain the knowledge, experience, and leadership skills necessary to make a positive impact on society. CivicWeek, CEP's weeklong field experience program for outstanding high school students is open to 9th-12th grade students from across the country. The Civic Leadership Institute, CEP's three-week summer course on Civic Engagement is open to 10th-12th grade students.

Pennsylvania Governor's School for Agricultural Sciences (University Park, PA)

Each summer, 64 of the state's top high school juniors and seniors spend five weeks at Penn State, learning about agricultural sciences topics such as animal and plant science, natural resources and the environment, and food science and agricultural engineering from over 80 College of Agricultural Sciences faculty and staff. The students work on research projects, and have access to college facilities, including specialized libraries and laboratories.

Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences (PGSS) at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA)

The Pennsylvania Department of Education established the Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences (PGSS) in order to provide a summer enrichment experience in the sciences and mathematics for talented Pennsylvania high school students, and to encourage them to pursue careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM). The PGSS program provides instruction in biological sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and computer science, with emphasis on collaborative learning and team research.

Pennsylvania School for Global Entrepreneurship (PSGE) (Bethlehem, PA)

Founded in 2001, the Pennsylvania School for Global Entrepreneurship is a residential program at Lehigh University for high school students ages 15 to 18. The program focuses on exposing students to the topics of entrepreneurship, globalization, team building, project management, leadership and working within a culturally diverse environment.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) - Early College Program Summer Institute (IL)

The School of Art Institute offers two- to four-week residential programs for high school students ages 15-18. Students have the opportunity to earn college credit while strengthening their skills and gaining experience at the college level. Courses are offered focusing on a variety of areas including animation, architecture, art and technology, fashion, film, graphic design, sculpture, writing, and more!

South Dakota Governor's Camp - University of South Dakota (Vermillion, SD)

The South Dakota Governor's Camp is open to high ability students in grades 7-9 . Past camps have hosted over 3,600 campers from more than 100 different communities all over the state. Campers will have the opportunity to have: Academic experiences with University of South Dakota (USD) faculty and staff; Enrichment experiences under the guidance of trained leader; Recreational programs utilizing USD campus facilities, including the DakotaDome; A full schedule of challenging experiences and the opportunity to interact with other high ability students.

Spartan Engineering for Teens, Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI)

Spartan Engineering for Teens is a five day residential camp at Michigan State University. Students in 8th and 9th grade with an interest in science and engineering are eligible to apply. The camp aims to help students further their science and engineering skills, specifically in the study of Wireless Integrated Microsystems.

Spectrum Summer Program, Center for Talent Development (CTD), Northwestern University (Evanston, IL)

The Spectrum program at Center for Talent Development (CTD) combines rigorous academic experiences with fun and exciting social opportunities, as a part of Northwestern University's summer programs. Studying at a world-class university in challenging courses, participating in recreational and social activities, and enjoying the cultural riches of a great city define the Spectrum experience. The Spectrum program provides accelerated learning experiences specifically designed for academically talented students completing grade seven or eight. Students completing grade 9 may also apply and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. All Spectrum courses are taught at the high-school honors level, by master teachers, and accelerated honors courses carry one or two semesters of high-school credit.

St. Olaf College - Summer Camps (Northfield, MN)

The St. Olaf Campus is a busy place in the summer! In addition to summer school we have a number of St. Olaf sponsored and independent programs that take place on campus throughout the summer.

Summer Academic Programs at Carleton College (Northfield, MN)

Carleton College offers several summer programs for high school students and teachers. They offer: Summer Writing Program; Summer Teaching Institute; and, Carleton Liberal Arts Experience.

Summer Honors Institute (SHI) for Gifted and Talented High School Students (Multiple Locations, OH)

Summer Honors Institutes (SHI) are held at various universities throughout Ohio, including Ohio Northern University in Ada, Youngstown State University and the University of Akron.

Summer Journalism Workshops, University of Iowa (Iowa City, Iowa)

The University of Iowa hosts Summer Journalism Workshops for high school students. The workshops are five-days long, and students are offered the option to commute daily or reside on campus for the duration of the camp. Students may choose to participate in one of the following workshop topics: Advanced Graphic Design, Broadcast Journalism, Culture Writing: Food and Entertainment, Investigative Reporting, Opinion Writing, Print Publication, Publication Leadership, Photojournalism, Sports Media, and Yearbook.

Summer Program for Verbally and Mathematically Precocious Youth (VAMPY) (Bowling Green, KY)

VAMPY is a 3-week residential Summer Program for very bright students who are currently enrolled in grades seven through ten and is designed to provide a balance of educational, cultural, and recreational experiences for high ability young people.

Summer Quest / Summer Pals - Drury University (Springfield, MO)

Drury University and Springfield Public Schools work together to sponser a summer experience for gifted students grades K-1, called Summer Pals, and for grades 2-5, called Summer Quest. Class size is limited to 16 students. Courses are taught by highly qualified, effective teachers who understand and use both enrichment and accleration. Courses are hands-on, activity oriented and highly motivating. The goals of Summer Quest are: To provide opportunities for students to interact with peers of similar academic abilities and interests, to encourage students to use their intellectual and creative abilities, and to allow students to pursue areas of interest they would not have a chance to study.

Summer Scholars Program - Miami University (Oxford, OH)

The Junior Scholars Program is much more than academic studies. In addition to coursework, Scholars attend a series of seminars on topics such as time management and study skills, college admissions, financial aid, interpersonal relationships, cultural awareness, and alcohol awareness. A full schedule of social and recreational activities complements the scholarly parts of the Program.

Summer Scholars, University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame, IN)

Rising high school juniors and seniors are eligible to apply for the two week residential Summer Scholars program at the University of Notre Dame. Students choose a program of study to participate in, and may earn one college credit upon completion.

Summer Science Camps, Hillsdale College (Hillsdale, MI)

Hillsdale College offers Summer Science Camps to high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors. These residential programs aim to promote scientific literacy and explore the exciting and practical aspects of science. Three different camps are offered including Molecular Biology Camp, Chemistry and Physics Camp, and Mathematics Camp.

Summer Science Institute (Madison, WI)

This six-week residential program provides unique learning opportunities that enhance and complement a student's regular academic year. Students gain an understanding of the nature, application and ethics of biological research through designing and implementing a scientific research project. Skills in writing, reading, mathematics and information technology are taught within the context of biological disciplines to strengthen the total learning experience.

Summer Technology Engineering Preview Summer Camp (STEPS) (Detroit, MI)

STEPS (Summer Technology Engineering Preview Summer camp for girls) is a one-week residential summer program for girls entering the 10th or 11th grade. STEPS was developed by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) in 1997 to encourage young women to consider engineering and manufacturing as a career. UDM camp’s main sponsor is Ford Motor Company, with additional support from Visteon and Daimler Chrysler.

Summer Youth Camps, Western Illinois University (Macomb, IL)

Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois, offers a variety of summer camps for students in 4th through 11th grade. Residential and days camps are available. The camps are focused on a variety of topics including science, art for gifted students, literature, and math.

Summer@IMSA - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (Aurora, IL)

Science, mathematics and technology take the center stage in Summer@IMSA programs as students utilize discovery, exploration and problem-solving in innovative ways. Programs are being planned for numerous locations in Illinois. These programs are for all students entering grades 3 through 10, who have an interest or passion for math and science.

Summerscape at Drury University (Springfield, MO)

Summerscape, a summer program for gifted children who are currently enrolled in grades 6, 7 or 8 is held on the Drury University campus in Springfield, Missouri. (Students register by current grade). Drury's Center for Gifted Education and Springfield Public Schools co-sponsor the program. Gifted students are offered an opportunity to enhance their areas of interest, to investigate new ideas and to interact with their peers in a caring, safe, and fun learning environment. Besides participating in courses not offered in most schools, Summerscape students familiarize themselves with life on a university campus.

The Center for Gifted (IL)

This organization offers an innovative and unique approach to education, providing superb opportunities for young people to explore diverse subjects in a challenging, creative environment free from the pressures of tests and grades. At The Center for Gifted, programs are designed specifically to meet the unique educational needs of gifted children in an environment that is supportive and nurturing of their individual gifts and talents. Through creative teaching strategies, materials, and curricula, the Center's programs offer unique, hands-on activities and inventive modes of participation. The Center also offers the "Summer Wonders" program, which involves three two-week sessions in the summer.

The Jayhawk Debate Institute (Lawrence, KS)

The Jayhawk Debate Institute at the University of Kansas is a premier high school debate camp providing first class instruction at an exceptional value. The JDI offers students of all levels of debate experience the opportunity to further their development through a low student-to-staff ratio and interaction with exceptional faculty.

The Physics of Atomic Nuclei Program at NSCL (East Lansing, MI)

This is an outreach program at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL), one of the world's leading nuclear physics laboratories located on the campus of Michigan State University. It is run by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics (JINA), NSCL faculty and staff. The program is designed for students who have completed at least one year of high school and teachers (primarily high school physics or chemistry).

The Robert E. Cook Honors College - Summer Honors Program for High School Students (Indiana, PA)

Robert E. Cook Honors College's Summer Honors Program is a place where talented high school students come together for one to two weeks and form a community of scholars who explore academic and collegiate living in a real college setting. Working closely with dedicated professors offers promising students the unique opportunity to experience college life while still in high school. Students will live with counselor-in-residence in one of IUP's residence halls, share meals in the dining hall, and learn with senior IUP professors during each day's classes. Evening activities expose students to college life outside the classroom. The program closes with a Saturday brunch with faculty and family.

The Ross Mathematics Program (Columbus, OH)

The Ross Program at the Ohio State University is an intensive course in math for pre-college students. This Program is sponsored by the University in partnership with the Clay Mathematics Institute. During the eight weeks of this summer program, students are immersed in a world of mathematical discovery.

The Summer Camp for Academically Talented Middle School Students (SCATS - Bowling Green, KY)

SCATS provides a diverse curriculum and a wide range of enrichment experiences for about 200 middle school students every summer. A two-week program, SCATS provides both residential and nonresidential options.

Truman State, Joseph Baldwin Academy for Eminent Young Scholars (Kirksville, MO)

The Joseph Baldwin Academy for Eminent Young Scholars is for students completing the seventh, eighth, or ninth grade with the purpose to identify and challenge high-ability students at a critical period in their lives. Eight college-level courses comprise the Baldwin Academy's curriculum during first session and eight second session. Each course is taught by a Truman State University faculty member.

UE Options, University of Evansville (Evansville, IN)

The University of Evansville hosts residential camps for middle and high school girls, and a day camp for middle school boys. The camp will introduce students to career options available with a degree in engineering and computer science through mini-courses taught by university professors and academic field-trips.

University of Iowa - Belin-Blank Center - Summer Programs (Iowa City, IA)

At the University of Iowa, Belin-Blank Center Summer Programs students can enjoy taking challenging courses, connecting with interesting classmates, and learning from inspirational teachers. Explore a variety of cultural and recreational activities that encourage friendships and extend your learning outside the classroom. Experience college life as you live, study, and play in university classrooms, laboratories, dining halls, and recreational centers.

University of Minnesota - Summer Enrichment (Minneapolis, MN)

MathCEP Summer enrichment programs for students entering grades 3-12 are held in the Twin Cities at the University of Minnesota. The common purpose of these programs is to keep young students interested in mathematics. Programs do this in three ways: first, by immersing students in mathematics coursework; second, by introducing students to positive role models; and third, by fostering friendships. The University of Minnesota also offers the affiliated Saturday Enrichment program and the Talented Youth Mathematics Program (UMTYMP).

University of Minnesota College of Science & Engineering Summer Camps (Minneapolis, MN)

University of Minnesota College of Science & Engineering offers a number of summer programs for different age ranges on numerous topics.

University of Minnesota Duluth - REU Mathematics Research Program (Duluth, MN)

This mathematical "summer camp" on the Duluth campus, one of the several dozen math REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) programs funded by the National Science Foundation at colleges and universities around the U.S. In operation since the late 1970s, the Duluth program is the oldest and perhaps best known of the math REUs. Twenty-two Duluth participants have been Putnam fellows, and 21 have been members of International Mathematical Olympiad teams.

University of Pennsylvania Precollege Summer Program (Philadelphia, PA)

Talented high school juniors and seniors learn what it takes to meet the challenges of college life in Penn's Pre-College program. Students are offered a wide range of regular undergraduate courses in the arts and sciences. With certain exceptions (lecture/lab courses, microeconomics and intensive Spanish), students are encouraged to take two classes. In addition to their coursework, students meet new people, participate in stimulating discussions, special events and workshops and experience living independently, maybe for the first time. The confidence they gain helps them enjoy their freshman year at college, rather than find themselves overwhelmed with new choices and responsibilities.

University of Pittsburgh Health Career Scholars Academy (Pittsburgh, PA)

The goal of the UPHCSA is to introduce students to the world of health care, including issues of primary care, prevention, public health, human growth and development, and areas of practice. Students will participate in hands-on learning, core courses, concentration courses, small discussion groups, simulations, team projects, presentations and multiple site visits. The living-learning experience will prepare students to be empathetic and culturally competent in their careers, understand what course of action is necessary for them to reach their goals, and incorporate what they learn into a medical profession.

University of South Dakota - Ambassadors of Excellence Program (Vermillion, SD)

This summer program is designed for selected former South Dakota Governor's Camp participants and other students of high ability in grades 10-12. The mission is to provide an optimum learning experience for South Dakota's gifted high schoolers in a safe and supportive environment, emphasizing service, leadership, and artistic potential. The program includes: team-building activities, educational exploratory sessions, a community service project and more.

Washington University in St. Louis High School Summer Scholars Program (St. Louis, MO)

Five week residential program of collegiate study with other rising seniors from every part of the United States and all over the world. Live in college residence halls and take college-level classes, earning transferable college credit. WU designates a broad range of regular summer school courses for this program. WU attempts to provide instructors for these classes with an eye to the fact that many of the students will be high school students attending their first college courses.

World Languages Institute (WLI) - Belin-Blank Center at the University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA)

Iowa students who are currently in grades 9-11 may nominate themselves for the World Languages Institute (WLI), a two-day residential summer academic program at the University of Iowa. Students take a single advanced level course for two full days. Each student selected will receive a scholarship to cover the entire cost of the Institute.

Worlds of Wisdom and Wonder (Glenview, IL)

"Worlds" has two-week sessions in the summer, 5 Sunday afternoon sessions in the winter. Children choose one or more areas to study. This is not an academically intense program; rather it is a relaxed exploration of different subjects.

Young Women's Summer Institute (Columbus, OH)

YWSI is a response to girls’ lack of interest in math, science and engineering and women’s low participation in the science, engineering and technology fields, and in particular, information technology. YWSI introduces girls to exciting careers and job opportunities. FOR OHIO STUDENTS ONLY

Young Writers at Kenyon: Writer's Workshops (Gambier, OH)

This is an intensive two-week workshop for intellectually curious, motivated high-school students who value writing. Their goal is to help students develop their creative and critical abilities with language—to become better, more productive writers and better, more insightful thinkers.

Youth Enrichment Seminars (YES) (Omaha, NE)

Youth Enrichment Seminars (YES) are a series of enrichment offerings for elementary students of high ability offered during the summer in the metropolitan Omaha, Nebraska area. The Youth Enrichment Seminars program includes a variety of interest seminars for any elementary student enrolled in a local school program for high ability learners. Students select one topic to pursue during the week. Instructors are selected by their expertise in the topic and their success in working with high ability learners.

Yunasa Camp (MI) and Yunasa West (CO)

Geared toward the unique needs of gifted children, while offering all the enjoyment of a traditional summer sleep-away camp, Yunasa provides a combination of traditional camp activities and special workshops designed specifically to help gifted children learn more about themselves as they develop greater awareness and self-acceptance.

Summer Programs: National

Active Learning's Computer Enrichment Camps

At Game Builder Creation Camps we combine learning and fun and bring it to a whole new level. At this camp your child will actually design, develop and create "one of a kind" computer games.

Adventures of the Mind

Adventures of the Mind is a mentoring camp for promising high school students from all over the country. Camp locations vary each year. Mentors include astronauts, artists, athletes, economists, entrepreneurs, inventors, journalists, MacArthur geniuses, Nobel laureates, public servants, Pulitzer prizewinning writers, tech titans, scientists, scholars and more.

AIM: Academically Interested Minds (Flint, MI)

AIM (Academically Interested Minds) is a five-week residential pre-college summer program which began in 1984 and has continued to thrive over the years. The program is designed to augment Kettering University's efforts to reach a greater number of multicultural students who have a strong interest in the areas of engineering, math, science and business. There is no cost to the student.

Areteem Institute's Math Zoom (Various Locations)

Math Zoom is the flagship program of Areteem Institute, which offers several residential camps on various college campuses throughout the country throughout the summer. Areteem Institute’s historic Math Zoom Summer Camp offers an opportunity for bright and mathematically gifted students to expand their mathematical horizons, improve problem-solving skills, explore areas in advanced mathematics, make friends with talented students from around the United States and some foreign countries, and develop well-rounded skills for a future professional career. Students between the ages of 12 to 17 are encouraged to apply for any of Areteem's opportunities.

Bard College at Simon's Rock the Early College Young Writers Workshop (Great Barrington, MA)

In the summer of 1983 Simon's Rock began offering a three-week writing workshop for high school students modeled after the innovative three-week Workshop in Language and Thinking required of all entering students at Bard College. Now part of the National Writing and Thinking Network, the largest consortium of summer writing programs in the country, the program welcomes 84 academically motivated students each year.

Boy's State

American Legion Boys State is among the most respected and selective educational programs of government instruction for high school students. It is a participatory program where each participant becomes a part of the operation of his local, county and state government. As a program of The American Legion, Boys State developed from the concept that youth should be offered a better perspective of the practical operation of government; that the individual is an integral part and commensurately responsible for the character and success of his government. As such, it is an activity of high educational value, born out of a need for youth training in practical citizenship.

CDC Disease Detective Camp (Atlanta, GA)

CDC Disease Detective Camp (DDC) is an educational program started by CDC′s David J. Sencer CDC Museum in 2005 as a mechanism for developing a public health camp curriculum for state and county health departments. The camp is open to upcoming high school juniors and seniors and is held at CDC's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Concordia Language Villages - Concordia College (Moorhead, MN)

From pre-kindergarten enrichment, sleepaway camps and high school credit programs to programs the entire family can enjoy together, Concordia Lanugage Villages bring language to life for young learners ages 2 to 18 and family members of all ages. Located in Moorhead, Minn., Concordia College is a private liberal arts college and a recognized leader in global education.

Destination Science Camp (CA & FL)

Destination Science Camp is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increase science literacy among children by providing exciting, cutting-edge, hands-on science projects in a kid-friendly, summer day camp environment. Camps are located throughout California and Florida and meet weekly.

Digital Media Academy

Residential and day camps are offered for elementary through high school students in a variety of topics including: game design and development, programming and app development, filmmaking and visual effects, 3D modeling and animation, photography and art design, music and audio production, and sports and technology. Camps are hosted at various college and university campus’ around the country.

Discover Genomics Internship Program (Rockville, MD & La Jolla, CA)

This program provides opportunities to inspire young scientists and other science professionals to work in all areas of the Institute. Interns are assigned to a mentor who is a member of the Institute's faculty or senior staff. A research program/work experience is tailored to each participant's education level and capabilities. Interns are required to present a summary of their research/work experience to the Institute's staff at the conclusion of their Internship.

Envision - National Youth Leadership Forums (NYLF)

Envision's National Youth Leadership Forums (NYLF) are designed and created specifically for the nation's most outstanding elementary, middle and high school students for career exploration of specific fields in various locations throughout the United States.

Epsilon Camp (St. Louis, MO)

This camp is a two-week summer residential program serving promising young mathematicians and their families through an intensive student program and parent workshop. The mission of Epsilon is to meet the learning needs of students ages 7-11 with extreme intelligence and a love of mathematics by exposing them to suitable content, pedagogy, peers and mathematicians. At least one parent must attend with the child and additional family members are also welcome. Epsilon also offers four need-based financial assistance awards and two full need-based scholarships for students to attend.

GenCyber - Summer CyberSecurity Camps (Various Locations)

The GenCyber program provides summer cybersecurity camp experiences for students and teachers at the K-12 level. The goals of the program are to help all students understand correct and safe on-line behavior, increase diversity and interest in cybersecurity and careers in the cybersecurity workforce of the Nation, and improve teaching methods for delivering cybersecurity content in K-12 computer science curricula. To ensure a level playing field, GenCyber camps are open to all student and teacher participants at no cost. Funding is provided jointly by the National Security Agency and the National Science Foundation.

iD Gaming Academy (Various Locations)

This two-week summer program is for teens who love gaming. Participants will apply their interest to creating a video game, talking to industry professionals, and building a portfolio. There are small class sizes (max 8:1) and courses are taught by top-tier instructors who have degrees in the field and impressive backgrounds. Students can earn Accredited Continuing Education Units.

iD Programming Academy (Various Locations)

This summer program is for those who love programming, engineering, or robotics. Participants spend two weeks with other teens who share their interests and interact with industry pros, build a portfolio for college, and engage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education. Small class sizes (max 8:1) are guaranteed and courses are taught by top-tier instructors who have degrees in the field.

iD Tech Camps (Various Locations)

At this camp, students can take hobbies further and gain a competitive edge with kids who share their interests. During this weeklong summer program, students ages 7-17 create iPhone/Android apps, video games, C++/Java programs, movies, robots, websites, and more. These STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs are held at over 60 universities throughout the U.S. This includes Stanford, Princeton, UCLA, and others. The fun, un-school environment has small class sizes for personalized 1-on-1 instruction.

iD Visual Arts Academy (Various Locations)

This summer program is for those who love taking photos or making movies. Participants can spend two weeks engaged in creative expression with teens who share their photography and filmmaking interests. Beginners to advanced students use Photoshop, After Effects, or Final Cut Pro to create projects and portfolios. Small class sizes are guaranteed (max 8:1) and courses are taught by top-tier instructors who have degrees in the field and impressive backgrounds.


This camp by the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA), is a six-day residential program offering multicultural journalism training for current high school freshman, sophomores, and juniors. Students stay in university housing located at the host college (the host college changes each year).

Maker Camp on Google+

This is a free online summer camp on Google+, with six weeks of making, building, experimenting, wrecking, and DIY fun. Participants make awesome projects with the ultimate makers at MAKE magazine, go on "virtual field trips" to exciting places, and more!

MathPath (Various Locations)

MathPath is a summer camp for students, middle school age, showing high promise in mathematics. The camp shifts to a new campus each year.

National Conservation Crews (Multiple Locations)

SCA’s National Crews offer you a chance to visit places you’ve never seen before, camping with your crew members in the field to enjoy nature at its best. You’ll be building trails, conserving vital habitats, and protecting natural resources for future generations.

National Institutes of Health - Summer Internship Program in Biomedical Research (SIP) (Multiple Locations)

Summer programs at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) provide an opportunity to spend a summer working at the NIH side-by-side with some of the leading scientists in the world, in an environment devoted exclusively to biomedical research.

New York Film Academy (NYFA) Summer Film and Acting Camps

Each summer, hundreds of teens and kids from all over the world are taught filmmaking and acting at the New York Film Academy summer camp programs. Our one of a kind, hands-on film and acting camps are designed to teach youth the fundamentals of movie making and acting in film.

Ore Academy Family Summer Camp (Appomattox, VA)

Ore Academy is a new summer camp for profoundly gifted children ages 3 to 10 and their families. The camp is held in July near Concord and Appomattox, Virginia. Applications can be submitted in January. Notification of acceptance will be provided by March. Enrollment is $2,500 per family. This camp nurtures individual genius, and meet the needs of each child, and their family, in a customized way. The children are mentored by professionals in their own personal area of interest, and gain experiences in art, music and STEM. Nature, play and personal time are part of the daily schedule. Ore Academy understands the challenges that parents and siblings of profoundly gifted children face, and offers workshops and special activities for family members.

PG Retreat (PGR)

A community of families with profoundly gifted children and teens, PG Retreat (PGR) helps to form connections and friendships, and to share resources and experience. PGR organizes the annual Retreat, informal local gatherings around the country, listservs, and web forums to support its members.

Project SEED

Project SEED is an eight to ten week summer program geared towards serving economically disadvantaged students. The program aims to give students exposure to scientific careers through providing the opportunity for them to work with scientists to conduct research and develop laboratory, written, and oral skills. Rising high school juniors and seniors who have taken at least one high school chemistry course and meet the financial standards are eligible to apply.

School of Cinema and Performing Arts (SOCAPA) (CA, NY & VT)

The School of Cinema and Performing Arts (SOCAPA) offers summer arts intensives for teens in contemporary jazz and hip-hop, acting for film, filmmaking, photography and songwriting at our campuses in Burlington, Vermont, New York City and Los Angeles.

SOAR (Success Oriented Achievement Realized) (Multiple Locations)

SOAR (Success Oriented Achievement Realized) features success-oriented, high adventure programs for preteens, teens and adults with Learning Disabilities (LD) and Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (AD/HD). Emphasis is placed on developing self-confidence, social skills, problem-solving techniques, a willingness to attempt new challenges and the motivation which comes through successful goal orientation.

Student Education Programs - Pre-College Summer Programs Directory

The purpose of this summer educational pre-college program directory is to provide information about quality summer educational pre-college programs and camps to students, parents and educators. The directory was started by educators to help connect students with valuable summer opportunities. There are links to specific category pages on the left side of each page. The category pages of the directory include subject-specific pages and state-specific pages.

Summer Business Institute

The Summer Business Institute (SBI) is a three to four week residential program by LEAD (LEADership, Education and Development). The program allows high school students to study business principals and skill through attending classes offered at top business schools across the country.

Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG) (Multiple Locations)

The Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG) offers three-week academic summer camps for gifted and talented students ages 5 to 17. The program combines academics with social, cultural, and recreational opportunities for a truly engaging summer. Choose from 22 campuses including Yale, Princeton and the University of Miami. Residential, commuter, day, and online programs are available.

Summer Math Camps and Programs for High School Students

This is a website from the American Mathematical Society that has a list of different math and science programs around the U.S.

SuperCamp - Quantum Learning (Multiple Locations)

SuperCamp provides three age/grade-specific learning and life skills summer camp programs, including academic summer camps for students entering grades 6-8 in the fall, teen summer camps for students starting grades 9-12 and college summer camps for incoming and current college students, Quantum U.

Suzuki Summer Institute

Summer Suzuki Institutes are special camps that provide an intensive musical experience for families with children who currently study an instrument through the Suzuki Method. Institutes are located in all regions of the U.S. and Canada, offering activities for students, parents and teachers in one-week sessions throughout the summer. The Suzuki Summer Institutes provide a unique opportunity for families to focus on music outside the usual constraints of daily life. Suzuki Summer Institute offerings include master classes, group classes and recitals as well as enrichment courses that range from theory, improvisation and chamber music to choir, drama and fiddling. Parents attend classes with their children.

The Summer Lady

"The Summer Lady is not only your Summer Camp Consultant but also your Summer Camp Advisor. We offer your children advice on the best Summer Camp Programs available. We provide you with a full Summer Camp Referral Service for Accommodations for Campers, Summer Camp Events, Summer Camp Recommendations and Summer Camp Applications. We have vast experience and a broad range of knowledge relating to Summer Camp Information and will consult on a full range of Traditional and Specialty Summer Camps and Programs."

University of Pennsylvania, Leadership in the Business World: A Wharton Program (LBW) (Philadelphia, PA and San Francisco, CA)

Leadership in the Business World (LBW) is a four-week summer program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (and at Wharton | San Francisco) designed to introduce talented rising high school seniors to the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to lead in the 21st century. The program features a fast-paced mix of interactive classes, guest speakers, company visits and activities.

Summer Programs: NorthEastern Region

Acadia Institute of Oceanography (Seal Harbor, ME)

The edge of the sea is our classroom. While one group of students finishes a transect of the beach, another group collects specimens for the cold water tanks in our wet lab. Other students focus their binoculars on offshore seabirds and cetaceans. Each evening, our staff or visiting speakers present special lectures that provide background information, and mini-seminars are offered before dinner. There are also optional morning laboratory activities. And all students design and maintain a saltwater aquarium.

Adventures in Veterinary Medicine (North Grafton, MA)

Tufts University offers veterinary exploration summer programs for middle and high school students. The middle school program is a one-week, day program offered in April, June and July. Students attend lectures, learn proper animal handling and practice veterinary skills. The high school program is offered as a residential or day camp, and involves attending lectures, shadowing fourth-year veterinary students, and practicing veterinary skills.

Alfred University Summer Programs (Alfred, NY)

Alfred University in New York offers residential precollege and sports camps to high school students. Topics of the camps include: art, astronomy, ceramics and glass engineering, creative writing, consumer chemistry, computer engineering, polymers and metal science, robotics engineering, theatre, equestrian, and swimming. Day camps are also offered to younger students in a variety of topics.

Aspire Adventure Summer Camp (Boston, MA)

This camp is for students with high cognitive autism spectrum disorder or a related profile The focus is on each camper’s strengths to create a safe and comfortable environment in which they can learn, grow, make friends, succeed and have fun. Camp activities take place in small groups with a high staff to child ratio (1:3). There are three camps for different age groups.

Beacon Summer Academy (Stamford, CT)

This school offers a customized, renaissance learning experience for intellectually motivated students entering grades 2-12. With an equal emphasis on academics, technology, and the arts, they construct each student’s schedule to reflect his or her passions. Students may select from a variety of core and elective courses or design their own course to create a program that meets their needs.

Boston College Experience (Boston, MA)

This six-week residential program is offered to rising high school seniors. The goal of the program is to provide students with a college experience by taking college-level courses and living on the Boston College campus. Students are able to take a math, writing, or general studies focused program.

Boston Museum of Science - Day/Summer Programs (Boston, MA)

Summer courses at the Museum of Science now offered exclusively to museum members. From the aspiring biologist to the future technology wizard, every science-minded child will have something to look forward to this summer at the Museum of Science.

Camp Peak (Ontario, Canada)

Formerly known as the Peel Summer Academy (PSA), Camp PEAK™ (Pursuing Excellence Achievement Knowledge) programs focus on leadership, health and wellness, and an overall, active lifestyle for kids ages 9-16. Camp PEAK plans to introduce Family Camp, Travel Camp, Weekend Retreats (family respite) and lastly, Special Needs Programs for children with Aspergers and ADHD.

Center for Talent Development (CTD), Northwestern University - Summer Programs (Evanston, IL)

Located at Northwestern University, these options now serve gifted students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12, facilitating high achievement, self-confidence and a love of learning among all participants. Programs are available for students who wish to be residents or commuters. Program sessions last one to three weeks, and students can apply for one, two or three sessions, depending on the program.

Challenge Day Camp (Rye, NY)

For more than 30 years, Challenge Camp has offered summer enrichment learning opportunities for bright and curious children ages 4 to 15. Located in Rye, New York on 18 picturesque acres, Challenge Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) and offers over 100 courses. These courses range from 3D printing to architecture to chess to cooking to magic to Minecraft to model rocketry to robotics to video production and many options in between. The Afternoon Challenge includes enrichment and sports options to encourage students to challenge both their mind and body. Bus transportation, early drop-off /extended day, or Kosher lunch options are available.

Chautauqua Institution (Chautauqua, NY)

The Chautauqua Institution has been described as "an American Utopia". It has a 9 week long summer program of arts, lectures, religious programming, sports, opera, theater, etc. There is a developmental preschool and activities for older children. Classes are offered in a variety of subjects. It is a safe, wholesome, and physically beautiful environment; one walks or bikes everywhere.

College Gate & College Academy (Multiple Locations, MA)

College Gate is a non-profit organization offering classroom based academic summer enrichment programs for students currently in kindergarten through 3rd grade.College Academy is a classroom based academic summer program for students currently in grade 4 through grade 8.

College of the Atlantic - High School Student Programs (Bar Harbor, ME)

College of the Atlantic offers two summer program opportunities for rising juniors and seniors - "Islands Through Time" and "Rivers Through Time". Through experiential learning and interdisciplinary studies, participants can earn a degree in human ecology in an ecologically diverse location, develop an appreciation for environmental sustainability, and enjoy a beautiful, scenic location.

Columbia University High School Visiting Students Summer Program (New York, NY)

Qualified high school students can enroll in summer classes at Columbia University with permission from their school. The High School Visiting Students Program is for students who wish to earn college credit. Offering rigorous summer pre-college academic programs for students entering grades 9 through 12 and freshman year of college.

Cornell University Summer College (Ithaca, NY)

Cornell University in Ithaca, New York offers an annual Summer College for high school students. At Summer College, high school students take Cornell courses for credit, live on campus, explore academic and career opportunities, and find out what college is all about. Through Summer College, 29 programs are offered in various subject areas including Architecture, Computer/Info Science and Engineering, Debate and Literature, Law and Government, Medicine, Psychology, Research, Social Change, and Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science.

CUNY Summer Programs (New York City, NY)

Summer is the perfect time to jump-start a student's education, career, and even leisure-time activities at The City University of New York (CUNY). CUNY’s colleges offer thousands of courses with schedules that accommodate summertime plans with CUNY Summer in the City offerings.

Debate Institutes at Dartmouth (Hanover, NH)

The Debate Institutes at Dartmouth offer four-week residential programs for high school students experienced with policy debate. Students must have at least one full year of high school policy debate experience. Housing is located in Dartmouth dorm rooms.

Emagination Computer Camps (Various Locations)

Emagination's summer camps offer technology learning plus summer camp fun. Courses include 3D Animation, iApps, Game Design, Robotics, Programming and more. Recreation includes swimming and outdoor field games. Campers advance their technology skills, make friends, learn independence and develop self-confidence.

EXPLO — Exploration Summer Programs

For more than 30 years, EXPLO has brought together bright, curious, and interesting young people from around the globe. Since then, EXPLO has grown into three separate programs: EXPLO at Yale, on the campus of Yale University for students entering grades 10 through 12; EXPLO at Wellesley on the campus of Wellesley College for students entering grades 8 and 9; and EXPLO at Wheaton, on the campus of Wheaton College for students entering grades 4 through 7.

Explorations in Forensics (Stony Brook, NY)

This five day camp is run as a day program though Stony Brook University. Students who have completed ninth grade and have not previously taken a formal forensics class are eligible to attend. Throughout the camp, students use biology, chemistry, physics, biochemistry, and earth science to develop skills and techniques used in forensics science.

Fun with DNA (New York, NY)

This five-day summer program includes activities and experiments to increase genetic literacy, critical thinking, & interest in biotechnology. Students can participate in labs and activities constructing cell and DNA models, observing 5 kingdoms microscopically, extracting DNA, observing mutations in fruit flies and worms, and genetically engineering bacteria.

Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics for mathematically talented high school students (HCSSiM) (Amherst, MA)

The Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics is a rigorous math program that is both demanding and expanding. Participants are expected to spend a major portion of each day actively engaged in learning, doing, and sharing mathematics.

Hartwick College Summer Music Festival (Oneonta, NY)

This musical summer program allows students to work with world-renowned faculty and guest artists, attend small seminars and classes on a wide range of topics, and participate in large and small ensemble work in a highly collaborative atmosphere. Crossover, world, and classical musicians serve as faculty and guest artists to enrich the student experience.

Harvard Summer School (Cambridge, MA)

Each summer, Harvard Summer School offers high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors an extraordinary chance to sample college. You can take college classes taught by fine instructors, meet students from around the world, and take part in social, recreational, and college preparatory activities: a college fair, trips to other colleges, intramural athletics, dances, a trivia bowl, music groups, and a talent show. You'll choose your courses and plan your own time.

High School Honors, Boston University (Boston, MA)

This six week program hosted by Boston University is open to rising high school juniors and seniors. Students may choose to commute to the University, or stay in the dorm rooms. Throughout the six week program, students take up to two courses earning up to eight college credits.

Hollingworth Science Camp - Teachers College, Columbia University (New York, NY)

Recognizing that the development of exemplary science curricula for young children and talent development in science are often neglected areas in the early grades, the Hollingworth Center designs and field tests innovative, hands-on, developmentally appropriate science curriculum for young children in kindergarten through the fourth grade at the Hollingworth Science Camp. Each summer 200 learners from a wide range of schools and neighborhoods participate in this enriched curriculum. While at Columbia University's Teachers College, the children are afforded the opportunity to develop their scientific interests.

Jackson Laboratory Summer Student Program (Bar Harbor, ME)

High school students who have completed 11th or 12th grade (16 years and older), or undergraduate college students are invited to apply for this nine week residential experience at The Jackson Laboratory. Students join an ongoing research team and develop their own independent research project. Research focuses on advancing knowledge in mammalian genetics with specific research areas available. Students receive a $4,500 stipend.

Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) - Summer Programs (Baltimore, MD)

For students in grades 2 through 12, these summer programs offer eligible students from all over the country and around the world the opportunity to engage in challenging academic work in the company of peers who share their exceptional abilities and love of learning. While the focus is on rigorous academics and learning, the social experience that results from bringing these students together is an integral part of the program. Some programs are offered at colleges and universities throughout the United States and beyond. The programs are typically three weeks long, and students take only one course.

Kabeyun (Alton Bay, NH)

This summer camp for boys offers activities such as rock climbing, rafting and sailing. The camp emphasizes growth of a boy's self-awareness and confidence in the context of community living.

Leap @ CMU (Pittsburgh, PA)

Through special classes and guest faculty presentations, this program allows students to discover the exciting and vast possibilities of computer science. Students interact with notable scientists, visit cool, leading-edge local companies and dive into their own projects.

Lehigh University Summer Engineering Institute (SEI) (Bethlehem, PA)

Open to residents of PA, NJ, NY, VA, OH, MD, or DE, this is a four-week summer residential program of intensive classroom study and research for exceptionally talented, rising high school juniors and seniors. SEI provides enrichment experiences in the fields of engineering and technology. A major goal of the program is to encourage young talent to pursue careers in these areas and other STEM disciplines, thereby fostering global competitiveness in engineering and technology and other STEM disciplines.

Magee-Womens - High School Summer Internship Program in Research (Pittsburgh, PA)

This program provides current high school juniors and seniors with the opportunity to participate in basic or clinical research projects with the goal of promoting interest in biomedical research as a potential career. This is a highly competitive program based on academic criteria and less than 10 percent of the students who apply are chosen.

Maine College of Art (MCA), Summer Program (Portland, ME)

Pre-College at MCA is an intensive residency program for approximately 40 motivated high school students that offers participants a chance to experience what life is like in an art school, to form friendships, and to earn college credit. The 4-week program allows students to focus on a major and work with that medium in-depth, developing specialized skills and a familiarity with the tools and materials. The curriculum also includes foundation classes in Drawing and Design.

Manchester Community College - Excursions in Learning (Manchester, CT)

Gifted, talented and high-achieving students in kindergarten through eighth grade have the opportunity to take courses in creative writing, visual and performing arts, world cultures, math and sciences, art, and technology through this program at Manchester Community College in Connecticut.

Mansfield University of PA Summer Program for Gifted and Talented Students (Mansfield, PA)

Mansfield University offers a one week summer program for 4-10 grade, gifted students. The program gives students an opportunity to participate in fun, educational activities that promote the learning of life skills.

MathILy-Er (Eugene, OR)

MathILy-Er is a companion program to MathILy. It is intended for students who are earlier—in either chronology or mathematical development—than MathILy, and is meant to prepare students for future participation in MathILy (or other national/selective mathematics summer programs) in future years.

MDI Biological Laboratory - Summer Research Fellowship (Bar Harbor, ME)

This high school summer research fellowship program welcomes applicants who desire a hands-on, research training experience within an advanced laboratory that complements current resident research programs. High school students become a summer cohort with each student assigned and supervised by a senior scientist mentor as well as residential life staff. Applicants from under-served populations are encouraged to apply. Summer high school fellows live on campus in a structured and supervised living-learning environment.

MIT Launch (Cambridge, MA)

Launch is a four-week summer program designed to help high school students start companies. Designed for rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors, the program is taught by professors from prestigious institutions like MIT and Harvard Business School, consultants from top tier consulting firms, and successful entrepreneurs. The summer concludes with students pitching their business plans to investors, with real money at stake.

MIT Women's Technology Program (Cambridge, MA)

The Women's Technology Program at MIT is a residential summer program in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science to introduce high school girls to EECS the summer between their junior and senior years of high school. Participants are selected from a pool of young women who have demonstrated talent in math and science. Admissions are academically competitive. We expect students to be able to handle college-level material, but no prior experience in computer programming, physics, or engineering is required.

MITES (Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science) (Cambridge, MA)

Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES) is a rigorous academic enrichment program for promising high school juniors interested in studying and exploring careers in science, engineering, and entrepreneurship. During six weeks in the summer before their senior year, participants tackle advanced academic challenges, develop the skills necessary to achieve success in an increasingly globalized economy, and forge relationships with individuals from diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The program is scholarship-based, with students paying only for transportation to and from MIT.

Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (Salisbury Cove, ME)

The Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDIBL) is an independent, not-for-profit, marine research institution founded in 1898. It is located in the village of Salisbury Cove, Maine, a small community wrapped around sheltered coves and wooded peninsulas on the northern edge of Mount Desert Island. Year round and seasonal research is conducted at MDIBL in the areas of marine biomedicine and physiology, marine molecular biology and functional genomics, bioinformatics, environmental toxicology and toxicogenomics, transgenic species, and neuroscience.

Nassau Summer Enrichment Programs (Long Island, NY)

A variety of summer programs for gifted children. Features programs in the arts, environment and outdoor adventure.

National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC) (Chicago, IL)

The NSLC helps students develop essential leadership skills that will enable them to better handle the challenges they will face on their academic journeys. The NSLC is designed to teach students how to think and not what to think. Accordingly, students learn strategies for effective communication, decision making, and conflict resolution.

Penn Medicine Summer Medical Camp - Julian Krinsky Summer Program (Philadelphia, PA)

The Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania is offering a 4-week summer medical program for highly motivated high school juniors and seniors. Students are guided and taught by Penn Medicine faculty and staff and are immersed into the world of medicine as they explore the career possibilities available to medical students. This is one of the top medical school programs for high school students and features lectures, demonstrations, discussions, hands-on sessions, and field excursions designed to expose students to the fascinating world of modern medicine.

Pre-College Summer@Brown - Brown University (Providence, RI)

Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island offers a Pre-College summer program designed to expand that tradition to exceptional high school students who desire to challenge themselves both intellectually and emotionally. Our summer classes for high school students and our approach to learning are unique. We have designed our summer program to allow high school students to grow as people and as learners while exploring academic and career paths that may not currently be available to them.

Programs in Mathematics for Young Scientists - PROMYS (Boston, MA)

For those interested in joining 80 mathematically ambitious high school students, 20 counselors, research mentors, faculty and guest lecturers for six weeks of rigorous mathematical exploration, Boston University's Programs in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS) offers students full and partial need-based financial aid. PROMYS seeks to provide an environment for young people that will arouse their curiosity and encourage a deep personal involvement with the creative elements in mathematics.

Renzulli Creativity Programs: Pathways to Excellence in Innovation

The major goal of this program, designed for students aged 13 to 17, is to teach participants advanced learning skills and how to apply them in creative and investigative ways. The program is designed to promote enthusiasm, a passion for learning, and high levels of engagement in students’ selected areas of interest. Students solve real life problems related to their academic strength areas, personal interests, learning style, and preferred modes of expression. Participants also develop important executive function skills such as time management, task commitment, goal orientation, team work, self-regulation skills, and a strong work ethic.

Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) Summer Cancer Research Experience for High School Students (Buffalo, NY)

Roswell Park offer students who are interested in a science major or thinking about a career in scientific research an internship in which they can gain a first-hand research experience by working full-time on an independent cancer-related research project.

Rutgers Student Learning and Achievement Aerospace and Mechanical (SLAAM) Engineering Summer Academy (Piscataway, NJ)

Rutgers engineering high school summer program, called the Student Learning and Achievement Aerospace and Mechanical (SLAAM) Engineering Summer Academy, is a non-residential summer program aimed at academically talented and motivated high school students. SLAAM provides opportunities for students to pursue their intellectual curiosity and meet others who share their engineering interests and abilities. SLAAM is a selective program for high-achieving high school students who wish to engage in meaningful research and professional development at Rutgers’ Busch Campus for a two-week summer session.

Science Outreach Program (New York, NY)

Each summer at the Rockefeller University the cultures of the research laboratory and the classroom merge. The Science Outreach program gives high school students and K-12 teachers a rare opportunity to experience the content, methods, culture and ethos of modern research through immersion in the process of scientific inquiry. Students gain mentored research experience in laboratories while also learning, through weekly seminars, the basics of communicating with their scientific peers and the lay public. Some are even included as co-authors on peer-reviewed journal articles.

Skidmore College Summer Programs (Saratoga Springs, NY)

Skidmore College offers a variety of residential summer programs for high school students. The Pre-College Program in the Liberal and Studio Arts is a five week residential program allowing students to earn college credit. The Skidmore Jazz Institute is a two week program open to students 15 years-old through adult, and provides attendees the opportunity to study and play jazz through courses offered. Supervised accommodations are available for minors. The NYS Summer Young Writers Institute is a two week program is open to rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors. Students will study poetry, fiction, dramatic writing, and participate in critical evaluation of written works. Lastly, the Dance Workshop is a three week program is open to pre-professional and professional dancers. Throughout the three weeks, students will receive training in Modern Technique, Lubovitch Repertory, Body Conditioning and special interest seminars.

Smith Summer Science and Engineering Program (SSEP) (Northampton, MA)

SSEP is a four-week residential program for exceptional young women with strong interests in science, engineering and medicine. Each July, select high school students from across the country and abroad come to Smith College to do hands-on research with Smith faculty in the life and physical sciences and in engineering.

SPARK - Science for Middle School, Brown University (Providence, RI)

This pre-College summer experience is where 7th and 8th grade students live on campus, take courses and participate in activities related to their interest and abilities in science. The courses are designed to provide an exposure to intellectual concepts.

Summer College at SU, Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY)

Syracuse University offers residential and commuter summer programs open to high school students. Students are able to choose from for credit and non-credit programs running for six weeks, three weeks, or two weeks.

Summer Educational Experience at Kent (SEEK) (CT)

Kent School offers four programs designed to give high school students, including those who will be beginning ninth grade, the chance to experience engineering education and entrepreneurship. The Summer Educational Experience at Kent (SEEK) is offered in partnerships with professionals from several institutions, including U. Penn’s Wharton Business School, Harvard Kennedy School, and the Georgia Tech Integrated Product Lifecycle Engineering (IPLE) Laboratory.

Summer Young Writers Workshop (Barrington, MA)

This three-week residential summer writing program for high school students takes place in July at Simon's Rock College of Bard in Gt. Barrington, Massachusetts. The tuition is about $2,000 and scholarships are available.

Susquehanna University-Writers Workshop (Selinsgrove, PA)

Headed by nationally recognized authors, this residential summer program offers intensive, small group workshops in fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry. Participants attend iboth ndividual conferences wtih instructors and public readings of student's writing.

Talcott Mountain Science Center - Summer Program (Avon, CT)

In addition to a school and saturday programs for "intellectually excited" students, the Talcott Mountain Science Center also offers a summer day camp. The summer program theme varies each year.

Telluride Association Summer Programs (TASP)(Multiple Locations)

A Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP) is a six-week educational experience for high school juniors that offers challenges and rewards rarely encountered in secondary school or even college. Each program is designed to bring together young people from around the world who share a passion for learning. Telluride students, or TASPers, participate in a seminar led by college and university faculty members and participate in many other educational and social activities outside the classroom.

The Governor's School of New Jersey (Trenton, NJ)

The Governor's School of New Jersey is a unique summer program committed to meeting the educational needs of academically talented high school students who have completed their junior year. Emphasis is placed on problem solving of complex issues that exist on a local, state, national, and international level, and leadership training. The Governor's School is an intensive residential learning experience held on three college campuses throughout the state.

The Young Women's Leadership Institute (New York, NY)

Through this week-long summer program, part of the Barnard Pre-College Program, young women study the complex relationship between gender and leadership at Barnard College in New York City. Students develop action-oriented leadership plans and learn from college staff, alumnae, and professional facilitators in a series of workshops, discussions, and seminars. Writing and reading assignments along with site visits also play a key role. Working in small groups, they design and execute a project to improve the pre-college community and then share what they have learned at a student-run conference.

UConn Mentor Connection (Storrs, CT)

This summer program for rising high school juniors and seniors is located at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT. and runs in July of each year. It is been designed to provide students with opportunities to participate in creative projects and investigations under the supervision of university mentors.

Vermont Governor's Institute on Asian Cultures (Burlington, VT)

This summer program about Asian Cultures is co-sponsored with the Asian Studies Program at the University of Vermont. Topics of lectures and workshops include Family and Society, Arts and Language, and Medicine and Health. These areas will be threads to link history, philosophy, religion, and political and economic development.

Vermont Governor's Institute on Current Issues & Youth Activism (Brattleboro, VT)

The Vermont Governor's Institute on Current Issues & Youth Activism is a rigorous and empowering weeklong program that examines the critical current issues, policy, and political questions that directly concern and impact young people today. Each participant will select one of four-core issue groups -- Politics, Social Justice, Ecology and Global Children. Practical, hands-on leadership skill sessions will provide training in public speaking, facilitation, project design, Internet activism, and conflict transformation, to name but a few.

Vermont Governor's Institute on Engineering (Burlington, VT)

The University of Vermont's College of Engineering and The Governor's Institutes of Vermont host an annual UVM/GIV Engineering - Summer Institute. Students will explore career opportunities in aerospace, biomedical, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Vermont Governor's Institute on Environmental Science & Technology (Burlington, VT)

Located at the University of Vermont, Burlington, this program is a science summer program in which students investigate human impact on Vermont’s environment in this week-long “environmental CSI.” The student is the specialist - collecting, analyzing, and interpreting environmental data from local communities using professional-grade laboratory and field instrumentation. They are asked questions, such as what is in the air, water, and soil and what are the potential impacts for public health and the environment?

Vermont Governor's Institute on Information Technology & Digital Media (Burlington, VT)

The Governor’s Institute on Information Technology and Digital Media is jam-packed with all things related to technology. Students access state-of-the-art equipment, the hardware and software of dreams, and professionals at the forefront of their fields. Electronic game design, cybersecurity, coding, digital video, Photoshop, web entrepreneurship, object-oriented programming, and more are on the menu.

Vermont Governor's Institute on Mathematical Sciences (Burlington, VT)

This summer program allows students to take on advanced math challenges, learn about real-world applications of math and interact with professional mathematicians from the academic and business worlds.

Vermont Governor's Institute on the Arts (Castleton, VT)

The Vermont Governor's Institute on the Arts can be described as a summer artistic excellence, challenge, and excitement, and is designed to celebrate and explore the creative experience. It is held on the campus of Castleton State College in Castleton, Vermont. This Institute has evolved into a lively artistic community, bringing together outstanding artists and highly motivated students to explore the process of creativity.

Wharton Moneyball Academy - Julian Krinsky Summer Program (Philadelphia, PA)

This summer program allows participants to dive into the world of sports analytics and statistics. Experience sports and their stats like you never have before. Sponsored by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton Sports Business Initiative (WSBI), the Wharton Moneyball Academy is a summer program that provides an opportunity for talented rising high school juniors and seniors to study sports analytics at the Wharton School.

Wharton Sports Business Academy - Julian Krinsky Summer Program (Philadelphia, PA)

Sponsored by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton Sports Business Initiative, this is a summer sports business program that provides an opportunity for talented rising high school juniors and seniors to study sports business leadership at the Wharton School. This program will teach ownership, sports agents, marketing and media as you meet and learn from leaders in the sports business world.

Yale University - Summer Session (New Haven, CT)

Summer course are available to students in their junior or senior year of high school. Be prepared for an intensive classroom experience. Pre-college students, including those who have just graduated from high school, must live on campus unless they live with their family within commuting distance of New Haven.

Summer Programs: NorthWestern Region

Adventures in Learning - Oregon State University (Portland, OR)

Adventures in Learning is a 10-day educational and social program designed to provide a stimulating learning environment that meets the particular needs of gifted, talented, and creative learners who have completed grades 5-7.

BioQuest Academy (Seattle, WA)

BioQuest Academy offers students a two week summer immersion program in a real-world lab setting with exposure to some of the most advanced research in the field of infectious diseases. The rigorous curriculum is designed to prep students for STEM education in college settings. If you are a rising senior in a Washington public school who is interested in furthering your scientific education in college, BioQuest could be a great opportunity to advance your academic pursuits.

Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE) - Young Scholars Program (Seattle, WA)

The Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE) at the University of Washington sponsors a 10-week Young Scholars Program on the university's Seattle campus each summer. High school students will be involved in ongoing research projects with researchers, and will have the opportunity to take part in workshop training sessions in ethics, communication skills, and scientific presentation skills designed to provide the student scientist with a solid foundation for future study.

Expeditions For Gifted,Talented and Creative Thinkers (Corvallis, OR)

Expeditions for gifted, talented and creative 3rd and 4th graders is an educational summer program designed to provide an enjoyable, stimulating learning environment aimed at meeting the particular needs of these students in the company of other capable learners.

National High School Institute at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL)

The National High School Institute, established in 1931, is the nation’s oldest and largest university-based summer program for outstanding high school students. Approximately 850 of the nation’s best students will enroll in Debate, Film & Video or Theatre Arts.

Oregon State University (OSU) - Precollege Summer Program (Corvallis, OR)

OSU's Outside the Box Summer Program enables gifted, talented and creative youth (grades 7and 8) to pursue topics of interest through a unique combination of in-depth, challenging academic explorations and social interaction with intellectual peers. Students can anticipate discovery and challenge in the program's offerings which are designed specifically to address their interests and abilities. In the past, popular courses have included Creative Writing, Cyberspace 101, and Mural Painting.

Robinson Center for Young Scholars at University of Washington - Summer Programs (Seattle, WA)

This is a summer academic opportunity for students finishing Grades 5-10. All classes are offered on the UW-Seattle campus, and provide challenging and fun summer experiences for academically talented students. Fifth and sixth grade students take part in Summer Challenge, a collection of high quality, multi-disciplinary classes designed for highly capable young students. Sudents in grades 7-10 participate in Summer Stretch, a series of accelerative classes designed to provide intensive instruction in topics such as math, science, literature and writing in a fast-paced curriculum.

Satori Summer Camp (Cheney, WA)

Satori Summer Camp is for students aged 12-18 located in Cheney, Washington. Satori Camp is proud to present this opportunity for academically and intellectually talented students to experience their first taste of college with others who share their enthusiasm for learning in an academic and social environment. Satori camp allows students to choose three mini-courses from a variety of offerings. Each course is held for approximately two hours a day over the five days of camp. This continuity allows for in-depth exploration of subject material, active inquiry and discussion, and hands-on participation by students.

Summer Architecture Academy, University of Oregon (Eugene, OR)

The Summer Architecture Academy at the University of Oregon is a four week residential program geared towards prospective architecture, landscape architecture, and interior architecture students. High school through graduate level college students are eligible to apply.

University of Oregon Summer Enrichment Program (Eugene, OR)

This residential summer program offers gifted students in grades 6-10 the opportunity to spend two weeks in July at the University of Oregon. Students will get a feel for the college environment by living on campus and taking classes each weekday in writing, dance, drama, art, mathematics, science, law or culture.

University of Wyoming Summer High School Institute (Laramie, WY)

The UW Summer High School Institute is a three-week summer residential program. It is designed to offer intellectually talented Wyoming high school students a challenging and enriching educational experience on the University of Wyoming campus.

Summer Programs: Southern Region

Accelerator - North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (Durham, NC)

The Accelerator summer program at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) offers advanced science and math courses enabling students to explore biotechnology, aerospace engineering, automation, and more. Early Accelerator courses are offered for seventh- through ninth-grade students, and involve a one-week residential experience at NCSSM. Accelerator courses are offered to 10th- through 12th-grade students, and begin with two weeks of online study followed by one-week on the NCSSM campus.

Adventure Treks - Outdoor Adventures for Teenagers (Flat Rock, NC)

Adventure Treks is about making memories, making friendships, and making more confident young men and women through amazing outdoor adventures. These adventures include a wide variety of exciting wilderness activities such as rock climbing, whitewater rafting, mountain biking and backpacking in some of the most beautiful scenery in North America.

Aerospace Summer Academy (Daytona Beach, FL and Prescott, AZ)

Embry-Riddle offers a variety of summer programs to students ages seven through 18 at Daytona Beach, Fla. and Prescott, Ariz. Day programs and residential programs are available in the following subjects: flight, engineering, robotics, security, space, academics, and athletics.

Alabama Governor's School (Samford, AL)

The Governor's School is a summer residential honors program for gifted high school seniors. Students from varied backgrounds and regions of Alabama interact with professors and professionals from many disciplines. The Governor's School offers stimulating academic and extra-curricular activities that stress fieldwork, problem-solving, and application. The academic spectrum of the arts, humanities, and sciences are explored to define the Alabama Governor's School theme: "American Vision: World View".

Arkansas Governor's School (Conway, AR)

The Arkansas Governor's School is a six-week summer residential program for Arkansas gifted and talented students who have completed 11th grade. The program is an intensive academic program where students pursue rigorous, intellectually challenging courses. Emphasis is placed on building thinking skills, i.e. abstracting general concepts from particular facts, developing theories, integrating theories, and creatively extrapolating facts and theories.

BASEcamp at Bachman Academy (McDonald, TN)

BASEcamp is the summer camp version of Bachman’s famous learning philosophy and offers students a unique, important experience as they develop into functioning adults. They offer 4 one-week residential sessions of ADHD summer camps for students ages 12–17. Students can attend for one, two, three or four weeks. Students spend time in core curriculum classes, which are short, intensive, and activity- and project-driven.

Baylor University High School Summer Science Research Program (Waco, TX)

The purpose of the High School Summer Science Research Program (HSSSRP), an annual program established in 1991, is to give superior high school students hands-on research experience by working on research projects with Baylor University science professors in many disciplines. The fellowship program occurs during the University's first session of summer school and is open to students between their junior and senior year of high school.

Beowulf Boot Camp - Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, LA)

Beowulf Boot Camp for Louisiana high school students in held at Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. During Beowulf Boot Camp, students will work with a number of LSU professors as learning how to build and use supercomputers. This camp is introductory so students do not need a strong computational science background to participate. Some knowledge of programming a plus.

Bio@Tech (Atlanta, GA)

Georgia Tech School and Center for Education Integrating Science, Math, and Computing offers a three-week summer residential program focused on biological sciences. The camp is geared towards high school juniors and seniors, but exceptional sophomores will also be considered.

Carolina Journalism Institute (Columbia, SC)

This five-day program is for middle and high school students. Students choose a focus tract to study for the duration of the program. Tract choices include Staff Management for Editors and Advisers; Videos and Online Media; Visual (Design and Photography); Writing; and Yearbook Kickstart. Classes are hosted at the University of South Carolina, and students may choose to commute, or camp accommodations are provided by a nearby hotel.

Carolina Master Scholars Adventure Series (Columbia, SC)

The University of South Carolina offers this summer program to rising sixth through 12th grade students. The Adventure Series provides a variety of courses for students to select from and offers multiple programs throughout the summer. Residential and day program options are available.

Chess America (TX - multiple locations)

With four locations in North Texas to choose from (Richardson, Arlington, Flower Mound and Weatherford), this organization runs summer chess camps for students from all communities. Level-appropriate instruction is provided for new, beginner, intermediate and advanced players. All chess sets and supplies are provided by Chess America.

Clemson University - Summer Science, Engineering and Architecture Enrichment Programs (Clemson, SC)

For the past 28 years, Clemson University has offered a summer enrichment program for gifted middle and high school students. In addition to challenging courses, students are provided with opportunities for fun, friendship and a Clemson experience. This enrichment program is for rising seventh through 12th grade students.

Coast Trek (NC) - Summer Program (Wilmington, NC)

Join MarineQuest to travel back in time to the age of giant prehistoric sharks and discover how North Carolina’s coast has changed over the years. While time traveling through their coastal habitats back to the future, Trekkies will use the tools of oceanography, meteorology and paleontology to experience first-hand how hurricanes and other forces of nature have created the coastline that we see today. The program is for students ages 10-12; participants must have completed 4th grade and turn 10 by May 1st. Residential and commuter programs are available.

Commonwealth Honors Academy (CHA) Murray State University (Murray, KY)

The Murray State University Commonwealth Honors Academy (CHA) in Kentucky is an exciting, challenging three-week academic, social and personal growth program for outstanding high school students who have completed their junior year. Students will be selected from the Commonwealth and surrounding region.

Cyber Defense Summer Camps at UT Dallas (TX)

This summer camp is a joint-program offered by Cyber Security Research & Education Institute of the University of Texas Dallas (UTD) and the Cyber Defense Center (CDC).The four week program trains students to compete in the national Cyber Patriot Competition, and lays the foundations for a career in computer security. The program brings gifted high school students into labs to learn from top security industry researchers and professionals.

Duke University (Durham, NC) - Creative Writers' Workshop

Grades 10 & 11; 2 weeks; residential. Open to advanced students who wish to refine their writing in a particular genre.

Duke University Youth Programs (Durham, NC)

Duke Youth Programs is a part of Duke University Continuing Studies and has provided summer academic enrichment for more than 30 years. Each summer approximately 650 youth from around the nation, representing some 22 states and 5 different countries, attend one of our summer programs. All programs seek to engage learners in innovative, interactive, transformative learning experiences. Co-curricular social and recreational activities complement the instructional day. The camp "learning community" approaches learning as a shared responsibility among students, instructors and counselors.

Emory National Debate Institute (Atlanta, GA)

Emory University offers debate camps to middle school and high school students. Camps run from one to three weeks with residential and day camp options offered.

Energetic Einsteins (Clearwater, FL)

Energetic Einsteins offers a number of opportunities for gifted students and their families including summer camps, near-peer intern opportunities, and game days. Programs utilize current scientific content and are directed by doctoral level faculty committed to improving scientific literacy by facilitating the translation of knowledge from the research community.

Furman Summer Scholars, Furman University (Greenville, SC)

This one week residential summer program is designed to give rising high school juniors and seniors a college experience at Furman University. Students will attend courses taught by Furman professors, stay in a residence hall, and take fieldtrips throughout the city.

G.R.A.D.E. Camp, University of Houston, (Houston, TX)

Girls entering 8th through 12th grade are eligible to attend G.R.A.D.E. Camp at the University of Houston. The camp is a one week day camp designed to give girls the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with female professionals and students in the engineering field. Students will also have the opportunity to work in teams, design a robot, and learn about careers on engineering.

Georgia Governor's Honors Program (Atlanta, GA)

"The Governor's Honors Program is a six-week summer instructional program designed to provide intellectually gifted and artistically talented high school students challenging and enriching educational opportunities not usually available during the regular school year. Activities are designed to provide each participant with opportunities to acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes to become independent, life-long learners."

Governor's Program for Gifted Children (GPGC) (Lake Charles, LA)

"The Governor's Program for Gifted Children is seven weeks of academic enrichment, artistic opportunity, and friendship. A residential program at McNeese State University, the GPGC is the oldest and most comprehensive enrichment program for gifted students in Louisiana. With an approach that aims to develop the whole child, the GPGC provides for the intellectual, creative, and social needs of gifted children."

Governor's School of North Carolina (GSNC) (Raleigh, NC)

This prestigious Governor's School in North Carolina is open to rising seniors only, with exceptions made for rising juniors in the performing/visual arts area. For six weeks the state-funded program offers gifted teens a curriculum that explores "the most recent ideas and concepts" in a number of interdisciplinary areas. These areas include: English, foreign languages (Spanish at Governor's School West and French at Governor's School East), mathematics, and natural and social sciences. The performing/visual arts disciplines include art, choral and instrumental music, dance, and drama.

July Experience at Davidson College (Davidson, NC)

The Davidson July Experience seeks to provide rising high school seniors the opportunity for a unique educational, social and creative three-week program on the campus of Davidson College.

Live! Learn! Louisiana! - Lousiana State University (LSU) (Baton Rouge, LA)

Louisiana State University (LSU) School of Education hosts a summer program for gifted learners for grades 3-8, called Live! Learn! Louisiana! This summer program offers: facilitators trained in gifted education; challenging material and activities; and interaction with peers of similar abilities and interests.

MAES - STEM Professional, Student and Junior Chapters

MAES is the foremost Latino organization for the development of STEM leaders in the academic, executive and technical communities. MAES Science Extravaganza is a one-day, hands-on academic enrichment experience for middle and high school students. Held all across the nation by MAES’ professional and student chapters, this event is ideal for sparking an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) among younger students. The event consists of workshops and activities presented by volunteer professionals, professors, and college students across a wide range of technical and scientific fields.

Marine Quest - University of North Carolina, Wilmington (NC)

Marine Quest runs numerous camps for all different age groups. All camps provide exploration of local marine habitats, laboratory activities, quality instruction, complete supervision, recreation, and the opportunity to develop friendships with peers from across the US.

Mississippi Governor's School (Columbus, MS)

"Mississippi Governor's School (MGS) is designed to provide academic, creative and leadership experiences for a select number of rising high school juniors and seniors who have demonstrated exceptional ability and achievement in their studies and who show high intellectual, creative, and leadership potential."

North Carolina Scholastic Media Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC)

Sponsored by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the North Carolina Scholastic Media Institute is an intensive four-day workshop designed to teach communication techniques through scholastic media. Rising ninth- through twelfth-graders choose one division to participate in. Divisions include: newspaper, yearbook, literary magazine, online, photojournalism, and design or TV news.

Residential Junior Summer Math Camp - Texas Tech (Lubbock, TX)

The Junior Summer Math Camp Residential Program is designed for students currently in 6th-8th grade. The students stay in a residence hall at Texas State University during the two weeks, and attend classes every day. Each group of four students is supervised by a counselor (undergraduate mentor). The residential program includes recreation in the afternoon, supervised study groups in the evenings, and special guest lectures.

Seacamp (Big Pine Key, FL)

Seacamp is a non-profit, marine science education facility located in the Florida Keys. Founded in 1966, Seacamp offers marine science education and summer camp experiences including SCUBA, sailing, board sailing, and arts & crafts to students from 12-17 years of age.

Sewanee Summer Music Festival (Sewanee, TN)

The Sewanee Summer Music Festival, at The University of the South, in Sewanee, Tennessee, is an internationally acclaimed training program for advanced music students, as well as a distinguished professional concert series. Established in 1957, Sewanee not only prepares students for the challenges of a professional career, it also nourishes a lifetime love of music for student and audience alike.

Sewanee Young Writers' Conference (Sewanee, TN)

High school students can enjoy workshops in fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction during this residential summer program. Other highlights include lectures by the university's English faculty.

Shakespeare at Winedale (Austin, TX)

This University of Texas program seeks to bring Shakespeare to life through performance, offering to explore these rich and complex texts through the creative act of play. It has grown into a year-round program reaching many different groups. Students in the summer program spend two months in the Texas countryside, studying and performing three plays. A spring semester version of the course is offered on the UT campus, with performances at Winedale. Camp Shakespeare provides a two-week experience of learning and playing Shakespeare for 10-16 year-olds.

Southern Methodist University (SMU) - College Experience Program (Dallas, TX)

Located in Dallas, Southern Methodist University's (SMU) College Experience is a five-week summer program that provides an opportunity for a small and carefully chosen group of highly motivated and academically able high school students to get a head start on college and a taste of campus life. Through participation in college credit courses, students entering the 11th and 12th grades can earn up to six credit hours which can be applied towards a bachelor's degree. Students live together in a campus residence facility. Cultural and recreational activities are arranged by resident advisors as well.

Southern Methodist University (SMU) - Talented and Gifted Program (TAG), (Dallas, TX)

SMU's Talented and Gifted program (TAG) offers intellectual challenges and exciting learning experiences to academically accelerated students completing the seventh, eighth, or ninth grade. Students participate in two courses chosen from a selection which includes both noncredit and college credit courses.

STEP Forward Camp, University of Houston (Houston, TX)

STEP Forward is a one week residential program at the University of Houston. Rising high school seniors with a strong interest in math and science are eligible to apply. During the camp, students will be involved in team engineering projects, take academic engineering field trips, and have the opportunity to learn from current engineering students and professionals.

Stetson University, High Achieving Talented Students (HATS) (DeLand, FL)

High Achieving Talented Students (HATS) is a three-part program sponsored by Stetson University. In collaboration with the Belin-Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development at the University of Iowa, Stetson provides outstanding educational opportunities for high-achieving Florida students in grades 4-9. These opportunities include the HATS Summer Program, above-level testing through the Belin Blank Center's academic talent search and Stetson scholarships.

Summer Incitement (Houston, TX)

Summer Incitement is a summer program for gifted learners located on the campus of the Rainard School for Gifted Students in Houston, Texas. From Arabic to the Science of Cooking, these summer classes ignite learning. Full or half day one-week sessions for grades K-12 are available.

Summer Mathematics Research Training (SMaRT) (College Station, TX)

SMaRT is a new National Science Foundation supported two-week summer program at Texas A&M University. It is intended to facilitate interest in mathematics of advanced high school students. High school students of age 14-18 are eligible to apply.

Summer Program for G/T Students (STARS) - Xavier University (New Orleans, LA)

The Summer Program for G/T Students (STARS) at Xavier University in New Orleans is a two-week commuter program for gifted/talented children in grades 1-8. Students choose from many diverse enrichment classes, including creative dramatics, science and technology.

Summer Scholar Program - University of Miami (FL)

A "boot camp for your brain", the University of Miami's Summer Scholar Programs, established in 1991, are taught by University faculty members and present a unique opportunity for high school students who have completed their sophomore or junior year to earn college credit in specific areas of concentration. Students learn firsthand what college is like by living and studying on campus. Students also take laboratory classes and have the opportunity to learn about their particular interest by visiting local sites that are relevant to their fields of study.

Summer Scholars Residential Program (Lafayette, LA)

The Summer Scholars Residential Program is a one-week residential program designed to develop the academic, leadership, and/or creative skills of 7th and 8th grade students who have demonstrated high levels of ability in their school work, in the arts or in their daily lives. The program focuses on academics, the arts, and personal development. Students select from courses designed to develop skills in new content areas or to pursue special interests; although students are encouraged to select a balanced schedule including courses in both academics and the arts, those with intense interests or special abilities in one or two specific areas may concentrate in these areas. Most courses meet 1 1/4 hours per day for five days; although time does not permit in-depth study of any subject, movitated students often make significant advances during the week of the program.

Summer Wonders (Austin, TX)

Summer Wonders is a specialty program for gifted children entering pre-K through 6th grade. This program offers several courses ranging from science to art. Their main goal is to inspire enthusiasm and motivation for learning by offering singular opportunities to explore diverse subjects.

Summer Writing Institute, Rhodes College (Memphis, TN)

Sponsored by Rhodes College English Department, this two week residential summer program is open to rising high school junior and seniors. Throughout the two weeks, students participate in academic sessions designed to develop critical thinking and writing skills. After successful completion of the program, students receive two transferable college credits.

Tennessee Governor's School for Emerging Technologies at Tennessee Technological University - Cookeville (Cookeville, TN)

The Governor’s School for Emerging Technologies is designed to stimulate interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through study of current topics in biotechnology, nanotechnology, information technology, and other emerging technologies. The school capitalizes on partnerships with a unique array of high technology research and development organizations located across the State of Tennessee to provide students with the opportunity to learn from leading researchers and experience cutting-edge research facilities through weekly field trips.

Tennessee Governor's School for Business and Information Technology Leadership (Cookeville, TN)

The Tennessee Technological University Governor‘s School for Information Technology Leadership is a five-week summer residence program that is designed to provide gifted and talented high school sophomores and juniors with opportunities to develop skills in IT and business leadership. The program allows students to explore interests in various aspects of IT.

Tennessee Governor's School for Computational Physics - Austin Peay State University (Clarksville, TN)

The Tennessee Governor's School for Computational Physics is for hard-working high school sophomores and juniors with an interest in engineering, mathematics and/or science. The Governor’s School covers all basic expenses related to the program, including tuition, laptop computers, required books, room, food and transportation on field trips. Plus, students earn seven hours of college credit!

Tennessee Governor's School for International Studies (GSIS) (Memphis, TN)

The Governor's School for International Studies (GSIS) provides four week immersion into the world around us, including global cultures, languages and perspectives. Moreover, the program provides a rigorous introduction to the field of International Studies, including six credit hours of college coursework.

Tennessee Governor's School for the Agricultural Sciences (TGSAS)

The Tennessee Governor's School for the Agricultural Sciences (TGSAS) provides high school students with a broad understanding of the diverse field of agriculture on the campus of the University of Tennessee at Martin.

Tennessee Governor's School for the Arts - Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) (Murfreesboro, TN)

The Tennessee Governor's School for the Arts is a four-week summer program for rising 11th and 12th grade students in Tennessee held at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) in Murfreesboro. Administered by the State Department of Education, the program offers intensive study programs in art, dance, filmmaking, theatre and music.

Tennessee Governor's School For The Humanities (Martin, TN)

A four-week summer program built on the program’s rich tradition as Tennessee’s first Governor’s School, this program offers rising high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to earn six semester credit hours from University of Tennessee at Martin.

Tennessee Governor's Schools Engineering at University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Knoxville, TN)

The Governor’s School for Engineering will introduce students to a wide variety of engineering disciplines and provide the opportunity to learn and apply problem-solving methods that are common to all engineering disciplines. It will focus on engineering design through hands-on projects that integrate applied mathematics, science and computer tools. In addition, students will receive an in-depth introduction to the field of biomedical engineering, with a study of human physiology including examples of how engineering problem solving, analytical, and computational models produce solutions to biomedical problems.

Tennessee Governor's Schools for Prospective Teachers (GSPT) at University of Tennessee, Chattanooga (UTC) (Chattanooga, TN)

The Governor's School for Prospective Teachers (GSPT) has a unique responsibility: to encourage the region's brightest students to become professional educators. GSPT is a five-week summer program for rising eleventh and twelfth grade students funded by the Tennessee State Department of Education. GSPT is administered by and located on the campus of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC).

Tennessee Governor's Schools Sciences at University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Knoxville, TN)

The Governor’s School for the Sciences will introduce students to a wide variety of scientific disciplines and provide the opportunity to learn and apply problem-solving methods that are common to all scientific disciplines.

Tennessee Governor's Schools Scientific Exploration of Tennessee Heritage at East Tennessee State University (Johnson City, TN)

The Governor's School for Tennessee Heritage is a five-week summer program for rising juniors and seniors from Tennessee high schools. The program is held at the East Tennessee State University and participants have the opportunity to explore field experiences in paleontology, historic preservation, and forensic anthropology.

Tennessee Governor's Schools Scientific Models and Data Analysis at East Tennessee State University (Johnson City, TN)

The Governor’s School for Scientific Models and Data Analysis provides a program of advanced scholarly engagement for some of the most academically able students in the state who demonstrate an interest, talent and passion in the pursuit of mathematics and science.

Texas Mathworks (San Marcos, TX)

The mission of Texas Mathworks, a center for innovation in mathematics education at Texas State University, is to develop model programs and self-sustaining learning communities that engage Texas K-12 students from all backgrounds in doing mathematics at a high level. Summer math camps and after school programs include undergraduate counselors mentored by more experienced math teachers, who themselves are being trained as teacher-leaders for their districts.

The Blue Ridge Summer Institute for Young Artists (BLUR) (Amherst County, VA)

Located in Sweet Briar, Virginia, the Blue Ridge Summer Institute for Young Artists (BLUR) is a three-week camp for high school students who are interested in making art that challenges old ideas about what art is and what it isn't. The camp offers courses in theater, creative writing and visual art.

The Frances A. Karnes Center for Gifted Studies - Leadership Studies Program (Hattiesburg, MS)

The Leadership Studies Program, a one week summer residential program, is designed for students in grades six through eleven, who are recommended by school officials and who have a desire to develop and enhance their leadership ability. LEADERSHIP II, a continuation of Leadership I, is an intense study to further develop leadership concepts and qualities. Emphasis will be placed on the psychology of leadership, assertiveness training, and situational leadership. LEADERSHIP III is an extension of the program, with training focusing on the legal aspects of leadership, responsibilities of various positions of leadership, developing personal power, and leadership for the future. Students also have the opportunity for informal interaction with adult leaders.

The Frances A. Karnes Center for Gifted Studies - Summer Gifted Studies Program (Hattiesburg, MS)

The Summer Gifted Studies Program, a one-week residential activity, serves intellectually gifted students in grades four through eight.

The Institute For the Development and Enrichment of Advanced Learners (IDEAL) - Texas Tech (Lubbock, TX)

The mission of IDEAL is to provide distinctive and unique outreach programs that promote academic excellence and diversity. The most important work is introducing underrepresented students to a collegiate experience and dispelling myths and fears about higher education. They offer a program called Shake Hands With Your Future, a summer residential camp for academically talented students. Students experience university life and attend two classes.

University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) Summer Laureate (Little Rock, AR)

Summer Laureate University for Youth is a three week summer educational program in Little Rock, Arkansas for grades K-7 that provides unique learning experiences for students to explore and expand their talents and abilities in a university environment. The Summer Program offers a variety of classes taught by a staff that includes graduate students seeking masters' degrees in teaching the gifted and talented, certified master teachers, and other experts.

Vanderbilt Program for Talented Youth - Vanderbilt Summer Academy (Nashville, TN)

For students entering grades 8–12, VSA offers accelerated courses in 1–3 week summer sessions. Students live on campus and take advanced level courses taught by VU faculty and graduate students in a challenging yet supportive environment.

Vanderbilt Program for Talented Youth (Nashville, TN)

Vanderbilt University offers an intensive, enriched, three-week summer residential program for academically talented youth who are currently in grades seven through eleven. The goal of Vanderbilt PTY is to provide a stimulating and challenging intellectual environment, along with a full program of social and recreational activities. Students can be expected to learn at a high level, to have lots of fun, and to form lasting friendships.

Summer Programs: SouthWestern Region

Helios Scholars at TGen (Phoenix, AZ)

This paid, eight-week summer internship program in biomedical research is open to Arizona high school, undergraduate, graduate and medical school students. Interns work full-time on a research project under the mentorship of a TGen scientist to unravel the genetic components of diabetes, neurological disease and cancer. At TGen North in Flagstaff, interns focus their summer research on public health and pathogens such as Valley Fever and antibiotic resistant bacteria.

University of Arizona Honors Summer Academy (Tucson, AZ)

In 2014, the University of Arizona (UA) Honors College launched a summer program for high-ability and high-achieving high school students who have just completed their junior or senior year of high school. Select students who have completed their sophomore year may also be eligible to apply. The Honors Summer Academy provides students with the ability to take UA Honors College courses taught by Honors Faculty members, as well as living in a residence hall, participating in off-campus classes and field trips, and having structured study time.

Summer Programs: Western Region

Adventures in Nature, Natural History Museum - Summer Camp (Los Angeles County, CA)

Explore Earth's features, creatures, and cultures in a one week long day camp program offered in the summer at the Natural History Museum (ages 3-13) or the at the Page Museum at the Tar Pits (ages 7-13). Hands-on experiences and behind the scenes tours and fun activities for children. Full day or half day option.

Army and Navy Academy (San Diego, CA)

Located in San Diego, Calif., this is a four-week camp open to students ages 10 to 16. Students are given the opportunity take academic courses and participate in recreational activities.

Aspen Music Festival and School (Aspen, CO)

Since 1949, the world's most accomplished and promising musicians have made a pilgrimage to Aspen. They come not only to perform, but to teach, learn and be renewed. This year, Music Director David Zinman leads 750 student musicians, as well as 200 guest artists and artist-faculty members through a glorious summer of camaraderie and music.

Bay Area Writing Project - Young Writers Camps and Teen Writing Camps (Berkeley, CA)

The Bay Area Writing Project sponsors both the annual Young Writers Camps and Teen Writing Camps. Young Wirters Camps offer students entering grades three through nine a unique opportunity to develop their creative abilities and writing talents. The Teen Writing Camps are for incoming ninth through 12th graders. Enrichment opportunities for students who enjoy writing, literature and poetry, both camps are offered on the University of California Berkeley campus.

Bioscience Summer Research Program for High School Students (Salt Lake City, UT)

This program seeks to increase the participation of students in biological research and to encourage them to prepare for careers in research, medicine, and education. To this end the Program sponsors an eight-week Bioscience High School Summer Research Program through which students receive training and research experience in a university setting.

California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS) (Muliple Locations, CA)

COSMOS is a four week intensive science and mathematics enrichment program. Each student chooses one 4-week core course and two 2-week supplemental courses along with a science writing course. Courses offered at COSMOS are designed to introduce students to subjects that are typically not offered in high school, such as, automotive engineering, optical science, and number theory. On a typical day, students attend courses, participate in labs or course-related field trips and attend their selected courses. COSMOS is available on the following University of California campuses: Davis, Irvine, and Santa Cruz.

Camp H (Berkeley, CA)

Camp H is a one-of-a-kind design and building camp for girls ages 9-12 that inspires creativity and curiosity through hands-on building, problem-solving, and meaningful making. In both summer and after-school programs, girls will cut plywood with a jigsaw, fuse metal with a welder, and create projects of personal and social relevance. Camp H’s instructors are female architects, designers, creative educators, and graduates of our Studio H high school design/build program.

Camp Summit for the Gifted, Talented, and Creative (Sausalito, CA)

This camp offers a unique experience for gifted children and teens from ages 9 through 14 (eight-year-olds will be considered on a case-by-case basis). Located in the Marin Headlands in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, Camp Summit provides a setting for gifted, talented, and creative youth to gather together for a very special summer camp.

Catalina Sea Camp (Claremont, CA)

Located on Catalina Island in Southern California, Sea Camp is a residential enrichment summer camp with emphasis on Ocean related activities. The program is for boys and girls ages 12-17 (Junior Sea Camp ages 8-13).

Center for Bright Kids (CBK) - Summer Programs (Denver, CO)

The Center for Bright Kids (CBK) offers numerous summer programs for high-interest, high-ability students. Rooted in the talent development model, CBK summer programs offer students the opportunity to study with bright, motivated peers, enhance their preparation for advanced coursework, and establish long-lasting friendships with students from across the country and around the world. Gifted students entering grades 4-11 are offered a varied selection of enrichment and/or acceleration courses on campus.

Center for Bright Kids (CBK) (Denver, CO)

This organization offers K-12 enrichment and acceleration programming for high interest and high ability kids, with a focus on how kids discover ways to navigate the world while thinking and learning differently.

Colorado College Whiz Bang Science Program (Colorado Springs, CO)

The Whiz Bang Science Program at Colorado College is a two-week program for elementary students entering grades 1-6. Students enrolled in the program participate in a wide variety of interactive, hands-on exploratory science activities designed to foster science process skills through guided scientific investigations.

Colorado Math Camp (Denver, CO)

Colorado Math Camp is for elementary or middle school students who love math, and want to improve their math problem-solving and math-contest abilities. Students can sign up for Math Contest Mini-Camps with beginner and advanced sessions in July. The vision for these camps came from the National MathCounts Competition. In Colorado, these camps provide the opportunity for motivated math students to work with experienced coaches in a fun and engaging setting.

Dominican University of California, Summer Odyssey (San Rafael, CA)

Summer Odyssey at Dominican University of California is an innovative program designed specifically for academically gifted and creatively talented students--grades 2-10--from Marin's public and independent schools. Each course is age appropriate and curricula are activity based. Summer Odyssey will challenge the intellect, stretch the imagination, and embolden the talent of each child.

Education Unlimited - Gifted and Talented Camps and Programs

This organization provides a number of program offerings for gifted and talented students, as well as for highly motivated students. For some of these programs, students must have achieved certain levels of academic accomplishment, in particular, strong GPAs, and may need teacher recommendations as well.

GirlVentures Project Courage (San Francisco, CA)

This summer program is for girls who love adventure. Project Courage is a two-week wilderness self-discovery journey, taking place in Point Reyes National Seashore and Tomales Bay and Goat Rock State Parks. Girls will live outdoors in a safe and supportive environment while discovering and exploring their courageous selves through physical and creative activities, such as: backpacking; rock climbing; story telling; sea kayaking; and, art in nature.

Guided Discoveries (Claremont, CA)

Guided Discoveries has developed and operates a variety of outdoor education programs and summer camps. The organization strives to make a difference in the lives of children through unique opportunities of discovery. Founded in 1978, Guided Discoveries has grown into an organization that serves over 45,000 children annually.

Idaho Junior Engineering, Mathematics, and Science (JEMS) Summer Workshop (Moscow, ID)

The University of Idaho College of Engineering sponsors the annual Idaho Junior Engineering, Mathematics, and Science (JEMS) Summer Workshop for students who have completed their junior or senior year of high school. The focus of the workshop is to expose students to engineering problems within technical and social contexts, and to encourage them to enroll in college. Students will participate in lab exercises, field trips, computer exercises, and recreational activities.

Idyllwild Arts Summer Program in Creative Writing (San Jacinto, CA)

This residential summer program offers seperate workshops in fiction, poetry and playwriting for students at all levels of ability and experience. Idyllwild's 205-acre campus provides an outstanding setting for specific art-centered programs, festivals and performances.

Lawrence Hall of Science Summer Camps (Berkeley, CA)

The Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California, Berkeley, offers half-day, full-day, and overnight summer programs for students in Pre-K through High School. The programs are science focused and cover a broad range of topics including Lego Technology, Food and Plant Chemistry, The Art of Math, Nanotechnology and Marine Biology Research, and more!

MathLinks Camp (San Diego, CA)

This residential math summer camp for students ages 12-18 builds problem solving abilities in a fun and challenging environment.

Pre-College Program for High School students by Academic Study Associates (ASA) UC Berkeley (CA)

Academic Study Associates (ASA) offers a pre-college program on the campus of UC Berkeley for students who have completed 10th, 11th and 12th grades. Students elect either a six week college session or a five week enrichment session. Students in the college credit session enroll in college credit courses offered by UC Berkeley Summer Sessions in combination with a choice of intensive SAT preparation courses or afternoon enrichment electives as well as tutoring sessions and a unique series of college-prep workshops. Courses are augmented by activities, organized visits within Berkeley and San Francisco, community service opportunities, and weekly excursions through Northern California.

Pre-Collegiate Institutes High School Program (Stanford, CA)

The Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes are three-week and four-week residential programs for academically talented and motivated high school students. The Summer Institutes provide an opportunity for these students to enrich and accelerate their academic pursuits and to meet other students who share their interests and abilities.

Prove it! Math Academy - Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO)

Prove it! Math Academy is a residential summer math camp at Colorado State University for talented students 14 to 18 years old. This camp serves as a bridge between programs/contests that emphasize computational abilities and those that expect students to be well-versed in proof writing.

School of Cinematic Arts Summer Program, University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA)

The School of Cinematic Arts Summer Program offers 30 classes each summer that cover filmmaking, screenwriting, computer graphics, animation, and film and television business. The courses are full semester courses covered in five weeks. Minors, ages 16 and 17, are welcome to apply, and are required to live on-campus if from out of state.

SPARC Math (Berkeley, CA)

SPARC is a math summer program that helps talented high school students apply their quantitative thinking skills to their lives and the world. The curriculum covers topics from causal modeling and probability to game theory and cognitive science. But the focus of SPARC is on applying the same quantitative and rigorous spirit outside of the classroom, by challenging students to ask: how can we understand our own reasoning and behavior?; how can we think more clearly and better achieve our goals? High school students are eligible to apply, or if you are at least 14 years of age and not yet enrolled in college. If you do not meet these criteria contact SPARC to discuss exceptions. International students are welcome.

Stanford Jazz Immersion Programs (CA)

Founded in 1972, Stanford Jazz Workshop (SJW) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to jazz education and appreciation. For nearly four decades, SJW has been bringing the best jazz performers and educators together with students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, in two summer programs: the Stanford Jazz Festival and the Stanford Jazz Camp and Jazz Residency.

Stanford Summer College (Stanford, CA)

Stanford Summer College is where exceptional high school students take Stanford undergraduate courses and earn college credit during the summer quarter. Students choose from over 145 courses in 30 academic departments, and take anywhere from one to five courses. Choose between residential or commuting options.

Stanford Summer Humanities Institute (Stanford, CA)

The Summer Humanities Institute is an intensive academic residential program for rising juniors and seniors ages 15 to 17 interested in history and humanities. This three-week program is led by distinguished Stanford faculty, and provides a tightly integrated academic and social program.

Stanford University Mathematics Camp (SUMaC) (Stanford, CA)

SUMaC welcomes an elite group of talented current 10th and 11th graders from around the world for intensive study in advanced mathematics. SUMaC leads students on a journey in advanced mathematics through lectures, guided research, and group problem solving. Living in a residential social environment centered on mathematics, students explore current lines of mathematical research, the historical development of important areas of mathematics, and applications across scientific disciplines.

Stanford University Summer College (Stanford, CA)

Stanford Summer College offers Stanford University credit to high school students ages 16 to 19. Become a Stanford student for eight weeks during the summer and take university courses with other Stanford undergraduates in classes taught by Stanford professors.

Summer Academy for Advanced High School Students - University of California, Riverside (UCR) (Riverside, CA)

The Summer Academy Program at University of California, Riverside (UCR) is specially designed for high school students entering 10-12 grade the next school year. The program allows them to attend a full range of summer school classes. The UCR Summer Academy offers a valuable opportunity for high school students to get a head start on their college degree and to distinguish their college applications.

Summer Focus at UC Berkeley - Education Unlimited (CA)

This is a comprehensive 6-week summer academic enrichment program offered in partnership between Education Unlimited and UC Berkeley Summer Sessions. Entering junior and senior high school students have the opportunity to earn college credit.

The Clarion Workshop (San Diego, CA)

The Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Workshop is the best known and most highly regarded science fiction writing workshop in the country. Clarion attracts some of the most highly acclaimed science fiction and fantasy authors as teaching writers. Admission to the workshop is based upon the promise of the applicant's writing at its present stage.

The Summer Science Program (SSP) (CA & NM)

The Summer Science Program (SSP) is a residential enrichment program in which gifted high school students complete a challenging, hands-on research project in celestial mechanics.

THINK Summer Institute - Davidson Institute for Talent Development (Reno, NV)

The Davidson Institute for Talent Development and the University of Nevada, Reno offer the THINK Summer Institute. This three-week residential summer program offers bright students an opportunity to access an extremely rigorous educational experience and earn college credits that may be transferable.

UC Davis Young Scholars Program (Davis, CA)

The UC Davis Young Scholars Program is a six week residential research program. Rising high school juniors and seniors are eligible to apply. Throughout the program, students work one-on-one with research faculty and research groups on an individual project focused on the natural sciences.

UC Santa Barbara Summer Sessions (Santa Barbara, CA)

University California, Santa Barbara, offers five pre-college summer program for high school students. Residential and commuter options are available with each program providing students the opportunity to take college courses. Over 100 courses are available to choose from in 40 academic departments. The five programs offered are the Early Start Program, Academic Enrichment Program, Enrichment Program, Research Mentorship Program, and Local High School Students.

University of California, Academic Connections (San Diego, CA)

High school students are able to participate in a rewarding and exciting residential summer program at the University of California, San Diego through the Academic Connections program. Students experience what the college environment is really like at a top-ranked research university. Courses available include: Engineering, Marine Sciences, Political Science, Clinical Psychology, Biomedical Sciences, Anthropology and the Arts and Humanities. Students take one course that meets five hours daily.

University of California, Academic Talent Development Program (ATDP) (Berkeley, CA)

This program offers challenging summer classes for K-11 students. ATDP courses offer students opportunities to gain in-depth knowledge of the subjects that interest them. Taught by outstanding university, public, and private school instructors, our classes are designed to engage our students' hearts as well as their minds. Admission is based on the student's overall academic profile. Grades, achievement test scores, an essay, and a teacher recommendation are all considered.

University of California, Irvine (UCI) - Exploratorium (Irvine, CA)

The Gifted Students Academy Exploratorium is an all-day innovative program for gifted and talented students presently in grades 1-4. The Exploratorium is an integrated program of art, creative writing, computers, math and science. The Exploratorium provides a multimedia approach with computers and the web, science, art, language arts, and recreational activities. Introduction to life on a college campus while experiencing hands-on laboratory activities and experiments make the one-week program memorable. Sessions are from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily with an hour lunch in the UCI Dining Hall.

University of California, Irvine (UCI) - Gifted Students Academy (GSA) (Irvine, CA)

The Gifted Students Academy (GSA) is an intensive summer program for gifted middle school students, grades 5-8. Participants select courses in each of the major subject areas of math, science, language arts, social studies and the arts, and may attend as a commuter student or reside on campus in the University residence halls. Courses are offered in one-week modules and span over a six-week period. GSA offers a strong foundation of disciplinary studies while providing students a sampling of campus life.

University of Northern Colorado (UNC) - Summer Enrichment Programs (Greeley, CO)

These university programs are designed primarily for students entering grades 5-10. Students enroll in four classes for 10 days to explore their interests. Students select activities ranging from research to arts & crafts. Saturday sessions led by experts from the university provide an additional opportunity for learning. The cost includes housing, food, tuition and staff fees. For children ages 4-9, a Young Child Program is offered daily from 9 a.m. to noon. Students entering the 11th and 12th grades in the fall are eligible to participate in the Leadership Enrichment Program.

Washington Charter Elementary School: Summer Acceleration Program (Palm Desert, CA)

The Washington Charter Elementary School features rotating gifted and talented education (GATE) student programs throughout the summer. The programs range from topics such as dissecting pig hearts (in order to educate children in nutrition and animal organs) to math and technology programs.

Websites & Other Media: Commercial

Brain Chase

This five-week online summer learning challenge is disguised as a massive global treasure hunt for students in grades two through eight. The Brain Chase dashboard integrates instructional content developed by Khan Academy and myON. Each summer, a golden mechanical treasure will be buried somewhere on earth – and it will contain the key to a safety deposit box holding a $10,000 college scholarship fund. Pinpoint the treasure’s location first, and you’ll be the one on a plane to dig it up.

Websites & Other Media: Informational

ACA's Find A Camp

This website provides information on camps in the United States, Canada, and internationally. Search for a camp by category, state, age, price, specialty, and more. is the search engine for camps!

Cogito Summer Programs Database

Cogito's searchable online database of summer programs allows users to search by several categories, including grade level, eligibility, country, state and subject matter.

Finding the Right Summer Program for Your Gifted Child

"Looking for the best summer program for your gifted child? Look no further! We've compiled a list of the questions to ask and the resources you'll need to make a match. Before you begin, be sure you've included your child in the selection process by asking her the kinds of things she's looking for in a camp. And remember, planning ahead is key! Most university-based programs have early deadlines and the most popular summer programs are bound to fill up early."

Mobius Spokane

Mobius Spokane is an educational center with a mission of stimulating minds, inspiring careers and instilling wonder across the Inland Northwest with entertaining and experiential science programs and exhibits. It offers programs such as daily demonstrations and exhibits, a teen docent program, speaker series, camps, classes, workshops, competitions, and conferences. It also has a club for gifted students, as well as summer and holiday camps.

National Association for Gifted Children's (NAGC) Gifted & Talented Resource Directory

The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) has assembled an online searchable directory listing parent/educator resources, schools and programs, and information by subject.

Quantum Learning Network (QLN)

Quantum Learning Network has evolved from a small group of educators in the early 1980's to a global organization spanning more than 14 countries. The Quantum Adademy in Oceanside, CA offers programs on Youth Achievement, Teacher Training, College Success and Adult Learning. Achievement skills courses include academic and study strategies, powerful memory and reading techniques, effective writing, thinking and learning, purposeful teaching practices, empowering leadership, and more. QLN also offers a 10-day SuperCamp Summer Program.

Summer Program Directory

The Center for Talented Youth (CTY) at Johns Hopkins University has focused on the needs of students with exceptionally high academic abilities. The CTY community includes very bright students from all over the world whose talents place them well ahead of their agemates.

This website is the premier online summer camp directory. Start your summer camp search by selecting a camp type or category. Find the right camp for this summer at!

Teen Life

This website offers resources geared toward providing teenagers in the United States with information about educational opportunities, summer programs, gap year programs, volunteer opportunities and after school activities. The website provides a searchable database with thousand of entries, as well as newsletters and an online community.

Websites & Other Media: Learning Tools

Lake County Forest Preserve Summer Camps (IL)

The Lake County Forest Preserve hosts a number of summer camps for students ages 4 to 14. Most of the camps are held completely outdoors and focus on topics such as: wildlife, plants, farming, art, ice age, Native Americans, invertebrates, history, theatre, fishing, tracking, survival basics, sky watching and more.

Rock-It Science - Sparking Enthusiasm & Creating Excellence In Science Education

The primary focus of this non-profit organization is to provide science enrichment classes to underserved and at-risk youth. Rock-It Science offers three programs: In-Class Instruction; Summer Programs and Camps; and, Homeschool Science Classes.