Davidson Young Scholars - Davidson Summer STARS

Davidson Young ScholarsDavidson Summer STARS (Successful, Talented, Ambitious, Remarkable, Scholars) is an opportunity available to Young Scholars.

The goal of Davidson Summer STARS is to provide young profoundly gifted students the opportunity to attend a one week summer program focused on meeting their academic and social needs. We aim to:

  • Offer bright students a challenging and fun one-week educational experience during the summer
  • Provide Young Scholars the opportunity to participate in academic sessions taught by instructors from The Davidson Academy
  • Increase interaction among intellectual peers
  • Keep students engaged with learning to prevent underachievement
Participants will have the opportunity to explore the academic areas of biology, chemistry, math and poetry in their morning sessions. Afternoons will be spent participating in engaging academic activities and field trips.

Please visit the How to Apply page for more information on how to become a Young Scholar. All Young Scholars between the ages of 8-12 are eligible to apply for Davidson Summer STARS.

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