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Intel International Science and Engineering Fair – New Frontiers in STEM Creativity

More than 1,800 outstanding high school science students, representing 64 countries, exhibited their inventive, groundbreaking projects at the 2021 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), held virtually for the first time ever. Michelle Hua was awarded the top prize for for her discovery of an artificial intelligence-based algorithm used for human action recognition.

Catherine Kim and Daniel Shen each received the second prize: Catherine for creating a novel hierarchical machine learning model that is able to predict adverse drug reactions with 91% accuracy, along with their underlying biological mechanisms, and Daniel for his development of an AI-powered facial-cue control module. Its high speed accelerates scientific discoveries, medicine research, and many other fields driven by large amounts of temporal data. In total, more than $5 million was awarded to the finalists, who were evaluated based on their projects’ creativity, innovation and level of scientific inquiry. Press Release >   Full Awards Listing >