Davidson THINK Summer Institute - 2016 Courses

At the THINK Summer Institute, you will take one course in the morning and one course in the afternoon. These courses are taught by faculty members of the University of Nevada, Reno. Credits earned may be transferable.


COMPUTER SCIENCE 105: Introduction to Computing
(3 credits) 
Description: Introduction to essential concepts and practices in computing. Design, assemble, and operate basic computer hardware and software in a collaborative environment.
Lecturer: Dr. Michael Leverington

ENGINEERING 110: Introduction to Renewable Energy (3 credits)
Description: Current issues in renewable energy technology, public policy, and feasibility.
Assistant Professor: Dr. Hanif Livani

SOCIOLOGY 261: Introduction to Social Psychology (3 credits) 
Description: Impact of interpersonal relations on the self as it affects individual behavior in variety of groups.
Associate Professor: Dr. Clayton Peoples


STATISTICS 152: Introduction to Statistics (3 credits)
Description: Descriptive statistics; probability models; statistical estimation and hypothesis testing; linear regression analysis; and special topics. 
Lecturer: Dr. Darren Ripley
Prerequisite: Algebra II or equivalent

HUMAN DEVELOPMENT and FAMILY STUDIES 201: Lifespan Human Development (3 credits)
Description: Overview of growth and development from the prenatal period through adulthood.
Associate Professor: Dr. Melissa Burnham

HISTORY 289: Introduction to the History of the Middle East (3 credits)
Description: History of the Middle East from antiquity through the present with special emphasis on its political and cultural systems and the emergence of Islam.
Assistant Professor: Dr. Edward Schoolman

"I especially enjoyed the fact that the courses were challenging -- that fact alone helped me see more potential in myself."

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