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After piloting a support program for 15 profoundly gifted youth and their families in 1999, former educational software entrepreneurs, the Davidsons, formally founded the Davidson Institute for Talent Development a year later. Since it’s inception, the programs and services offered through the Davidson Institute have directly benefited over 10,000 highly, profoundly, and exceptionally gifted youth in America. Outside of our program participants, the resources and information we strive to share with the gifted community has reached an even wider audience of parents, educators, and others interested in gaining a clearer understanding of the unique characteristics and needs of gifted children and teens.

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Gifted Essentials

FAQs: Profoundly Gifted Students & Gifted Education

The Davidson Institute has compiled these questions and answers over the past decade.

What does Profoundly Gifted Mean?

Reviewing the definition of profoundly gifted, what IQ is considered profoundly gifted, characteristics, developmental differences, and educational options.

Gifted Traits and Characteristics

Common characteristics of gifted children.

Twelve Cost Effective Educational Options for Serving Gifted Students

Steps that schools and educators can take to help gifted children stay focused and achieve at higher levels, even when funding may not be available.

IQ and Educational Needs

This one-pager includes a bell curve diagram that helps explain the profoundly gifted population and includes the percentages in various population segments – gifted, highly gifted and profoundly gifted.

What is Giftedness? Gifted Definition & Meaning

The definition and meaning of being gifted.

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Who We Serve

We serve profoundly gifted young people 18 and under.

What We Do

We offer programs, resources, scholarships, and opportunities for gifted young learners that are driven by their natural talent and abilities.


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Our Founders

In 2000, the Davidsons established the Davidson Institute out of a concern that our nation's most gifted young people were largely underserved. That passion to serve gifted students continues today.

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