Cherylyn’s Story

Includes Young Scholar online colloquiums, early college and mathematics competitions.








The Davidson Institute for Talent Development has been a positive influence in the life of our daughter, Cherylyn. From the early days of her admission into the Young Scholars (YS) program when she participated in colloquiums on varied topics (including art, math and time travel) to annual get-togethers, called Summits, where she meets olds friends and makes new ones, to the amazing opportunities she receives, there has always been a strong link with Cherylyn’s academic ability and the need to develop her skills and talents through the YS program as well as through local, state and national experiences.

Opportunities that have come Cherylyn’s way are because of the Davidson Institute and its network. Without the educational suggestions, forums for students and parents, and a personal Family Consultant, my daughter would not have experienced such great educational coursework and summer options.

Cherylyn has taken the ACT, SAT and PSAT early. She has made a commitment to math competitions, including the AMC, the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics state tournament and has been a part of the Ohio team that travels annually to the American Regions Mathematics League regional contest in Pennsylvania. In science, Cherylyn has competed in school, district and state science fairs. She has presented research and had it published by the Ohio Academy of Science. She was selected by the Ohio Academy of Science to attend the American Junior Academy of Science, a national honor society that recognizes students for their research. Additionally, she applied, was accepted and attended the Institute for Educational Advancement’s apprenticeship program in applied physics at Caltech.

Recently, she was admitted to the early college program at Miami University in Hamilton, in addition to the early college program at the University of Cincinnati, where she wants to challenge herself in advanced math and physics coursework.

For the two remaining years of high school, Cherylyn plans to focus on her passions: academics (completing high school requirements as well as pursuing additional math and physics classes) and swimming (with the Cincinnati Marlins). Cherylyn has a special love for the water along with enthusiasm, dedication and determination to succeed in the sport. Cherylyn has always maintained a desire to achieve and has done that in art, 4-H and Girl Scouts as well as in hunter seat equestrian riding.

At the beginning of Cherylyn’s time in the YS program, the staff told us to follow her lead. It was great advice and has been a wonderful journey for our family. We can’t wait to see where else this path will take us.

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