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Sky’s Project
The List Kids




Founded by Sky in 2008, The List Kids is designed to accomplish two main goals: to raise awareness about the Iraqi refugee crisis and help the children of these refugees feel safe and welcome when they arrive in the US. To meet the first goal, Sky has distributed over 800 wristbands to raise awareness and is in charge of the List Kids Website which includes information about the crisis and how to get involved. To meet their second goal, Sky and his team (which consists of himself and his two eleven year-old cousins) have delivered more than 500 care packages to the refugee children to date. The List Kids has grown from 14 children just one year ago, to identify over 100 Iraqi refugee children in the United States and beyond. Additionally, through a translator, Sky has partnered with a school in Iraq to provide the students there with holiday gifts!

Sky’s Inspiration: In his own words
The inspiration for my project came from three people. First, I was inspired to look for a project after hearing Bob Davidson speak at the last Gathering. Second, I was inspired by my mom's dedication to representing Iraqi refugees from The List. She helps the parents prepare for their interviews with the various government agencies. And finally, I was inspired by Kirk Johnson; who, after helping one Iraqi refugee that he worked with get out of Iraq, recognized the magnitude of the problem and spends every waking moment helping the more than 900 refugees on the List.

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