Davidson Fellows - 2004 Library of Congress

Four Davidson Fellow Laureates and 12 Davidson Fellows were honored September 29, 2004, at the Library of Congress for their innovative breakthroughs and prodigious works in the fields of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Humanities.

Bob Davidson, co-founder of the Davidson Institute for Talent Development, opened the ceremony by proclaiming, "Here, in the largest library in the history of the world, where the accumulated knowledge and accomplishments of our global society are stored and made available for use;…here, where the universal collection of wisdom and creativity is sustained and preserved for future generations,…we gather to recognize and celebrate those who contribute to advancing mankind's knowledge and shape our future."

In recognition of their achievements, each of the students was honored individually with a trophy and glowing introductions delivered by Bob and Jan Davidson. Each Davidson Fellow Laureate received a $50,000 scholarship, and the Davidson Fellows each received either a $25,000 or $10,000 scholarship.

The Davidson Institute would like to thank Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, reception co-sponsor and champion of gifted education legislation. Senator Grassley sent a letter to the 2004 Davidson Fellows congratulating them on their accomplishments and recognizing the efforts of the Davidson Institute. Read Senator Grassley's letter.

The Institute would also like to thank Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, reception co-sponsor, champion of quality education at the local, state and federal levels and longtime supporter of the Davidson Institute.



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