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Academic Decathlon

The Academic Decathlon is a 10-event scholastic competition for teams of high school students. Each high school enters a team of nine students: 3 "A" or Honor students, 3 "B" or Scholastic students, and 3 "C" or Varsity students.

Academic Triathlon

U.S. Academic Triathlon is a five-person challenge for students grades 5 through 12. The Triathlon rewards strong performance in the areas of general intellect; specific academic abilities; leadership and psycho-social dynamics; visual and performing arts; and creative/productive thinking.

Adventure Write Kids - Totem Head's Story Contest

Sponsored by the Adventure Write Website, this free writing contest is for anyone under 19 years old. There is a cash prize and the winner's story gets published. The contest's goal is to inspire the next generation of adventure writers.

American Mathematics Competitions (AMC)

Students have the chance to compete to be part of the USA Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO) or the American Invitational Mathematical Examination (AIME). The top 12 scoring students from across the nation are invited to the awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. Then, six of those 12 students compete in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

American Model United Nations International (AMUN)

American Model United Nations International (AMUN) strives to create a simulation of the United Nations which is as realistic as possible, while still allowing the fulfillment of the educational goals. In this, they continually seek to find new information about the United Nations, its member states and the topics discussed, in order to include this information in the simulations at every opportunity.

American Regions Math League (ARML)

This is an annual national mathematics competition. High school students form teams of 15 to represent their city, state, county or school and compete against the best students from the United States and Canada. The event consists of Team, Power, Individual and Relay rounds and usually takes place the first Saturday after Memorial Day. Currently, ARML is held simultaneously at three sites: Penn State, The University of Iowa and The University of Nevada - Las Vegas. The ARML Power Contest is open to classes of high school students and consists of several "long answer" problems to which the class submits a single solution written during a 45 minute period.

Caribou Mathematics Competition

The Caribou Mathematics Competition is a worldwide online contest held six times throughout the school year. On each of the contest days, five contests are offered, one for each of the grade levels 3 through 4 (free); 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; and 11 and 12. Grades 5 through 12 are $12 per student per year. Each student's ranking in the Caribou Cup is determined by their performance in their best five of six contests through the school year. All previous contests are available for free online as practice tests. A teacher or librarian must register to receive student access codes (free or paid). For paid access codes, the teacher can buy codes themselves, or allow third parties to pay for them (e.g. parents).

Chemistry Olympiad

The U.S. National Olympiad (USNCO) is a multi-tiered competition designed to stimulate and promote achievement in high school chemistry. The Goals of the USNCO and the schedule are set by a subcommittee of the ACS Society Committee on Education (SOCED).

Clean Tech Competition

The Clean Tech Competition is a worldwide research and design challenge for pre-college youth. The program encourages scientific understanding of real-world issues and the integration of environmentally responsible energy sources. Each year, the Clean Tech Competition addresses an issue that is grounded in core technological competency areas and focuses on the next great engineering challenges. The competition is designed to foster a deeper understanding of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) related concepts, recognize outstanding talent, and prepare the next generation of globally competitive innovators. Teams of one to three students between the ages of 15 and 18 with a Team Leader (19 years or older) must register by the deadline listed on their website.

Creative Communication Poetry Contest

The purpose of the poetry contest is to bring recognition to poets both young and old. In addition to the winning poems, other poems of high merit are accepted to be published in a hard bound anthology. There is no entry fee and no required purchase in order to become published.

C-SPAN's StudentCam

This is an annual national video documentary competition that encourages students to think seriously about issues that affect our communities and our nation. Students are asked to create a short (5-8 minute) video documentary on a topic related to a specific theme. The competition is open to all students in grades 6 through 12.

Destination ImagiNation

Destination ImagiNation is an international organization for kindergarten through college students and community groups that teaches life skills and expanding imaginations through team-based creative problem solving. Teams of five to seven members work together to apply creativity, critical thinking and their particular talents to solve a Team Challenge.

Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge

For students in grades 5-8, this contest fosters the exploration, understanding and communication of science. More than 60,000 children from around the country enter science projects in one of the science and engineering fairs affiliated with Science Service. Between June (the deadline for entering) and early September, judges choose 400 semifinalists among the entries. In October, 40 finalists receive an all-expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C. for the competition finals, consisting of a series of team challenges and oral presentations. The winners receive scholarships and semifinalists receive prizes.

Doors to Diplomacy - International Competition

The U. S. Department of State sponsors the "Doors to Diplomacy" educational challenge to encourage middle school and high school students around the world to produce web projects that teach others about the importance of international affairs and diplomacy. Each student team member of the winning "Doors to Diplomacy" Award team receive a $2,000 scholarship, and the winning coaches’ schools each receive a $500 cash award.

DuPont Challenge: Science Essay Awards Program

The DuPont Challenge is an essay of 700 to 1,000 words discussing a scientific or technological development, event, or theory that has captured your interest and attention. Winners of the DuPont Challenge Science Essay Awards Program receive national recognition and a significant financial grant. The program, sponsored by the DuPont Center for Collaborative Research & Education in cooperation with General Learning Communications, awards cash prizes totaling more than $13,000.

EconChallenge - Economics Challenge Program

Available in some states, EconChallenge is an online competition for high school students during which winning teams can eventually compete at the national level. Every year the State Council's on Economic Education, with support from the National Council on Economic Education, host the Economics Challenge Program providing an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge of Economic Literacy by competing with other students across the state in written and "Quiz Bowl" examinations.


eCyberMission is a web-based science, math and technology competition for 6th through 9th grade teams. Compete for regional and national awards while working to solve problems in your community.

FIRST - Robotics Competition

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a multinational non-profit organization that sponsors this competition, which teams professional and high school students to solve engineering problems. Get a hands-on, inside look at the engineering profession by designing, assembling and testing a robot.

Google Science Fair

Google seeks gifted students ages 13 to 18 to participate in the annual Global Science Fair. The competition challenges students to submit projects that will be judged by a panel of scientists and researchers.

Harvard/MIT Mathematics Tournament (HMMT)

The Harvard/MIT Mathematics Tournament (HMMT) is committed to providing opportunities to mathematically gifted students looking for a challenging experience, as well as meeting others interested in math from around the country and the world. There are two tournaments: 1) HMMT February is one of the most difficult math competitions in the United States for students who can comfortably and confidently solve at least 6 to 8 problems correctly on the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME) and write mathematical proofs; 2) HMMT November provides a more approachable alternative for students to gain math tournament experience, such as those who have performed well on the AMC exams.

High School Innovation Challenge

The High School Innovation Challenge is an annual high school design competition hosted by select Northrop Grumman sites from February through April. The competition theme varies yearly and is inspired by a Northrop Grumman program or capability. Previous competition themes led to challenges which tasked students to build launcher systems, RC airplanes, airships and deployables. The High School Innovation Challenge strives to encourage students to actively engage in fun and rewarding Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities.

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF)

Held annually in May, the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) is the world’s largest international pre-college science competition, providing an annual forum for more than 1,700 high school students from over 70 countries, regions, and territories to showcase their independent research and compete for about $5 million in awards in 17 categories.

Intel Science Talent Search

Since 1942, Science Service has been in the business of making dreams come true through the Science Talent Search (STS). In 1998, Intel became the new sponsor of this nationwide competition: America's oldest and most highly regarded pre-college science contest. Each year the STS helps the nation find and encourage especially talented high school seniors to pursue careers in science, math, engineering, and medicine.

Junior Science and Humanities Symposia (JSHS) Program - Belin-Blank at University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA)

The Junior Science and Humanities Symposia program seeks to encourage and recognize original research in the STEM fields done by Iowa high school students. Students in grades nine through 12, in the state of Iowa, can submit original research findings for a chance to win scholarships and participate in the Symposia.

Kids Philosophy Slam

The Kids Philosophy Slam is an annual program designed to make philosophy fun and accessible to all kids, as well as to help promote critical thinking skills and encourage dialogue with other students and adults. The Philosophy Slam asks kids to answer a philosophical question such as "What is the Meaning of Life?" Depending on their age, kids can express themselves in words, artwork, poetry or song. Each grade level has its own national winner, and the top four high school students debate the question at the national finals. The winner earns the title of "The Most Philosophical Student in America" Schools also compete for the title of" The Most Philosophical School in America".

Knowledge Master Open

"Teams in the Knowledge Master Open receive curriculum-based contest questions (200 at secondary levels; 100 at elementary levels) on a disk and compete using a computer at their own schools. The event is held twice each year for both secondary and elementary level teams."

LifeSmarts is a fun program, run by the National Consumers League, that encourages high school students to learn about the consumer issues they face today and the new challenges that are right around the corner!

Mandelbrot Competition

The Mandelbrot Competition is voted the best round by round math contest in the United States according to a survey from the editors. In a nutshell, the goal of the contest is to introduce high school students of all ability levels to accessible new topics in mathematics while providing stimulating, challenging problems to stretch the best students in the country. The team test portion of the contest emphasizes mathematical writing skills and effective group work.

Math League

The Math League is dedicated to bringing challenging mathematics materials to students. The Math League specializes in math contests, books, and computer software designed to stimulate interest and confidence in mathematics for students from 4th - 12th grade. More than 1 million students participate in Math League contests each year. Contest problems are designed to cover a range of mathematical knowledge for each grade level. All of the problems on each contest require no additional knowledge of mathematics beyond the grade level they test.

Math Prize for Girls

The Advantage Testing Foundation sponsors an annual math competition for high-school girls, the largest monetary math prize for girls in the world. Their goal is to encourage young women with exceptional potential to become the mathematical and scientific leaders of tomorrow. Visit their website for eligibility criteria.


MATHCOUNTS is a national math coaching and competition program that promotes middle school mathematics achievement through grassroots involvement in every U.S. state and territory. With over 20 years of experience, MATHCOUNTS is one of the country's largest and most successful education partnerships involving volunteers, educators, industry sponsors and students.

Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS)

Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS), is a non-profit public foundation offering premier math contests for grades 4-6 and grades 7-8. Their goals include: To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics; introduce important Mathematical concepts; teach major strategies for problem solving; develop Mathematical flexibility in solving problems; strengthen Mathematical intuition; foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity; provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges. Created in 1977 by Dr. George Lenchner, an internationally known math educator, the Math Olympiads went public in 1979. Schools can enter teams or parents can get excellent mathematical supplies for their children.

Meridian Stories

Meridian Stories is a Maine-based non-profit founded in 2011. Every year, Meridian Stories offers 20 digital storytelling competitions in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and History for teams of students in middle and high schools. Schools register for the program by paying an annual subscription rate that provides access to all 20 challenges and the capacity to compete with other schools in the Meridian community. Teams work collaboratively over a three to four week period to complete their media production and upload them to the Meridian site. While Meridian Stories is designed for use by the whole school, the local programs for the Gifted and Talented community of students have been its biggest advocates.


With support from MIT’s School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences and several other departments at MIT, this is the nation’s first comprehensive high school research competition in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. High school students from across the United States showcase and present their original research in one of thirteen different disciplines, ranging from science, technology, and society to economics, political science, media studies, art and architecture, and music. Expert judges from MIT will award prizes for the most outstanding work in each category.

MIT THINK Scholars (Cambridge, MA)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) THINK Scholars is a student-run educational outreach program that makes STEM research and development accessible to high school students who reside in the United States. Using the existing THINK competition as a framework, this group has developed an application process for admission into this new program. Rather than simply recognizing high school students with completed projects, they are now supporting students who wish to implement their ideas. Accepted students will receive seed funding, mentorship from the THINK team, and advice from MIT professors and industry professionals.

National Academic Championship - Questions Unlimited

Questions Unlimited, supplier of questions and answers for academic competition, sponsors the National Academic Championship and the QuizNet on-line competition for high school students. Academic competition involves teams of students answering curriculum-based questions in an entertaining, fast-paced format. This competition generates the kind of publicity and attention for bright students that is normally reserved for star athletes. To participating students and their peers, it sends the message that "It's cool to be smart."

National Academic League

Awarding achievement should not be limited to athletic abilities. Students of all academic and athletic levels should have the benefit of excelling in their own unique talents and passions. Academic sports motivate participants to compete for honors and awards while teaching them the skills of team work and discipline skills that sustain them to be productive and successful adults.

National Academic Quiz Tournament

National Academic Quiz Tournaments, LLC, organizes the premier middle school, high school, community college, and college national quiz bowl championships in North America.

National French Contest

"Le Grand Concours, or National French Contest, is a French event in the form of a 60 minute national examination, designed, written, financed, and disseminated by the members of the American Association of Teachers of French. Its purpose is to help stimulate further interest in the teaching and learning of French and to help identify and reward achievement on the part of both students and teachers."

National Geographic Bee

The contest is designed to encourage teachers to include geography in their classrooms, spark students interest in the subject, and increase public awareness about geography.

National High School Mock Trial Championship

The national mock trial championship was initiated in 1984 in Des Moines, Iowa. After the success of the tournament in Iowa, more states became interested in participating and the tournament became billed as an "All-State" Tournament.

National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN) (New York, NY)

The National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN) works to offer a Model United Nations conference emphasizing accuracy, preparation and a problem-solving approach -- a conference that truly puts students into the shoes of diplomats -- is a uniquely powerful way to educate young people about global issues.

National History Bee

The National History Bee is a history competition for elementary and middle school students. Participating students progress from the school level to the regional level and finally to the national level until one student is crowned the National History Bee Champion.

National History Day Competition

National History Day is not just a day, but every day! The National History Day program is a year-long education program that culminates in a national contest every June. For more than twenty-five years the National History Day program has promoted systemic educational reform related to the teaching and learning of history in America's schools. The combination of creativity and scholarship built into the NHD program anticipated current educational reforms, making National History Day a leading model of performance-based learning.

National Number Knockout Math Competition (N2K)

The National Number Knockout (N2K) is an annual calculating competition. The goal of N2K is to improve the calculating speed and accuracy of students across the nation through an easy-to-learn game. Students 9 to 14 years old are invited to enter for a chance to for a monetary grand prize as well as a prize for their teacher.

National Personal Finance Challenge

The National Personal Finance Challenge is an opportunity for high school students to demonstrate their knowledge of Personal Finance by competing with other students across the nation in a three-round competition. The National Personal Finance Challenge is the culminating event to state challenges across the country. In order to see if your state has a Personal Finance Challenge, visit the website and then select your state. Instructions for registration will be included on your state's page.

National Science Bowl

The Department of Energy's National Science Bowl® is a highly publicized academic competition among teams of high school students who answer questions on scientific topics in astronomy, biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, earth, computer and general science. The competition consists of a round robin followed by a double elimination final.

National Science Olympiad

The Science Olympiad is an international nonprofit organization devoted to improving the quality of science education, increasing student interest in science and providing recognition for outstanding achievement in science education by both students and teachers.

Noetic Learning Math Contest

The Noetic Learning Math Contest is a semi-annual math problem solving contest for elementary and middle school students. The goal of the competition is to encourage young students' interest in math, to develop their problem solving skills, and to inspire them to excel in math. During the contest, students are given 45 minutes to solve 20 problems. Many problems are designed to challenge students and to enrich their problem solving experiences. The contest is for students in grades 2-8.

North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad (NACLO)

The North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad (NACLO) is a contest in which high-school students solve linguistic puzzles. In solving the problems, students learn about the diversity and consistency of language, while exercising logic skills. No prior knowledge of linguistics or second languages is necessary. Professionals in linguistics, computational linguistics and language technologies use dozens of languages to create engaging problems that represent cutting edge issues in their fields. The competition has attracted top students to study and work in those same fields. This high school olympiad in linguistics and computational linguistics leads up to the International Linguistics Olympiad (ILO).

Odyssey of the Mind

This international, not-for-profit organization teaches students to learn creative problem-solving methods while having fun in the process. Students learn how to identify challenges and to think creatively to solve those problems. The creative problem-solving process rewards thinking "outside of the box." Memberships are purchased by a school or community group and then teams compete at the regional level, and/or at the state/province/country level.

Ole Miss Math Contest

Ole Miss Math Contest is an educational web site that gives kids the chance to win calculators by competiting in online math puzzles. The site features geometry, alegbra, and middle school problems.

Perennial Math

Perennial Math offers two types of competition. The first is an annual membership competition for grades 3-8 with separate levels. A team can register up to 30 students, or students may register individually if their school is not participating. The competition consists of 4 monthly tests beginning in November and ending in February. The second competition offered is Virtual Tournaments. These occur each month and are in a video conferencing format. Students may register for a team tournament (4 members) or for an individual student tournament.

Physics Bowl

The Physics Bowl is sponsored by the American Association of Physics Teachers a(AAPT). Every April, approximately 10,000 students take a 40-question, 45-minute timed, multiple-choice test under their school’s supervision. The exam is designed to be challenging, with average scores of about 50 percent. Questions are based on topics and concepts covered in a typical high school physics course.

Quiz Bowl Tournament of Champions

The American Scholastic Competition Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to recognizing teachers and students and to promoting academic excellence. This is a triple-elimination tournament, which provides maximum opportunity for student participation.

Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology

The Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology recognizes remarkable talent early on, fostering individual growth for high school students who are willing to challenge themselves through science research. Through this competition, students have an opportunity to achieve national recognition for science research projects that they complete in high school. It is administered by The College Board and funded by the Siemens Foundation.

Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science (TEAMS)

TEAMS (Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science) is an annual competition for middle and high school students designed to help them discover their potential for engineering. Using science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and 21st century learning skills, students work collaboratively to problem solve real-world engineering challenges.

The Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee

This spelling bee is the nation's largest and longest-running educational promotion, administered on a not-for-profit basis by The E.W. Scripps Company and 238 sponsors in the United States, Europe, Guam, Mexico, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, The Bahamas, and American Samoa.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Antibody Scholarship Program

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers future science scholars an opportunity to win $10,000 in scholarship funding. This scholarship was created to help provide educational opportunities for the future generation of scientists. Graduate students or undergraduate students must be enrolled in an accredited college to qualify for this scholarship. A pre-selected committee will award two $10,000 scholarships and four $5,000 scholarships among the candidates.

Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision

The Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision is a fun science competition that encourages students of all grade levels to imagine what technology might be like in the future. All it takes is a teacher sponsor to get students excited and fuel their excitement for learning.

USA Biology Olympiad (USABO), (VA)

This premier competition, hosted by the Center for Excellence in Education, allows top biology students the opportunity to display their talents on a national and international level. Over 70 countries participate in this competition, which is open to any high school students nominated by their teachers. USABO awards individual achievement in theoretical and practical biology knowledge and understanding.

West Tennessee Regional Science Fair (Jackson, TN)

Students in Western Tennessee can compete in this Regional Science Fair.

You Be The Chemist Challenge

The You Be The Chemist Challenge is an exciting academic contest that uses the drama of competition to encourage grade 5‒8 students to explore important chemistry concepts, scientific theories, and laboratory safety. The Challenge operates on three competitive levels: local, state, and national. The top student from each state wins an expenses-paid trip to the National Challenge in Philadelphia in June.

Organizations: International

Future Problem Solving Program International, Inc. (FPSPI)

Opening doors to students' imaginations since 1974, Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI) offers new and exciting learning paths. Students experience the excitement of creative thinking and the thrill of solving difficult problems with unique solution ideas when they participate in FPSPI. Receptive to the needs of all students, FPSPI offers competitive and non-competitive components. Inspiring and motivating, FPSPI educational materials help students discover rich and varied ways of thinking. FPSPI teaches students how to think, not what to think.

International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO)

The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is the World Championship Mathematics Competition for High School students and is held annually in a different country.

Organizations: National

Academic Games Leagues of America (AGLOA)

AGLOA is a non-profit organization formed in 1991 to encourage and conduct academic games competition at the local and national level. In academic games students try to outthink each other in the areas of mathematics, language arts, and social studies. Some games require a kit in which cubes are rolled and played on a board. Other games involve students answering questions read by a central reader. Currently, the games occur in only a limited number of states, but AGLOA encourages new communities to join.

Health Care Professions Scholarship provides scholarships in support of those seeking a career in healthcare. Each year, a prospective or current college student will be selected to receive a $1000 scholarship to help with the costs associated with attending school.

NaNoWriMo's Young Writers Program

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a writing event that happens every November where the challenge is to complete an entire novel in just 30 days. Participants begin writing November 1 and finish by November 30. The Young Writers Program (YWP) allows 17-and-under participants to set reasonable, yet challenging, individual word-count goals.

National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE)

The National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE) is a celebration of youth invention, innovation and entrepreneurship. This by-invitation-only event brings winners of invention and entrepreneurship education competitions from across the U.S. together to inspire their peers, meet with famous inventors and entrepreneurs, and compete for national acclaim. The event is held annually at the end of May at the headquarters of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Alexandria, VA.

National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC)

This independent not-for-profit organization conducts privately financed annual competitions for recognition and college undergraduate scholarships through the National Merit Scholarship Program. High school students enter the Merit Program by taking the PSAT/NMSQTTM and by meeting published entry/participation requirements.

National Museum of Education . . . In Partnership for America's Future, Inc. (Akron, OH)

This organization oversees various invention competitions, such as BubbleWrap Competition, National Gallery for America's Young Inventors, National Gallery for America's Young Artists, and the Rubber Band Contest. The National Gallery for America’s Young Inventors is a museum of young Americans ideas that may positively impact society.

Next Nursing Leaders Scholarship provides scholarships in support of those seeking a career in nursing. Each year, a prospective or current college student will be selected to receive a $1000 scholarship to help with the costs associated with attending school.

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

The Spirit of Community Awards are a terrific opportunity for kids to be recognized for service in their communities. Nominations are made through schools, Scout troops and 4H Councils. Awards are given at the organization level as well as on the state, regional and national levels.

The International Science Olympiads

The International Science Olympiads is an annual competition in which students are given problems from any of the categories described. The solutions to these problems require exceptional ability and excellent knowledge of the subject.

USA Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS)

The USA Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS) is a free mathematics competition open to all United States high school students. Students may enter the competition at any time of the academic year.

Organizations: State

The Kentucky Association of Academic Competition (KY)

This competition is a non-profit, independent, educational service agency that provides a public forum to showcase academic excellence and places academic achievement in a position of prestige. This is an opportunity for students to succeed and excel in their academics along with promoting group membership and encouraging self-sufficiency. This competition is open to all public and nonpublic schools in Kentucky.

Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA), (WA)

The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) is a coalition of organizations sponsoring academic and athletic competitions. Their website and Journal give a complete schedule of competition dates as well as descriptions of the participating organizations. Contact information is available for each organization. The following four competitions are those often used with gifted students, but many other options are available including science fairs and math competitions: Destination ImagiNation; Future Problem Solving (FPS); History Day; Centrum

Printed Materials: Books

Academic Competitions for Gifted Students: A Resource Book for Teachers and Parents

Here is a resource book that will help you make more informed choices to help gifted students experience the joys of competing. Not only do the authors help teachers and parents find out about many academic competitions for gifted students, but they also offer tips on how to evaluate, enroll in, and implement the programs. The authors' primary focus is achieving the greatest benefit for gifted students in light of their strengths and weaknesses.

Competitions: Maximizing Your Abilities

From competitions in general science and mathematics, to classical literature and art, this book offers students a listing of competitions in almost any talent area. Each competition has a minimum of a page filled with details about the competition. Click here to read a review of this book.

Concepts in Competitive Mathematics, Second Edition

This short reference book contains fundamental concepts crucial to solving math competition problems such as those found on the Mathematical Association of America's AMC 10, AMC 12, and AIME, as well as those found in local or regional competitions. Full of formulas as well as examples and solutions, this book shows how specific problems can be best solved in order to succeed in math competitions. Topics include Number Theory, Combinatorics, Probability, Statistics, Sequences and Series, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Coordinate Mathematics.

Fostering Creativity in Gifted Students (The Practical Strategies Series in Gifted Education)

Encouraging creative thinking in the classroom is an exciting component of any effective gifted education program. This guide by Bonnie Cramond, Ph.D. offers basic foundations required for supporting creativity. From establishing the right classroom environment, to using creative teaching strategies, to assessing student outcomes, this book is filled with practical information. The book also includes a listing of competitive contests and programs and an extensive list of resources.

Math Olympiad Contest Problems for Elementary and Middle Schools

This book is intended to help 4th to 8th grade students learn to solve tricky multi-step problems similar to ones on the SATs. The book provides the actual problems from previous years as well as the solutions.

The Best Competitions for Talented Kids: Win Scholarships, Big Prize Money, and Recognition

Written for grades 7-10, this book by Frances Karnes and Tracy Riley, features more than 140 competitions focused on a wide range of academic subjects. In addition, a unique Competitions Journal that helps students record their progress and success is included.

Schools & Programs: College Affiliated

The Frances A. Karnes Center for Gifted Studies - University of Southern Mississippi (Hattiesburg, MS)

In 2004, The Frances A. Karnes Center for Gifted Studies celebrated its 25th anniversary. The Center for Gifted Studies was established in 1979 and provides services for children and youth in grades kindergarten through 12 and support for teachers at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Schools & Programs: Public

UW-Whitewater/UT-Dallas PURPLE COMET Middle/High School Mathematics Meet

This is an online mathematics competition for teams of up to six students conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and the University of Texas at Dallas. The meet is open to all middle and high school students in North America, including home-schooled students. A registration form, rules and practice contests are available on the website.

Websites & Other Media: For Fun

Air Force Association's CyberPatriot: The National High School Cyber Defense Competition

CyberPatriot is a national high school cyber defense competition that is designed to give hands on exposure to the foundations of cyber security. Its goal is to excite students about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education.

Broadcom MASTERS Competition - Society for Science and the Public (SSP)

The national science, technology, engineering, and math competition for U.S. 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, the Broadcom MASTERS (Math, Applied Science, Technology, and Engineering for Rising Stars), a program of Society for Science & the Public, inspires and encourages the nation's young scientists, engineers and innovators. Students must attend and be nominated by an SSP-Affiliated Science Fair in order to apply.

Design Squad Nation (DSN) Build Big Contest - PBS

Design Squad Nation (DSN) wants students to Build Big. Choose an activity from the DSN website, form a team, and build your own super-big version. Then take a video of your working design and upload it to YouTube. Someone over the age 18 must be team leader and submit the project - ask a teacher, a parent, a guardian, a grandparent, or a friend to get involved.

Student Competitions - American Statistical Association (ASA)

This website lists several student competitions held by the American Statistical Association (ASA). Aimed at middle and high school students, these competitions are designed to increase understanding of statistical studies and their uses.

Websites & Other Media: Informational

Piano Competitions

The Piano Technicians Guild, the official organization of the Registered Piano Technician, is the world's premiere source of expertise in piano service and technology. Based in Kansas City, KS, the PTG has over 4100 members throughout the United States, Canada and around the world.

Scholar Holler

This website is designed to bring together some of the brightest young minds in the nation in an effort to mentor younger students. Members of the online community can receive advice on topics ranging from academics, scholarships, contests and more.

Student Competitions is a website that helps market competitions to students. There are three levels of competitions listed on this site: 1) MegaComs which are global competitions that have a profound impact in the world; 2) Standard competitions which are typically organized by a company, organization or University, for recruitment or innovation purposes; and 3) MiniComs which are small, easy-to set-up competitions for small- and medium sized companies.

Ultimate Guide to Student Contests

This website is a searchable resource for students, teachers, parents, and contest organizers that provides information about student contests and is free to use.

Washington State History Day

National History Day is a fun event that encourages students to become historians by developing research, analysis, presentation and social skills. Working individually or in groups, junior (grades 6-8) and senior (9-12) division students select a topic related to an annual theme. They conduct extensive historical research using primary sources, articles, and books, then distill their research and analysis into a dramatic performance, multimedia documentary, museum exhibit, website, or research paper. National History Day and its state affiliate Washington History Day provide leading-edge training and curriculum materials to help educators meet and exceed education standards. Annual workshops help educators learn how to adopt National History Day in their classrooms, while also offering strategies that make history education interesting, exciting and fun for students.

Websites & Other Media: Learning Tools is a free online mathematics and science problem solving website for bright young students around the world. It offers personalized mathematics and physics problem sets and quizzes, as well as access to international community of more than 2 million students, educators and enthusiasts, including olympiad champions, international science fair medalists, high school teachers, and university professors. is a hub for free, high-quality practice problems and lecture notes targeting AMC-8, AMC-10, AMC-12, Math Kangaroo, MATHCOUNTS, MOEMS, SAT I, SAT II Math and/or GMAT.

Online Math League

The Online Math League offers three fun, challenging math contests throughout each school year. Contests are offered in levels ranging from 2nd grade and up through Algebra. The contest content is aligned with state & national standards, including problems of varying difficulty so all students are appropriately challenged.

Smart Competition

In a world increasingly dependent on energy efficiency, material sustainability and redesign and reuse rather than new design, the SMART Competition invites high school students to become part of the solution. By undertaking the project described in the competition’s problem statement, the students will have the opportunity to use professionally available design software while also having access to international experts who will support their efforts as mentors and sponsors. The SMART Competition challenges international teams of high school age students to redesign a gymnasium on an existing high school campus. The redesign must incorporate sustainable materials and efficient energy concepts while ensuring functionality and affordability of their design.