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Young Scholar Ana Featured by “Special Books by Special Kids”

Ana, Young Scholar

Davidson Young Scholar Ana was featured in the Special Books by Special Kids video, An Autistic Kid with a Genius IQ.

Ana is an autistic kid with a genius IQ. She also has a physical disability known as arthrogryposis. At 8 years old, Ana wants to become an astrophysicist and study space. Many people tell her, “You are too smart to be autistic!” but Ana wants others to know that a person can be both highly intelligent and autistic.

Why be a Young Scholar? The Young Scholars program is free to profoundly gifted students and their families. We provide our members with the opportunity to connect and engage in a community that understands their needs. Once accepted, parents and students have access to a range of family services to support them. Benefits include the following:

  • Connect with other PG/2e families
  • Learn more about gifted parenting
  • Access professionals & resources
  • Much more!

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