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A Parent's Perspective: The Unexpected Journey of a Lifetime

THE UNEXPECTED JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME: 13 Years of Public School with a Twice-Exceptional Son and the Things I Wish I’d Known at the Beginning Son, what’s our current altitude…

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Homeschooling Gifted Students: A Listing of Books

Below is an alphabetical listing of books related to homeschooling gifted students. If you considering homeschooling your gifted student, the national Young Scholars program provides FREE services designed to nurture the intellectual, social, emotional,…

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For Educators: Gifted Ed. Degree Programs

Organizations: National Institute for the Development of Gifted Education (Denver, CO) As part of the Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver, the Institute supports practice, conducts research, develops publications, serves the…

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Educational Options: Enrichment Programs

Organizations: International iEARN iEARN is a non-profit global network for teachers and young people to collaborate on projects that both enhance learning and make a difference in the world. Manitoba Science Academy Summer Program…

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Twelve Cost Effective Educational Options for Serving Gifted Students

This article provides steps that schools and educators can take to help gifted children stay focused and achieve at higher levels. In addition, these steps can be taken by schools that want their students…

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List of Scholarships for Teens

This state-specific list of scholarships is geared towards teens, especially those interested in applying for our THINK Summer Institute.

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Gifted Education in the U.S. – State Policy & Legislation

Gifted students in states across the country often encounter a wide range of services varying from state to state and even district to district. Gifted education is often left up to local control, and…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Extreme Intelligence in Very Young Children

Below, find common questions about early signs of extreme intelligence in young children. What are early signs of extreme intelligence? Do profoundly gifted young children have specific developmental needs? How early can a child…

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List of Scholarships for Younger Students

This state-specific list of scholarships is geared toward younger gifted students.  

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