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Core Values

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Resilience: Embrace evolving changes with an open mind and flexibility • Welcome challenges as a chance to learn and grow • Persevere with fortitude

Leadership: Provide vision within the field • Encourage innovation • Take pride in our efforts

Curiosity: Nurture a growth mindset • Celebrate creativity and resourcefulness • Encourage outside-the-box thinking

Stewardship: Deliver service to the community • Demonstrate compassion towards a worthy cause • Make a positive difference

Courage: Take responsibility for our choices • Treat others and ourselves with care and respect • Lead with integrity

Partnership: Work collaboratively with families, professionals, and colleagues • Foster supportive community connections • Provide a sense of belonging and celebrate each individual

Intelligence: Empower intellectual potential and opportunity • Stay well-informed on trends and needs of the community • Strive to continue gaining and applying knowledge and expertise within the field