AJ’s Story

Includes Young Scholar Summits and online colloquia, plus attending The Davidson Academy.







Our son, AJ, joined the Davidson Young Scholars (YS) program in 2007. In his words, “It completely changed my life!” A couple of people had mentioned the Davidson Institute for Talent and Development to us over the years, but we did not fully investigate the program until we became desperate.

AJ was fortunate to have a first grade teacher who had experience with gifted children, but he hit the wall in school, and in life, by second grade. Suddenly, other students (and teachers) began to take notice of his “differences” and what was once admired in kindergarten and first grade became a source of teasing and resentment in second grade. AJ, a child who was once vibrant, became bored, isolated and suffered greatly.

We applied to the YS program after enrolling AJ in a private school for the gifted. As it became clear that the private school would not work either, our YS Family Consultant was able to offer guidance and resources that helped us educate ourselves about all of the dynamics involved with raising, educating and supporting a profoundly gifted child.

Because of the help offered through the YS program, we have been able to make informed and educated decisions and help guide our child to a place where he feels supported and excited about life and learning again. We have attended the summer gatherings, called Summits, each year and through that experience, AJ (and his parents) have made friends from all over the country. We have found that a special bond quickly forms between the Young Scholars as well as between the parents who struggle so hard to raise them. AJ has benefited from the online seminars provided by the Davidson Institute through the YS program, and we have learned much from the parent online seminars.

Our mission to find a school environment that could support AJ led us to The Davidson Academy, where we have the best of all worlds - the Institute and the Academy, and are surrounded by professionals and other parents who understand and support our entire family.

The Family Consultants in the YS program will not tell you what to do, but they offer support and guidance that allows you the rewarding experience of knowing you are making informed decisions that benefit your child. I would go as far as to say the Young Scholars program saved my child’s life and we will be forever grateful.

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The Davidson Academy of Nevada

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