Julia's Story

Includes Young Scholars program, making friends, homeschooling, Young Scholar Summits, eLists and online seminars.




Julia became a Young Scholar three years ago, when she was 6 and 1/2 years old after a wretched half-year in a local public charter school first grade. Today, she just turned 10. The past three and 1/2 years have been ones of explosive growth for her on many levels -- academic, emotional, artistic, interpersonal, and athletic. All this growth had been helped, directly or indirectly, by the Young Scholars program. The parent-to-parent contacts have helped sustain us as we homeschool Julia and seek creative answers as new needs emerge. From time to time, financial aid has made a big difference for us as we seek to nurture all of Julia's gifts and interests. Julia has made of couple of deep, lasting friendships with YS girls who "get" her and can engage her on many levels at once, who can keep up with her sometimes overwhelming verbal, imaginative curiosity and joy -- and outpace her and challenge her, too! She knows that though she is quite different from many kids she is not weird or wrong but rather unique. She loves to participate in the Summits and the online seminars, while Tim and I appreciate the chance to compare notes with other YS homeschooling parents on a range of issues including curriculum and social development. The Parents Seminars have been helpful to me, too. Our whole family feels sustained by the generosity not only of Bob and Jan Davidson and their amazing staff but by the community of resourceful and creative families we now know -- and whom we would never have met without the structure of the Davidson Institute.

Thank you Jan and Bob!!!

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