Alex's Story

Includes making social connections through the Young Scholars program, as well as parenting support.






Being a parent of a profoundly gifted child can be very isolating. Our entire perspective of “normal” is out of whack. We spent the first few years of our son’s school experience wondering why the other gifted parents were not joining us in pursuing ever increasing challenges for their children as well. We did not understand how they could be happy with just a few small changes, when the entire curriculum was not a good fit for our child.

After realizing that our child was more than just “gifted”, we realized how alone we were. Having Alex accepted as a Davidson Young Scholar (YS) was one of the most validating events of his young life. He learned that he was not alone, and neither were we, his parents, in raising him.

Through the YS program, the Davidsons brought us together with other parents in similar situations, and gave Alex access to a variety of kids that were just like him. His current school situation is very unusual locally, but in the YS program, it is par for the course. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to discuss Alex’s situation with other parents in a way that provides feedback and ideas about where to go next. We are also grateful that Alex has found kids within the program with whom he can be himself.

Having done the unusual as far as Alex’s school situation, we are unable to ask questions or seek advice in our regular peer group of friends and acquaintances. Many believe we have made decisions that are not in the best interest of our child. However, from within the YS program there is acceptance and understanding that sometimes our best choices are compromises, meant to give the least harm. Without such camaraderie, compassion and understanding, parenting Alex would be an even greater challenge than it already is. I’m not sure we would have survived with our sanity intact.

I feel confident at this point in Alex’s young life, that we have the best resources available to guide and nurture him. Without regular access to professional experts and other parents in similar circumstances, we would truly be lost. Thank you, Bob and Jan Davidson.

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