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Success Stories

The Young Scholars program is proud to serve gifted students and their families. We have seen the positive difference it makes when our nation's brightest youth are recognized and nurtured.

An instructor helping a student with his project

"Because of the help offered through the YS Program, we have been able to make informed and educated decisions and help guide our child to a place where he feels supported and excited about life and learning again. We have attended the summer gatherings, called Summits, each year and through that experience, AJ (and his parents) have made friends from all over the country. We have found that a special bond quickly forms between the Young Scholars as well as between the parents who struggle so hard to raise them. AJ has benefited from the online seminars provided by the Davidson Institute through the YS program, and we have learned much from the parent online seminars."

-Young Scholar Parent

Youth playing Jenga at the Davidson Institute

"Being a parent of a profoundly gifted child can be very isolating. Our entire perspective of 'normal' is out of whack. We spent the first few years of our son’s school experience wondering why the other gifted parents were not joining us in pursuing ever increasing challenges for their children as well. We did not understand how they could be happy with just a few small changes, when the entire curriculum was not a good fit for our child.

After realizing that our child was more than just 'gifted', we realized how alone we were. Having Alex accepted as a Davidson Young Scholar (YS) was one of the most validating events of his young life. He learned that he was not alone, and neither were we, his parents, in raising him."

-Young Scholar Parent

Teenager playing the piano

"The Davidson Institute has impacted our family in so many positive ways. They have provided a community of equally bright young people, and parents who have had similar experiences and great advice. They have provided opportunities for my son to learn and broaden his academic experiences, as well as moral, financial and emotional support for my son and I, when we were going through stressful times.

As a result of all of the Davidson Institute’s help, my son has been able to graduate from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) at the age 16, something I would not have been comfortable with if the Davidson Institute had not provided me with information that made me think it might be worse for my son to stagnate in a 'normal' school environment than to try early college. Their financial support has helped him grow into a well-rounded person, helping shoulder the expensive burden of music lessons and tutoring – he now plays regular, miniature concerts at an assisted living home."

-Young Scholar Parent