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Organizations: International

Triple Nine Society (TNS)

Triple Nine Society (TNS) is a high-IQ society for individuals 18 and older who score at or above the 99.9th percentile on selected intelligence tests. Annual dues are $10. TNS provides a number of benefits, most importantly a community of intellectual peers for social and educational purposes. The online community includes private Yahoo groups and Facebook pages, as well as members-only access to various resources on the login portion of the TNS website. TNS also organizes several annual gatherings in the United States and abroad.

Organizations: State

Schooner Sound Learning (New Haven, CT)

Schooner Sound Learning is a non-profit marine education organization dedicated to the conservation of Long Island Sound and the rivers of Connecticut, and appreciation of their culture, history and future. Based in New Haven, Connecticut, Schooner provides educational opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to promote awareness and concern for Long Island Sound, arguably Connecticut's greatest natural resource.

Printed Materials: Books

An Incomplete Education: Revised Edition

You'll find everything you forgot from school--as well as plenty you never even learned--in this all-purpose reference book. The updated version takes a whirlwind tour through 12 different disciplines, from American studies to philosophy to world history. It's not a shortcut to cultural literacy, but it's an excellent "way in" to the building blocks of Western civilization: the "books, music, art, philosophy, and discoveries that have managed to endure."


Arthink/Funthink is a methodology/curriculum that applies fundamentals of the arts for original thinking and clear communication of ideas. Projects are designed to engage students in challenge scenarios that lead them through the creative problem solving (CPS) process while applying twelve creativity tools used by artists, inventors and designers in their development of works of art, inventions and new product concepts. Students work at their personal level of artistic competency where original thinking and ides communication is what matters.

Schools & Programs: College Affiliated

University College at Texas Tech University (Lubbock, TX)

Texas Tech University offers educational programs to K-12 and college students, professionals and those seeking lifelong learning opportunities. Texas Tech’s distance learning programs enable students to pursue educational goals while providing the flexibility needed to maintain professional and personal commitments.

Schools & Programs: Public

Detroit Greek and Latin (DGL) - Detroit, MI

Located in Michigan and Montana, Detroit Greek and Latin (DGL) is a 501(c)(3) public non-profit dedicated to offering Greater Detroit area students the opportunity to learn Ancient Greek and Latin. Online courses serve remote and home-school students. DGL in Glacier National Park (MT) offers a summer intensive courses — Greek in Glacier. In addition, DGL works with administrators, teachers, and parents to fortify existing Latin programs, and to increase the rigor of classics and language arts curricula. Enrollment in DGL pre-collegiate Greek and Latin courses is by application only. Parents wishing their children to enroll in DGL courses should seek the nomination by a teacher, a school Principal or Department Head.

The Rivers School Conservatory (Weston, MA)

This school is devoted to musical instruction and inspiration for students of all ages and backgrounds. Through its frequent concerts, and the Annual Seminar on Contemporary Music in particular, The Rivers Music School makes a significant contribution to the cultural life of the region. The faculty helps guide students of all ages and successfully prepares those who aspire to accomplished musicianship.

Venture School (San Ramon, CA)

This independent fully accredited high school study program, located in San Ramon, California, allows students the flexibility to choose their educational plans. Currently about 600 students attend and student's ages range from kindergarten to adults seeking alternative educational plans. The school offers individualized educational plans that follow accreditation requirements while being flexible enough to allow students options such as enrolling in college credits or home study.

Summer Programs: NorthEastern Region

Kieve's Science and Wilderness for Girls & Women

The Kieve Science and Wilderness Programs encourage girls and women to pursue their goals despite traditional stereotypes, take healthy risks, problem solve, and try new things. Our Wilderness Programs include Junior, Senior and Advanced expeditions, as well as a Mother/Daughter and Women's Adventures. Our purpose is to dispel some of the old stereotypes, to boost the opportunities for girls in science, and to help young women begin to recognize their potential. We give girls the opportunity to do what boys had been doing at Kieve for so many years and to honor their place in society as confident, capable contributors in a variety of fields, including science.

Summer Programs: Western Region

Stanford Jazz Immersion Programs (CA)

Founded in 1972, Stanford Jazz Workshop (SJW) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to jazz education and appreciation. For nearly four decades, SJW has been bringing the best jazz performers and educators together with students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, in two summer programs: the Stanford Jazz Festival and the Stanford Jazz Camp and Jazz Residency.

Women's Wilderness Institute

The Women's Wilderness Institute offers wilderness experiences for women and teen girls in the Rocky Mountains and the deserts of the Southwest. Whether you're seeking a rejuvenating week of backpacking, the skills to build your own top-rope anchor, or the determination to make a major change in your life, we hope you'll join us for an unforgettable experience that will increase your wilderness skills, refresh your spirit, and bring you the joy of a wilderness adventure in the company of women.

Websites & Other Media: Commercial

The Great Courses

The more than 500 Great Courses are crafted for lifelong learners with engaging, immersive learning experiences in a wide variety of subjects from science and mathematics to philosophy, history, literature and economics to cooking and photography. The world’s greatest teachers have a team of experts who collaborate on crafting a customized and entertaining educational journey that’s both comprehensive and fascinating. There are no exams. No homework assignments. No prerequisites. Customers can choose the format that fits their life: video or audio, discs or digital. Watch on a television, laptop or tablet, or listen to audio files on a mobile device.

Websites & Other Media: For Educators

This website contains a directory of more than 20,000 teacher education degree and certificate programs, offered by more than 1,700 colleges and school districts across America, reviewed and compiled by hand from college and district websites.

Websites & Other Media: Informational is a website dedicated to providing the most up to date and accurate information about How to Become Anything to assist with career planning. This site contains articles about pursuing careers in various fields.

Masters Degree Online Guide to Schools

Masters Degree is the only website dedicated to providing students with a complete list of their school options for obtaining a masters degree. Currently there are more than 480 U.S campus-based schools in their database.

Websites & Other Media: Learning Tools

PLATO Learning - Inspired Solutions for Teaching and Learning

PLATO Learning products offer self-paced intervention solutions for K-adult students, teacher-facilitated instructional supplements for K-12 educators and instructional solutions for educators and students. On this website, find online assessments that are tied directly to standards; bring learning standards to the classroom and fully integrating them with your instructional resources.