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May 20 Seminar for Educators: Giftedness and Talent: Is there a difference between the two if the goal is to bring out the best in students?

Seminar from Pioneer Academics:

Topic: Giftedness and Talent: Is there a difference between the two if the goal is to bring out the best in students?
The educator’s ultimate job is to help students optimize their development. Each student comes with a unique talent profile. In what direction should we point them? What can we learn from giftedness identification? The newest research in gifted education brings brand new perspectives. Best practices suggest identifying interests can be key to identifying talent. A panel of three experts will host a seminar sharing their experience and research on talent identification and development.

Tailoring to global time zones, we have two time options:
– Option 1: May 20, 5:00 PM US Eastern Time (2:00 PM Pacific Time)
– Option 2: May 25, 8:30 AM US Eastern Time (8:30pm China Time; 9:30pm Korean Time; 2:30 European Time; 6pm Indian Standard Time)

Please pick the option and register here:

Conversation hosts:
Dr. Matthew C. Makel
Associate Research Scientist, School of Education
Johns Hopkins University
– Dr. Matthew Makel’s research focuses on academic talent development and open science research methods. In talent development, he investigates the equitable allocation of gifted identification and services as well as how schools can better meet student learning needs.

Brian Cooper
Gifted Learning Education Consultant
Former Director of Educational Innovation and Online Programming
Duke Talent Identification Program
– Brian Cooper has worked in the field of gifted and talented education for 25 years. He was an award-winning AP English Literature and Composition teacher before transitioning to Duke University’s Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP), where he developed and managed innovative programs for talented students from around the world.

Matthew Jaskol
Pioneer Academics
– Matthew Jaskol founded Pioneer Academics in 2012 with the intent of offering deep intellectual exploration to outstanding young people. With the belief that passionate students can reach remarkable heights, he built Pioneer’s admissions with focus on interest evaluation as the key part of talent assessment.

With this panel, Pioneer will kick off its quarterly seminar series, a new initiative of offering valuable knowledge and discoveries to the educators community. Stay tuned!