Mason's Story

Includes NASA Space Grant Consortium Internship and connections made at Young Scholar Summits.



My son has been a Davidson Young Scholar (YS) since 2005. As he approaches the time when he will be entering college, it has become very apparent that the activities offered through the YS program not only helped him intellectually, but have become credentials for pursuing opportunities.

This past year, Mason applied for the NASA Space Grant Consortium Internship. The internship was very selective, open to gifted college students and a select few exceptionally gifted high school students. I believe the benefits of being a YS helped him land this great internship as he made reference to YS activities in which he had participated. Here is the summary of YS activities mentioned in his application letter to the head of the physics department at Northwestern University:

“As a Davidson Young Scholar, I have had the opportunity to attend Summits and meet with notable programmers like Allen Adham and attend seminars at University research facilities on nanotechnology and neuroscience. The Davidson program also allowed me to participate in colloquiums led by Professor Ron Mallett on time travel and Dr. Sylvester James Gates on superstring theory.”

Mason started the 10-week paid internship this summer, and is happily working on galaxy cluster observations analyzing differences in gamma radiation looking for stars falling into black holes.

Thank you YS Program.

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Young Scholars
NASA Space Grant Consortium Internship

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