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Family Consultants

As part of the Young Scholars program, you can be paired with a Family Consultant who is available to provide individualized support to meet the unique needs of your Young Scholar.

Family Consultants can help families:

  • navigate the Young Scholars program,
  • locate resources and offer information,
  • share strategies that have worked for other Young Scholar families, and
  • brainstorm options for moving forward in light of challenges and act as a sounding board.

We take a “whole child” and “whole family” approach to our services. We know that giftedness doesn’t just affect the brain! It’s part of every aspect of your student’s and your family’s life. Thus, there are many areas in which we can support you as detailed below.

Social-Emotional Development

We can help you navigate topics such as asynchronous development, executive functioning skills, peer relationships, motivation, perfectionism, sibling dynamics, intensities/overexcitabilities, and other issues related to social-emotional well-being.

Educational Options

We can help you explore different types of schools as well as school-based options to support your student, such as acceleration, enrichment, and curriculum differentiation. If you choose to homeschool or are considering this option, we can also support you on that journey.

Navigating Schools

Family Consultants can support you as you work with your student’s school by brainstorming different strategies and discussing what has worked for other families.

We can also reach out directly to your student’s teacher, principal, gifted program director, special education coordinator, school counselor, or any other educator connected to your student. While we can’t force educators to reach out, we do invite them to call or email the Family Consultant to start a conversation.

Post-High School Planning

Giftedness doesn’t stop at the end of high school! We can talk with you about applying to college, planning a gap year, researching different careers, and pursuing other opportunities. If you’re looking to start college early, we can also explore that option with you.

Talent Development & Interest Exploration

Is your Young Scholar interested in book-binding, number theory, entomology, puppetry, all of the above, or something else entirely? We can help with that!


Many profoundly gifted students have other exceptionalities. We’re here to celebrate all of our Young Scholars. We can assist families as they navigate the twice-exceptional world; we can discuss questions about assessing students and supporting them in school and at home.

There are limits to what Family Consultants can do. We aren’t licensed to make diagnoses or recommend courses of treatment nor are we profession counselors or authorities on modifying school or district policies. However, we can help you identify the appropriate professionals or resources as you move forward in supporting your Young Scholar.

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