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Young Scholars: Portfolio Requirements

If you are submitting testing that is more than two years old, a portfolio is required. For all other applicants, this supplemental information is optional, but you can submit a portfolio if you choose.

While supplemental information provided through the portfolio will not override scores that fall significantly below the Eligibility and Testing criteria, this section can be used to enhance the review committees understanding of the applicant’s abilities. See also How to Apply for additional information.

Portfolio Requirements

Applicants may upload a portfolio with a maximum of 6 items. The purpose of this portfolio is to provide additional evidence of the applicant’s current intellectual ability outside of what has been included in the parent questions, the testing report and the nomination form. All portfolio items must have been completed by the applicant within the last 2 years.

The portfolio with a maximum of 6 items may include items such as:

  • Academic work samples completed in school, in an online class or as part of a homeschool curriculum.
  • Projects, presentations or written work completed outside of school as part of an extracurricular activity or completed independently at home.
  • Letters of recommendation (outside of the required nomination letter).
  • Videos of the applicant discussing a topic of interest in depth or demonstrating advanced academic abilities.

The review committee is looking for concrete examples that:

  • Demonstrate academic abilities in areas such as math, writing, reading, science or social studies;
  • Demonstrate the applicant’s ability to work at least two or more grade levels above age peers; and
  • Demonstrate an innate curiosity to explore subjects in surprising depth or the ability to learn and process complex information rapidly.

Because the review committee is looking for concrete examples of the applicant’s advanced thinking and problem-solving skills, certificates, awards, art work, music pieces, and other non-academic work samples are not typically taken into account when determining an applicant’s eligibility for the Young Scholars program. Additional testing (i.e., any testing outside of what is listed on our Eligibility and Testing criteria page) will not be taken into account by the review committee.

Each portfolio submission must have the following which is collected in the application:

  • The age and grade level of the applicant at the time the work was completed;
  • Description of the submission. In the description, please include whether or not the work was reviewed by anyone (i.e., whether the work was a first draft, a final copy that was edited based on the comments of a teacher, a work-in-progress that had received help from a parent, etc. If a specific curriculum or workbook used, please include the title and grade level.

Acceptable file formats for portfolio submissions include: .PDF, .DOC, .DOCX, .MP3, .ODF, .WAV, .MP4, .JPG, .GIF, .PNG.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional portfolio guidance.