Jack M.'s Story

Includes finding a good schooling situation, homeschooling, working with a Young Scholar Family Consultant.


My son does not yet understand the benefit of his being a Davidson Young Scholar (YS). However, as the parents of a 7 year old, the Davidson Institute has been nothing less than an amazing source of support and a wealth of resources. I cannot say enough about the kind, supportive and informational emails that have been exchanged between us and our Family Consultant.

After enrolling our child into kindergarten at a small private school, we decided to talk to the administration about what they might be able to do to accommodate him. After seeing his test scores they simply replied, "Based on his test scores, this obviously isn't the right school for him." As a first-time parent, that statement was crushing, saddening and overwhelming, to say the least! After all, school was to start in less than a month! What was I to do? After being accepted as a YS, we were able to get the specific advice we needed to help our son achieve.

Our Family Consultant, and the Davidson Institute, have helped us through an out-of-state move, whole grade acceleration after homeschooling, and when that failed, the advice and expertise on dealing with the school to help keep our son challenged. We have now been "full circle" and are back to homeschooling. I can only help but wonder, "Where would we be, had we not had the Davidson Institute?" What a marvelous organization!!!!

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