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It’s never too early — or late — to identify gifted students

  • Districts can use a variety of guidelines to assess students’ needs for gifted programming at nearly any age. Experts believe testing can continue into high school, allowing more time to locate and identify gifted students.
  • Other tools that can help determine gifted programming needs can include report cards, student portfolios, and expert recommendations.
  • Experts note that those evaluating pupils, from teachers to psychologists, should also receive training to know what to look for in students.

Early gifted identification can provide parents and educators more information on how a child learns and engages with the world around them, but it’s never too late to identify giftedness, said Laurel Griffiths, director of family services for the Davidson Institute, a nonprofit focused on locating and supporting gifted students. “There are interventions that can be helpful at all grade levels and ages.”

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