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Who Attends
Young Scholars are invited to attend a summertime get-together called the Summit, where relationships are fostered between Young Scholar families.

“Within minutes of arriving at the opening session, it was as if, at long last, he had
found ‘his people’. We stood to the side in amazement and joy . . . Our normally
very buttoned-down boy was talking a mile a minute, looking happier than
we had ever seen him in a group.”  -
Davidson Young Scholar Parent

During this experience, special activities for the Young Scholars, parent discussion workshops, multiple game rooms, meet and greets, and interaction with dynamic speakers/presenters are offered.

I was almost speechless watching my Young Scholar make connections with peers. I cannot thank you enough for offering this opportunity for my daughter to be with other young people who are similar to her. According to her, the Summit has been the most life changing experience. She has never found it this easy to make friends . . . I can’t believe she made so many friends in three days.
- Davidson Young Scholar Parent

“The Summits have provided our child with stimulating learning experiences - when that was severely lacking in his life - as well as a group of several friends who met because they share interests and passions. These friendships have remained intact over the miles and years, and the parents have formed close bonds as well.”
Davidson Young Scholar Parent

"I wish that we had known about the Summit sooner and joined Young Scholars much earlier. It is a life changing event . . . the Summit transforms lives in just a few days. My daughter was uniquely and intrinsically herself in that environment, which is something that I haven't seen in years. In addition, she made friends that she claims she will know for the rest of her life; I don't doubt it. Everyone there was extremely welcoming and incredible; the devotion of the staff is astonishing."
- Davidson Young Scholar Parent

Informal Family Get-togethers
Many Young Scholar families also plan informal get-togethers of various sizes that are not sponsored by the Davidson Institute. Families will often arrange field trips to museums, universities, parks and other venues.

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