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Meet Our Team

Davidson Institute Staff

Aimee Cummins

Co-Executive Director

Katie Glensor

Co-Executive Director

Arlene Estabillo

Young Scholar Program Coordinator

Avery Harris

Summer Programs Manager

Bailey Gore

Family Consultant

Dee Carey

Director of Human Resources

Destiny Lopez

Family Consultant

Ellen Rahn

Family Consultant

Gabrielle Staples

Summer Programs Manager

Janelle Seyferth

Program Support Specialist

Jessica Mingo

Director of Community Engagement

Kayla Lattin

Events and Outreach Manager

Kaylee Edwards

Family Services Coordinator

Ken Bouchard

Junior Systems Administrator

Laurel Griffiths

Director of Family Services

Mark Dlugosz

Director of Communications

Megan Cannella

Director of Outreach

Misti Casey

Financial Assistance Coordinator

Nuntiya Smith

Alumni Relations, Ambassador Program Manager

Tacie Moessner

Director of Davidson Fellows Program

Zach Simms

Web Content Manager