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Online Foreign Language Program Comparison

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This chart provides a comparison of the most popular online foreign language programs used by Davidson Young Scholars. These program can be utilized in a variety of ways; enrichment, tutoring, curriculum replacement, independent study, etc. If you are interested in exploring full-time programs, Davidson Academy Online is a full-time option for profoundly gifted students residing in the United States and Canada who are academically ready to perform at the seventh-grade level.

Online Language Arts Program Comparison
Online Math Program Comparison
Online Science Program Comparison
Online Social Science/Humanities Program Comparison
Online Coding Program Comparison


Name of ProgramPriceTopics/Courses OfferedEnrollment PeriodProgressType of ProgramFinancial AssistanceLevels/Grades OfferedAge/Grade RequirementAccreditation
Apex Learning Virtual SchoolIndividual Courses: $350 per semesterSpanish, French, Mandarin/Chinese, German, LatinOpenSelf PaceOnlineYes8th-12th14-18Yes
BYU Independent StudyHigh School Courses: $152 per half credit
University Courses: $188 per credit
Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, German, Japanese, Korean, LatinOpenSelf PaceOnlineNoMiddle School/ High School/ CollegeNoYes
Center for Hellenic Studies (Harvard)FreeAncient GreekOpenSelf PaceOnlineNoK-12thK-12thNo
Gifted LearningLinks at CTDFamily Program: $135 (9 weeks)
Enrichment: $565 (9 weeks)
Core Essentials: $595 (9 weeks)
Honors Elective: $725 (18 weeks)
Honors and AP: $1,150 (9 months)
Latin, SpanishSetSelf Pace and With ClassOnlineYesK-12thNoYes
CTY World6 months: $1,580
9 months: $2,260
Arabic, Chinese, SpanishOpenSelf PaceOnlineYes2nd-12th7-18Yes
DuolingoFreeSpanish, French, Mandarin/Chinese, German, Latin, etc.OpenSelf PaceOnlineNoK-12thK-12thNo
FuelEdSemester class: $245 (Members pay $230)Chinese, Spanish, French, German and LatinSetSelf PaceOnlineNoMiddle School/High School11-18No
italkiPay per session, session vary based on teacher50+ LanguagesOpen1-on-1 lessonsOnlineNoAny ageNoNo
Lukeion ProjectSemester Course: $309, AP Course $339, 4-Week Workshops $49Latin, GreekSetWith ClassOnlineOccasional Scholarships2nd-12th7-15Yes
Mango LanguagesFree: Limited Access
Trial: $19.99
Custom Pricing: Contact Organization
70+ LanguagesOpenSelf PaceOnlineContact OrganizationK-12thK-12thNo
MiddleburyPay per session, session vary based on teacherSpanish, Chinese, German, FrenchSetSelf PaceOnlineNo5-18K-12thNo
Outschool $5 - $400 10+ LanguagesOpenSelf Pace and With ClassOnlineNo8th-12thK-12thNo
Stanford Online High SchoolFull-Time: $22,850
Part-Time: $14,200
Single Course: $4,700
Latin, Spanish, ChineseSetSelf PaceOnlineYes7th-12th7th-12thYes
Well-Trained Mind AcademySummer Course: $224-324
One-Semester Courses $299-324
Full-Year Course: $599-999
French, German, Latin, SpanishSetWith ClassOnlineNo9th-12th6th-12thNo


Jeff Axelrod

Note: Well-Trained Mind Academy does not allow live video cameras in either direction for their classes.

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