Raise Your Child's Social IQ: Stepping Stones to People Skills for Kids
Cohen, C.
ISBN: 0966036689
Advantage Books

BOOK REVIEW (Davidson Institute) - A Davidson Institute Family Consultant gives a quick overview of this book by Cathi Cohen. Quizzes at the beginning of each chapter help guide the reader to answers that apply to their particular situation. This book is a valuable tool for any parent wanting to avoid raising a child with a "social learning disability."

Reviewed by the Davidson Institute for Talent Development.

Raise Your Child’s Social IQ is a great tool that every family should own. In this book, the author, Cathi Cohen, discusses many different social situations every child faces on a regular basis. Some of these topics include: joining in, communicating and conversing, reading social signals, raising self-esteem, coping with teasing, managing stress, solving social problems, resolving conflicts and managing anger. Cohen also includes a chapter on social skill strategies for children with special circumstances, such as ADHD, autism and non-verbal learning disabilities.

Raise Your Child’s Social IQ offers a fresh and realistic approach to working on social skills. As Cohen states, “For many children, being in socially challenging situations is the hardest part of their day.” Practicing social skills can be a challenge for not only children, but for adults as well. This book is a fantastic resource that focuses on social skills as a team, rather than strictly focusing on the child. Not only will children learn new social skill techniques, but the adults working with them may as well.

One of the many useful parts of this book is the quizzes at the beginning of each chapter. Readers can decide if the chapter applies to their situation, which allow them the luxury of skipping over chapters without missing important information. Not only does Cohen provide useful information in this book, but she also offers opportunities to put the information to use. Raise Your Child’s Social IQ, provides fun games and activities for the family to practice social skills, not just read about them.

Social skills are often a skill that may be overlooked by many individuals. Many people do not realize that lack of social skills can be a detrimental for many children. Cohen, refers to the lack of social skills as a disability, or a “social learning disability.” One of the many enjoyable factors about this book, is that it does not try to change, or mold children into people they are not; instead, it encourages families to let go of unrealistic expectations and lean towards modifying what they may have to work with. Cohen sheds light on some of the important contributors to social skills that many may not pay attention to all of the time; for example, unpleasant habits, interrupting, hygiene, body language and so much more.

Raise Your Child's Social IQ is a useful guide for any home. This book is enjoyable to read, and is appropriate for children to read as well as adults. Raise Your Child’s Social IQ is an exceptional resource that offers practical advice and tactful suggestions to help improve relationships in any social situation.

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