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Guides for Homeschooling Gifted Children

Resources to Help with At-home Learning for Your Gifted Student

Part of the challenge of raising a profoundly gifted child is keeping up with their natural curiosity, which often goes beyond standardized curriculum. This is why many PG parents find themselves homeschooling their children at some point in their educational development. To that end, the Davidson Institute has prepared the following “Best of Homeschooling” articles and resources for your gifted family!

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Davidson Gifted Blog

Check out the latest expert articles from the Davidson Institute. Our blog covers everything - gifted education and support, parenting strategies for gifted children, social and emotional resources, gifted testing and identification, and more.

Educational Consulting for Gifted Students

Parenting a gifted or twice exceptional child comes with a…

Emotional Intensity in Gifted Children

This article explores and explains emotional intensity in gifted individuals.…

Gifted Asynchronous Development and Sensory Integration

Asynchronous development and sensory integration intervention in the gifted and…

Anxiety and Gifted Children

Anxiety and Gifted Children With anxiety rising, parents are understandably…