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Free Gifted Resources & Guides

Explore some of our most sought-after resources for gifted students, families, and educators.

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Here are some of the most popular topics surrounding gifted children. We've put together a list of helpful resources and guides for each of them.

Free Gifted Guidebooks

Our extensive guides written by the Davidson Institute professionals have been specially designed to assist families in finding the most appropriate educational setting for their exceptionally bright child.

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Looking for Individualized Support?

One of the benefits of the Young Scholars program includes access to a Family Consultant who can assist parents with navigating the gifted world.

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Is Your Child Gifted?

Determining whether or not your child is gifted is no easy task. The Davidson Institute has prepared quick references to help parents identify gifted traits, find testing options, and more.

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Davidson Gifted Blog

Check out the latest expert articles from the Davidson Institute. Our blog covers everything - gifted education and support, parenting strategies for gifted children, social and emotional resources, gifted testing and identification, and more.

Attaining Health and Well-being Through Balance

This Tips for Parents article is from a Young Scholar…

Gifted, ADHD, or Both?

Gifted, ADHD, or Both? Both gifted identification and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity…

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It Takes a Team – Building Positive Relationships with Your Child’s Educators

While we know that complex learners do best when caregivers…

Tips for Students: Why Can a Crow Fly, but You Can’t?

The following article shares highlights and insights from one of…