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Regeneron Science Talent Search – Honoring Scientific Innovation

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Some of America’s brightest students were recently recognized when the Society for Science & the Public (SSP) and Regeneron announced the winners of the 2021 Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS). The Regeneron STS recognizes 40 high school seniors creating new technologies and solutions that can change the world through scientific innovation.

  • Yunseo Choi won the top award of $250,000 for her project where she played theoretical “match maker” for an infinite number of things or people. She studied matching algorithms that work for a finite number of couples and determined which important properties would still work for an infinite number of pairs.
  • Noah Getz received second place and $175,000 for his research where he adjusted the way computer models identify promising pharmaceutical compounds, which could make the discovery of new drugs faster and less expensive.
  • Eshani Jha received third place and $150,000 for her development of a biochar filtration system that removes microplastics, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and heavy metals from drinking water.

View the press release and detailed description (PDF) of each of the STS finalists’ projects. Read more: Forbes