Forging Paths: Beyond Traditional Schooling
Beach, W.
ISBN-10: 0615577849
ISBN-13: 978-0615577845

GHF Press

BOOK REVIEW (Davidson Institute) - This book takes a look at the stories of nine young people who took varying, nontraditional educational paths and succeeded in their chosen endeavors and vocations.

Forging Paths: Beyond Traditional Schooling, written by Wes Beach, is an inspiring read for any student who does not fit into the traditional school model. This book is a reminder that there is more than one way for a student to learn and be successful; one just has to know where to find the resources needed, and know how and when to approach the right individual.

Author Wes Beach provides readers with case studies of students who have taken an alternate route to the education they want. Many parents struggle throughout their child’s schooling career to find an educational fit that works for their family. Whether their child is underchallenged, has unique talents and interests, or has been told what they can and cannot learn, this book provides parents with the tools they need to help find the answers they are looking for.

If a student takes an alternative education route, will they be accepted into a good college? How will parents provide the college with the information they need to make a compelling argument that their child has met the admission requirements, but in a different way? Chapter Nine: Writing Transcripts provides readers with all the information they need to write a clear, descriptive, well-organized transcript with no templates needed. Writing a homeschool transcript on your own can be a daunting process, and Forging Paths: Beyond Traditional Schooling is a tool that reminds readers, “There is no universally-expected format for a high school transcript” (pg. 47).

Forging Paths: Beyond Traditional Schooling is an informative, short read, which provides readers with hope, direction and a reminder that “To provide your child with a fitting and fulfilling education, you may need to take control” (pg. 55).

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