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Program Benefits

Why be a Young Scholar?

Our program is free to profoundly gifted students and their families. We provide our members with the opportunity to connect and engage in a community that understands their needs. Once accepted, parents and students have access to a range of family services to support them.

Connect with Other PG/2e Families

It can be difficult to find a support network when raising a child identified as profoundly gifted (PG) or twice-exceptional (2e). With the Young Scholars program, you will be able to connect with others who are sharing the journey with you. We offer our members a secure, private online community where parents can:  

  • Post their questions, share their experiences, and cheer on others in our Discussion Forums. 
  • Connect to other families near you or with similar experiences in our Member Directory. 
  • Attend (or host!) a Parent-Planned Event to meet other Young Scholar families in your area. 

Access Parenting Support

Sometimes, the profoundly gifted trajectory isn’t a straight line. Parents may have questions or find themselves in situations that require unique experience with this special population. In the Young Scholars program, parents can: 

  • Attend our parent support sessions with our team of experienced Family Consultants to discuss a range of gifted topics.  
  • Read our monthly newsletter, Advocate Together, which provides insights, tools, and recommended resources to help families find the advocacy voice and practices that work for them. 
  • Join our educational webinar series, “Understanding the PG Path,” to learn about more about special topics within the gifted and twice-exceptional community. 

Learn More with Exclusive Resources 

We work with our community and other experts across various fields to deliver exclusive content to our Young Scholar families. As a member, you’ll have access to free webinars, tools, and articles to help you navigate the profoundly gifted journey, including: 

  • Our Expert Series for parents is a free parenting webinar series where parents can connect with a variety of professionals. We’ve had presenters such as Emily Kircher-Morris, Rita Eichenstein, Tina Payne-Bryson, and many more.  
  • Our Davidson Exchange Library houses a wealth of resources for families to utilize throughout their time in the program.  

Attend the Summit Event

The Summit is an annual summertime get-together for our program members, where relationships are fostered with other Davidson families and our team. During this weekend experience, we provide several special activities for our Young Scholars and their parents, including workshops, socials, keynote speakers, and more.

Learn more about the Summit
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Find Young Scholar Talent Development Opportunities

While most of our resources and support are for parents, we do offer services directly to Young Scholar students as well to help them find and pursue their passion.

Ambassador Program

Highly motivated students can apply to receive 18-months of training, which culminates in a lasting community service project.


STARS Summer Camp and REACH Summer Institute are our residential gifted summer programs that foster social and academic experiences.

Student Webinars

Our virtual events allow students to learn from and ask questions of leaders and innovators in a variety of fields, including our own Alumni.

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