Davidson THINK Summer Institute - 2014 Courses

At the THINK Summer Institute, you will take one course in the morning and one course in the afternoon. These courses are taught by faculty members of the University of Nevada, Reno. Credits earned may be transferable.

Morning Course Options

COMPUTER SCIENCE 105: Introduction to Computing (3 credits) 
Description: Introduction to essential concepts and practices in computing. Design, assemble, and operate basic computer hardware and software in a collaborative environment.
Lecturer: Dr. Michael Leverington

ECONOMICS 100: Introduction to Economics (3 credits)
Description: Selected microeconomic and macroeconomic principles applied in a non-technical manner to improve understanding of everyday problems and social issues.
Professors: Dr. Mark Pingle & Dr. Jeanne Wendel

ENGLISH 281: Introduction to Language (3 credits) 
Description: Nature and function of language, including an introduction to the linguistics subsystems of modern English and the development of the English language.
Professor: Dr. Eric Rasmussen

Afternoon Course Options

STATISTICS 152: Introduction to Statistics (3 credits)
Description: Descriptive statistics; probability models; statistical estimation and hypothesis testing; linear regression analysis; and special topics.
Prerequisite: Satisfactory score on SAT (610 on Math section), ACT (27 on Math section) AND must have completed Algebra II or equivalent. Applicant must submit copy of school transcript showing completion of Algebra II or equivalent.
Instructor: Darren Ripley

HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND FAMILY STUDIES 201: Lifespan Human Development (3 credits)
Description: An introduction to neuroscience and the role and impact of neural disease on society. Topics will range from the electrical basis of brain function to higher-order cognitive processes and neurodegenerative diseases.
Lecturer: Dr. Melissa Burnham

GEOGRAPHY 103: Physical Geography (3 credits)
Description: Physical elements of the earth, its natural features and their significance to man. Earth form and motion, landforms, climate, vegetation and soils.
Lecturer: Chris Ryan

"I especially enjoyed the fact that the courses were challenging -- that fact alone helped me see more potential in myself."

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