Jonathan's Story

Includes Young Scholar Ambassador Program, Young Scholar Summits and early college.







The Davidson Institute for Talent Development has impacted our family in so many positive ways. They have provided a community of equally bright young people, and parents who have had similar experiences and great advice. They have provided opportunities for my son to learn and broaden his academic experiences, as well as moral, financial and emotional support for my son and I, when we were going through stressful times.

My son has been very involved in the Davidson Institute community, as well as participated in the YS Ambassador program. He very much enjoys having friends who he can relate with on an intellectual level, and has formed significant connections.

As a result of all of the Davidson Institute’s help, my son has been able to graduate from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) at the age 16, something I would not have been comfortable with if the Davidson Institute had not provided me with information that made me think it might be worse for my son to stagnate in a 'normal' school environment than to try early college. Their financial support has helped him grow into a well-rounded person, helping shoulder the expensive burden of music lessons and tutoring – he now plays regular, miniature concerts at an assisted living home.

In addition, my son has always looked forward to the annual YS Summit, since it provides a chance for him to meet and connect face-to-face with his peers, and participate in intellectually stimulating seminars, hosted by very prominent, professional experts in their respective fields.

The YS Ambassador Program has also provided a very meaningful and exciting opportunity for my son to give back to his community, as well as sample the demands and expectations of his future career as a doctor. His project, the Pre-Medical Student Consortium for Improving Healthcare (PSCIH), works in government hospitals to improve patient care, and he finds the work very rewarding.

The Davidson Institute and their YS program have been a significant part of our lives for the last six years, and we are very grateful, as well as very sad that he is aging out of the program.

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