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NAGC releases 2020-2021 “State of the States in Gifted Education”

state of the states

state of the statesThe recently-released 2020-2021 State of the States in Gifted Education report represents a snapshot of gifted education across the nation. The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) and the Council of State Directors of Programs for the Gifted (CSDPG) conducted this survey to explore if and how states provide and support programs for gifted studentsincluding individual states’ approaches toward identification, funding, acceleration and more.

This report offers some of the first insights into how the pandemic specifically impacted gifted and talented education.

As conversations concerning equity continue to progress, the report also presents new data on the initiatives that some states are taking to address equity in gifted education. See also: NAGC’s Gifted by State pageDavidson Gifted Blog post on state policy