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International Group for Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness (MCG) Coming to Las Vegas in September

The International Group for Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness (MCG) is coming to Las Vegas Sept. 25-28, 2022.

MCG is affiliated with the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction that focuses on improving mathematics teaching and learning worldwide. This is a great opportunity for teachers in the United States since other conferences have been in Europe, Israel, and South Korea, but only once before in the United States.

Dr. Bill Speer of UNLV is the local conference chair, and Dr. Linda Jensen Sheffield of Northern Kentucky University is the program chair.

With over 60 sessions from outstanding mathematics educators, mathematicians, teachers and researchers from over 20 countries who are interested in nurturing and supporting mathematical creativity and developing exceptional mathematical promise, this promises to be one of the best programs ever.

Join MCG for an exciting, convivial conference to meet and learn from an outstanding group of teachers, mathematics educators, mathematicians, researchers, and others with interest and expertise in the development of mathematical promise, creativity, and giftedness. With 60+ sessions and speakers from 20 countries, the following are just a few of the highlights:

  • An opening session on the playful integration of dance and mathematics with follow-up workshops to engage learners of all ages
  • Renowned authors including Zalman Usiskin (University of Chicago School Mathematics Project), Yeap Ban Har (Singapore think!Mathematics), Kathy Gavin (Project M3, Project M2 and Project A3), and many others.
  • Reports on extracurricular projects, including PriMa from Germany (Marianne Nolte), Math Circles, Summer Programs, Competitions, and Lifelong Learners
  • Sessions on theory, research and best practices for the identification, development and assessment of mathematical creativity and giftedness
  • Use of technology, including makerspaces, virtual classrooms, computational thinking and coding, digital mathematical maps, dynamic geometry, and collaborative international projects
  • Preparing and supporting teachers to foster mathematical expertise and innovation
  • Time to connect informally with experts from around the world that you have only read about and to visit Las Vegas and the surrounding area

See the full program on the conference website and register for the conference and the hotel before August 31, 2022, for the best rates.