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The Gifted Parenting Journey: Addressing Challenges Parents Face, How to Find Guidance & Support

A new book by Dr. Gail Post, The Gifted Parenting Journey: A Guide to Self-discovery and Support for Families of Gifted Children, has been published through Gifted Unlimited Press.

The Gifted Parenting Journey addresses the challenges parents of gifted children face, encourages self-awareness as an essential component of parenting, and recommends how to find guidance and support. It is a tribute to all the parents out there who have struggled and questioned their parenting decisions, yet persisted in their advocacy efforts, sustained by love for their child. Throughout this book, parents are encouraged to discover more about their deeper emotions and motivations, what influences their attitudes and expectations, and how certain reactions are elicited in response to the gifted experience. They are prompted to explore questions that should increase self-awareness and are offered both practical tools for managing their emotions and guidelines for improving their parenting skills.

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