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Social Engagement, General Enrichment, and Executive Function Support Program Comparison

Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

This chart provides a comparison of the most popular social engagement, general enrichment, and executive function Support programs used by Davidson Young Scholars. These programs can be utilized in a variety of ways; enrichment, tutoring, curriculum replacement, independent study, etc. If you are interested in exploring full-time programs, Davidson Academy Online is a full-time option for profoundly gifted students residing in the United States and Canada who are academically ready to perform at the seventh-grade level.

Online Coding Program Comparison
Online Foreign Language Program Comparison
Online Language Arts Program Comparison
Online Math Program Comparison
Online Science Program Comparison
Online Social Science/Humanities Program Comparison


Name of ProgramPriceTopics/Courses OfferedEnrollment PeriodProgressType of ProgramFinancial AssistanceLevels/Grades OfferedAge/Grade RequirementAccreditation
Athena’s Advanced AcademyVaries per courseMultiple Topics/CoursesOpenCourses are typically one, 50 minute session per week. Advanced courses could be longer or meet multiple times a week.OnlineMust contact school via representativeGrades 3-12Varies per courseYes
Beyond BooksmartVaries per optionUnderstanding and regulating emotions; varies by age rangeOpenVaries per programOnlineNoElementary through College Grad StudentsElementary SchoolNo
Bridges Summer EnrichmentVaries per courseMultiple Topics/CoursesOpenCourses typically last one weekOnline and In-PersonFor California ResidencesGrades 4-12Varies per courseNo
CTD Leadership and Service-Learning ProgramsVaries per courseLeadership development and current social issuesOpenVaries per course/programOnline and In-PersonYesGrades 6-12Varies per course/programNo
CTYVaries per courseVarious Topics/CoursesOpen for online programs and talent search; Set for summer programsVaries per course/programOnline Programs/In-Person Summer Program/Talent SearchFor online programGrades 2-12Varies per courseYes
Eclipse AcademyMonthly bill $20-$40 for small group classes; $60-$80 per hour for 1-on-1 instructionCore academic subjects and various electivesOpenPart time and full time enrollment; Zoom sessions; flexible schedulingOnlineYesGrades 3-12Varies per courseYes
IRL Social Skills$3,999 for teens; $2,499 for adults; Social skills coachingSet16 week programs; runs in fall and spring; classes meet once a weekOnlineNoTeens, young adults, adults11No
Lumiere Education$2,800-$4,800Research programs for STEM, Humanities, and Social SciencesSetLength varies per program; self-guided research; weekly meetings via Zoom with mentorOnline; self-guided with mentoringYes8th Grade-Post University8th GradeNo
Pioneer Academics$6,985Online Research ProgramSet3-10 hours of reading per week; weekly seminar sessions, 8-14 research hours per weekOnline; self guided with mentoringYesHigh SchoolHigh SchoolYes
PolygenceVaries per programOnline Research Program covering various topicsRollingVaries per programIndividual and group online research programs with mentoringYesHigh SchoolHigh SchoolNo
PReP ProgramVaries per programVirtual Executive Function CoachingRollingVaries per programOnline; group and individualized coachingYesElementary-High SchoolVaries per courseNo
Young Scholars AcademyVaries per program/courseVarious courses ranging from STEM, to humanities, executive functioncoaching, and moreRollingVaries per program/courseOnline; individual and summer programsYesElementary-High SchoolVaries per courseNo


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