See Jane win for girls: A smart girl's guide to success
Rimm, S.
ISBN: 0609805606
Three Rivers Press

BOOK REVIEW (Davidson Institute) - Dr. Sylvia Rimm's third book in the See Jane Win, series is a compilation of interviews and easy to follow, real-world recommendations, See Jane Win is recommended as an excellent resource for women of all ages.

Reviewed by the Davidson Institute for Talent Development.

Are you looking for a way to empower the gifted girl in your household? Do you wish you could find something to help boost your talented daughter's self-esteem? Do you want her to take control of the wealth of potential you see in her? See Jane Win for Girls: A Smart Girl's Guide to Success may be a great tool for you.

Dr. Sylvia Rimm and her daughters surveyed over 1,000 successful women to find out the events and choices that sculpted who they are today. Rimm then wrote See Jane Win and How Jane Won, two books that have influenced the parenting of young girls. Now she has taken the information gathered from her interviews and composed a self-help book for the girls themselves.

Rimm begins See Jane Win for Girls with a warm and enthusiastic introduction. She welcomes the girls to the book, offers her website and e-mail address, and encourages the girls to send their questions. She establishes rapport with the young readers and immediately inspires them to become an "I Can Girl."

In nine chapters of encouraging words, Rimm does a remarkable job covering all aspects of the whole child. Chapters include topics such as finding your dreams, self-esteem, social skills, world exploration, life changes, and family life. Each chapter ends with an "I Can!" summary that is presented with easy to read bullet statements that allow for quick refreshers. See Jane Win For Girls gives its young readers tools to help them deal with a number of issues they may face while growing up.

Throughout the book Rimm refers to true stories that have been taken from her interviews of successful women. The stories share childhood experiences and words of wisdom to help the readers feel less alone in their struggles. See Jane Win for Girls is also full of practical ideas to motivate girls in their everyday lives. Each chapter includes suggestions, quizzes, tables, reusable charts, tips, and activities for girls to try, discuss, think about, and to apply as needed.

One of the significant strengths of Rimm's book is her emphasis on the importance of girls taking positive control of their own lives. More than once the book refers to the significance of self-involvement and the power of a positive attitude. Young girls need to take an active role in who they are, who they become, and how they allow events in their lives to affect them.

Although most girls will read See Jane Win for Girls alone, Rimm also encourages mothers and daughters to read it together or for girls to read it with a friend. Wrapping up the book is a section called "Digging Deeper" that lists several questions categorized by chapter. Rimm suggests these questions be used for discussions with parents, grandparents, teachers, counselors, or any other adult with whom the young person chooses to share the book.

Not only do I strongly recommend See Jane Win for Girls: A Smart Girl's Guide to Success for girls struggling with their identities, but I also recommend this book to any adult who is working with a gifted girl. I personally enjoyed Rimm's work and found it to be inspiring for any female interested in being an "I Can Girl!"

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