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Gifted Testers and Therapists List

Gifted Resources
The map below is a tool that can help families find testers and therapists. If you are just starting your gifted or twice-exceptional journey, your first step might be to have your child tested. Many families find themselves exploring testing for a number of reasons: to better understand how their child learns and experiences the world, to qualify for various educational or enrichment opportunities, or to learn more about other behaviors or experiences their child is having.  Whatever your reason for pursuing testing, assessment, or counseling, please read the following article to help you consider which professional is right for your family and goals: Considerations for Gifted Testing by the Davidson Institute  There can be a lot of moving pieces to pursuing and then understanding testing and assessment reports. As you move through this process, you may find our Guides to Gifted Identification, Testing, and Therapy to be helpful as well. 

Map Key:

  • BLACK PIN: Testers with experience assessing gifted and 2e students.
  • PURPLE PIN: Counselors and therapy providers with experience working with gifted and 2e students.
DISCLAIMER: Please know that the Davidson Institute does not endorse any of these testers or therapists. We are merely providing this list of providers based on feedback we’ve received, so you can research and select the professional you are most comfortable working with.

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If you are a tester or therapist who works with gifted and/or 2e students and feel that you should be added to this map, click HERE. Please briefly describe your experience and include any relevant location info and websites. 


Erika Johnson

I’m looking for a therapist in northern Virginia who specializes in gifted teens. Thank you!

Kasia Rybak

Can you recommend someone to contact on-line? We are based in Poland. This is why. Thank you!

Tanna Kuntz

I live in Rochester, NY. Does anyone know a tester and/or therapist that has experience working with gifted 5 year olds? We have found some who say they know and treat gifted people, but we are looking for someone who can tell the nuances of Gifted vs. Gifted + ADHD, SPD, anxiety or a combination of the 2e part.

Anna Scolaro


Please feel free to reach out to Dr. Scolaro at We provide evals in NYC and Stone Ridge areas.

Brigitte Peters-Collins

I would like to have my 3 yr old grandchild tested privately. Can you recommend a professional in the NOLA area for testing?

stephanie fresnay

I think I understand the difference between a tester and a therapist but I am confused on why there is a difference: are therapists not accredited to test?

Dr. Vaudrey

That's correct! "Therapist" is a broad term for any clinician who addresses the mental health needs of kids. This person may have a masters degree (MFT, MSW) or a doctoral degree (PsyD, PhD). Assessors are psychologists (PsyD, PhD, EdD) who have an added specialty in assessment and more training. In CA at least, only psychologists can do psychological testing.

Susan Herbin

Please provide a Tester experienced with Gifted and Twice Exceptional in or near Portland, Oregon. Thanks so much!

Aoulin Doulin

Please expand to Canada pleasee

Priscilla Sturn

Hi I have a 3year old great granddaughter who behaves like a 6 year old I live in Rhode Island Could you recommend someplace to have her tested

Ana Prieto

Hi! Would like to get information about testing centers or professionals around the Kingwood, Texas area. Thanks!

Beata Tarczon

My son is 14yo, very good student but so disorganized, doesn't care about ongoing things, just learned how to tie his shoes, started talking at the age of 3. he is in advanced math program college credits now but I really want to where is he gifted. Is it math? he is very introverted too and this is my concern.

Dr. MaryGrace Stewart

I have lived in MA for over 20 years and I haven't heard of most of the people on your pins in MA. As you probably know, MA has a terrible record for gifted programs, less than 1% of public schools have G/T programs and there's nothing at the state education or legislative level despite nearly 30 years of advocacy. I have been the Parent Liaison for the MA Assoc. for Gifted Ed. (MAGE) and its VP and President.
I am very interested in how you got these names. If they are effective then I will broadcast them to my program's people via social media and I will share them with MAGE. Please advise.

Sheryll Dsouza

Hi Kate, I am sailing on the same boat. My son is advanced in school but struggling emotionally. Public schools can’t figure this out . He is bored in the school and Connecticut is not offering any programs. Please help.

Kate McGuire

Hi Dr Stewart, we are just starting out looking into if my grandson is gifted. He is 7 and has this amazing mind and struggles emotionally and behavior wise. This behavior seems to only be in the school day. I will be joining MAGE today. Thank you for any direction. —Kate

Crystal Doyle

The purple Pin you have in Las Vegas for Tiffany Allen-Duran does not work. The phone numbers are not active.

Gina-Nga Nguyen

I would like to have my son Pierre VanSise 9 year old to get tested for gifted program, as he wants to take geography, world history, chemistry classes. We know that he knowledge is sufficient to take these classes, but his current private school does not provide testing for gifted kids. We live in Orange County, Southern California. How do I find the local testing center? Is there online test that he can take? Thank you

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