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Davidson Institute’s Megan Cannella Featured on Teach Your Kids Podcast

image of YouTube screen of Megan on a podcast

Megan Cannella, the Davidson Institute’s Director of Outreach, was recently featured on the Teach Your Kids podcast episode, Raising Gifted Learners With Megan Cannella: Insights From a Gifted Learning Specialist About Identifying and Supporting Gifted Kids. Megan and the podcast’s host, Manisha Snoyer, explore not just what makes these children unique but also the everyday challenges they and their families face.

Megan and Manisha discuss insights into the brain-based differences that set gifted children apart and share innovative strategies for nurturing these students’ unique needs. The conversation also addresses the critical importance of a whole family approach and acknowledges the additional challenges of profoundly gifted children.

Whether you’re a parent, an educator, or simply curious about the nature of giftedness, this episode is an in-depth exploration of understanding and supporting these exceptional minds.

The episode can also be viewed on YouTube >image of YouTube screen of Megan on a podcast