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Gifted Testers and Therapists List

Gifted Resources

The map below is a tool that can help families find testers and therapists. If you are just starting your gifted or twice-exceptional journey, your first step might be to have your child tested. Many families find themselves exploring testing for a number of reasons: to better understand how their child learns and experiences the world, to qualify for various educational or enrichment opportunities, or to learn more about other behaviors or experiences their child is having. 

Whatever your reason for pursuing testing, assessment, or counseling, please read the following article to help you consider which professional is right for your family and goals: Considerations for Gifted Testing by the Davidson Institute 

There can be a lot of moving pieces to pursuing and then understanding testing and assessment reports. As you move through this process, you may find our Guides to Gifted Identification, Testing, and Therapy to be helpful as well. 

Map Key:

  • BLACK PIN: Testers with experience assessing gifted and 2e students.
  • PURPLE PIN: Counselors and therapy providers with experience working with gifted and 2e students.

DISCLAIMER: Please know that the Davidson Institute does not endorse any of these testers or therapists. We are merely providing this list of providers based on feedback we’ve received, so you can research and select the professional you are most comfortable working with.

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