Davidson THINK Summer Institute - 2015 Courses

At the THINK Summer Institute, you will take one course in the morning and one course in the afternoon. These courses are taught by faculty members of the University of Nevada, Reno. Credits earned may be transferable.


COMPUTER SCIENCE 103: Technical Problem Solving Strategies
(3 credits) 
Description: Introduction and application of several strategies including elementary numerical and symbolic methods, and various programming tools to solve problems in engineering and science.
Lecturer: Dr. Michael Leverington

JOURNALISM 120: Media in Modern Life (3 credits)
Description: Explore the profound transition from life with mass media to life in networked media. Research the meaning of media through anthropological, political and historical perspectives.
Lecturer: Alison Gaulden

SOCIOLOGY 101: Principles of Sociology(3 credits) 
Description: Sociological principles underlying the development, structure and function of culture, society, human groups, personality formation and social change.
Associate Professor: Dr. Clayton Peoples


MATH 176: Introductory Calculus for Business and Social Sciences (3 credits)
Description: Fundamental ideas of analytic geometry and calculus, plane coordinates, graphs, functions, limits, derivatives, integrals, the fundamental theorem of calculus, rates, extrema and applications thereof.
Prerequisite: Must have completed Algebra II or equivalent. Applicant must submit copy of school transcript showing completion of Algebra II or equivalent.
Instructor: Darren Ripley

CRIMINAL JUSTICE 101: Introduction for Criminal Justice I (3 credits)
Description: History, philosophy and functions of criminal justice system, law enforcement, criminal law and constitutional rights as they affect system functioning.
Lecturer: Dr. Ron Glensor

PHILOSOPHY 101: Introduction to Philosophy (3 credits)
Description: Basic problems in different areas of philosophy such as ethics, political theory, metaphysics and epistemology.
Assistant Professor: Dr. Katherine Schweitzer

"I especially enjoyed the fact that the courses were challenging -- that fact alone helped me see more potential in myself."

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* Courses are subject to change before the 2015 application opens.

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