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Megan Cannella

Director of Outreach

Having earned her BA and MA inEnglish from Bradley University, Megan taught writing and humanities at the college level for almost a decade before working at Davidson. During Megan's time in the classroom, she continually found herself feeling frustrated with the fact that her ability to support her students was more limited than she would have liked. Megan could help her students connect with the support services they needed while they were in her class. However, when a semester would end, it was hard to make sure those students were still accessing the resources they needed. Megan found herself wishing she could work with students in a more ongoing way.

Megan's drive to support students in more ongoing ways led her to the Davidson Institute, where she started as a Family Consultant in 2019.  This role gave Megan an opportunity to support students and families in a more holistic way. As she grew in her role of Family Consultant, Megan’s passion for connecting families with the resources and supports that fit them also continued to grow. Driven by this passion, Megan eventually moved into the role of Manager of Family Services, where her work focused on creating resources to support families in their advocacy work, such as our Advocate Together newsletter. Her work also focused on finding ways to make the Young Scholar application process more accessible and available to families.

In 2023, Megan was made the Director of Outreach. This role is allowing Megan to continue to grow the work she is most passionate and dedicated to, connecting students and families with the services and supports they need to reach their goals. Megan enjoys collaborating with others—both inside and outside of the Davidson Institute, such as Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development. This role allows her to do just that, as she works to connect resources and families. Megan enjoys attending conferences—both regional and national (such as NAGC)—so she can continue learning more about the services, programs, and opportunities available to support profoundly gifted and twice-exceptional children and their families, as well as the needs these families have. She is a firm believer that the more we work together, the more people we can help.  

Megan is originally from Illinois and remains a mid-westerner at heart, despite having lived in Nevada since 2015. Outside of work, Megan is an avid reader and has just started taking violin lessons for the first time. She is also working hard to maintain her Duolingo streak.

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