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What is Giftedness?

The Definition & Meaning of Being Gifted Children who are gifted are defined as those who demonstrate an advanced ability or potential in one or more specific areas when compared…

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Gifted Education and Support

Educational Consulting for Gifted Students

Parenting a gifted or twice exceptional child comes with a lot of uncertainty. Each child and each family’s circumstances can vary widely even from other families in the gifted or 2e community. One of…

Gifted Education and Support

Rigor vs. Challenge: A Different Way to Look at School Advocacy for Gifted Students

Rigor Vs. Challenge A Different Way to Look at School Advocacy for Gifted Students Profoundly gifted students are frequently at odds with traditional school models because they can handle input of richer content when…

Gifted Education and Support

A Student’s Perspective: THINK Summer Institute

THINK Summer Institute alumnus Emerson reflects on his experience with the gifted summer program below. My name is Emerson Herrera. I am currently studying at McGill University, in Montreal Canada. Out of all of…

Gifted Education and Support

Social Adjustment and Peer Pressures for Gifted Children

This article by Sylvia Rimm addresses the social issues that gifted young people face on a regular basis. It gives situational examples and offers suggestions to parents on how to deal with issues that…

Gifted Education and Support

Gifted Homeschooling and Socializing

Gifted Homeschooling and Socializing After curriculum, one of the most frequently asked questions the Davidson Institute receives regarding homeschooling is how their child will make friends without the brick-and-mortar school. Homeschooling is a big…

Gifted Education and Support

Executive Functioning and Gifted Children

Executive Functioning and Gifted Children What is executive functioning? Executive functioning is a broad term that includes several brain functions that help us execute tasks. Some of the skills under this umbrella include (but…

Gifted Education and Support

Online Schools for Gifted Children

Advantages of Gifted Online Schooling Many families in the gifted and twice-exceptional community have utilized online learning programs. For gifted students, online programs may deliver material at a faster pace, provide information on niche…

Gifted Education and Support

Tips for Students: The Power of Self-Advocacy

The following article shares highlights and insights from one of our Expert Series events, which are exclusive for Young Scholars and their parents. Raise Your Voice: The Power of Self-Advocacy Chances are you have some very…

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