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Enrichment Programs for Academically Gifted Children

Gifted Programs

Davidson’s Gifted Programs for Academics & Enrichment

Davidson Institute, Davidson Academy and Davidson Academy Online each offer various academic enrichment programs for gifted students.

For more information, please see our Gifted Programs overview.

Explore: Online Courses for Gifted Middle School Students

Explore is for qualified gifted students, ages 9-13, who can enrich their education by taking advanced middle school Explore courses online, adapted from the Davidson Academy’s rigorous curriculum.

Davidson Academy (Reno, NV)

Davidson Academy matches each student’s needs to a curriculum driven by ability grouping and flexibility, not a “one-size-fits-all,” lockstep approach to education. Individualized education for each profoundly gifted middle- and high- school student gives each an opportunity to learn to the full extent of their abilities in a supportive environment with intellectual peers of similar age.

Davidson Academy Online

Davidson Academy Online is a game-changer for profoundly gifted students. Open to students living anywhere in the United States and Canada, this accredited online option builds off the one-of-a-kind, exceptional framework put in place by the Davidson Academy in Reno, Nevada. The result is a robust online community where students thrive.

International Programs

These are some options for the gifted community to consider that are outside of the United States:

iEARN is a non-profit global network for teachers and young people to collaborate on projects that both enhance learning and make a difference in the world.
Manitoba Science Academy Summer Program (Canada)
This six-week, residential summer program is open to international students with futures in science and engineering. Students (grades 10-12) earn 2 high school credits which are transferable to their State/Province. Gifted youth work as full members of the research team and are involved in the collection and analysis of data. Students must generate a Scientific Report and deliver an oral presentation of the findings of their study to successfully complete the program.

National Programs

All About Learning
All About Learning harnesses the motivational effects of video game making, renewable energy, and engineering education for students using their LEGO® kits to teach science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts and educational skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, agility and adaptability, curiosity and imagination. All About Learning works with summer camps and school enrichment programs providing classes for kids throughout the United States.
Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute
Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge of and inspiring lifelong learning about Latin, Greek, and the ancient Greco-Roman world, especially at the elementary and middle school levels. To accomplish its goals, Ascanius maintains a number of programs. The centerpiece of the Institute is its student program, known as LatinSummer, a summer enrichment program.
Envision – Leadership, Scholarship and Career Programs
For decades, Envision (formerly LeadAmerica) has been a home for students with high academic achievement and a desire to build a focused plan for their future. With programs for elementary, middle, high school and college students, Envision offers career, technology, and National Youth Leadership opportunities in a variety of subject areas. Activities mirror real-world challenges and facilitate critical thinking and communication among the groups. Many students are nominated by teachers; others are selected via a national student talent identification program; and still others are selected by the Admissions Board based on GPA, test scores, and passion for a specific area of career or leadership interest.
Expanding Your Horizons in Science and Mathematics (EYH)
The Math/Science Network is a non-profit membership organization of educators, scientists, mathematicians, parents, community leaders, and government and corporate representatives. Our mission is to promote the continuing advancement in mathematics and science education of all people, with a particular emphasis on the needs of women and girls. The goal of the Math/Science Network is to increase the participation, retention, and advancement of girls and women in mathematics, science, and technology.
Play-Well TEKnologies
Play-Well TEKnologies hosts K-8 engineering summer camps, after-school enrichment programs and special events with LEGO for approximately 100,000 students per year in 23 states, as well as in France. Their Core Engineering programs are their biggest “sandbox”, creating a safe space for students to learn and discover through play. Themed classes and camps explore imaginative worlds that students already know and love, such as Star Wars or Ninjago. The Core Engineering curriculum consists of Intro to STEM and STEM Challenge. These programs are broad in theme and draw upon the greatest variety of possible projects. Returning students will be given new building challenges. Advanced Engineering programs are designed for experienced students. Themed classes and camps such as Jedi Engineering and Super Hero Engineering incorporate many engineering concepts, and have no prerequisites.
Smithsonian Associate Programs
Monthly activities include lectures, seminars, study tours to local and world-wide destinations, children’s events, films, courses, embassy receptions, performances, and much, much more! In depth Campus on the Mall courses include special programming areas: African American Studies, Art and Architecture, Civil War Studies, Contemporary Issues, Culinary Arts, Humanities, International Studies, Performing Arts, and Science & Technology. Programs and Performances Lectures, Films and Tours on a variety of subjects by experts in their field(s) of interest.
Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center (SEEC)
SEEC has three specially designed facilities. The original Center, located in the National Museum of American History, opened in 1988 and serves fifty pre-kindergarten children, ages three to five. In 1991, the Center for infants and toddlers opened in the Arts and Industries Building and serves thirty children, ages three months through two years. The third facility, located in the National Museum of Natural History, is the site of the SEEC kindergarten and also offers additional classes for toddlers and two-year-olds.
Russian School of Mathematics (Various Locations)
The Russian School of Mathematics is an award-winning, after-school math program for K-12 students. The RSM programs help children of all levels build a solid math foundation and develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Their systematic curriculum and approach is based on the best practices of math schools in the former Soviet Union and Europe, adapted to the U.S. educational environment. More than 15,000 students attend branches across the country in a variety of after school and summer programs ranging from day camps to sleep away camps. Online courses are also available for students in locations without a physical branch.
Army Educational Outreach Program
Through AEOP, the Army continues its long tradition and strong commitment to the advancement of STEM education and literacy. Leveraging its most valuable assets – world-class scientists and engineers and research facilities – AEOP offers our nation’s youth and teachers a collaborative, cohesive portfolio of opportunities that effectively engage future workforce generations in meaningful, real-world STEM experiences, competitions and paid internships. From elementary school through graduate school, students of all proficiency levels, interests, social and economic backgrounds are encouraged to participate in real-world STEM experiences while also engaging with Army-sponsored mentors.

National Summer Programs

Envision – National Youth Leadership Forums (NYLF)
Envision’s National Youth Leadership Forums (NYLF) are designed and created specifically for the nation’s most outstanding elementary, middle and high school students for career exploration of specific fields in various locations throughout the United States.
SuperCamp – Quantum Learning (Multiple Locations)
SuperCamp provides three age/grade-specific learning and life skills summer camp programs, including academic summer camps for students entering grades 6-8 in the fall, teen summer camps for students starting grades 9-12 and college summer camps for incoming and current college students, Quantum U.

Online Programs

SIG Online Learning Program

This is an exciting 8-week online program for gifted and talented students. These courses offer students curriculum beyond what is offered during the school day, are wide-ranging in potential interest areas for individualized learning, and engage students in hands-on learning while applying school content through speaking, writing, researching, analyzing, reasoning and questioning.

Art of Problem Solving Academy
Math students have trained with Art of Problem Solving’s textbooks since 1993. Each year, over 15,000 students take classes in the AoPS Online School. Through AoPS Academy’s after-school, weekend, and summer programs, the depth and rigor of the AoPS curriculum is brought to the classroom. The AoPS Academy curriculum is carefully designed to prepare students for the rigors of advanced university classes and highly competitive careers. In math and language arts classes, they stress both the fundamentals and extend those fundamentals to advanced applications.
Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS)
IMACS gives K-12 students a competitive edge by teaching them how to think critically using logic and reasoning in mathematics and computer science. IMACS classes cover high-level material in innovative and exciting ways designed to keep talented students challenged and engaged. IMACS serves students from across the United States and around the world through its online programs. Parents with elementary school children may register for a free math enrichment placement class. Parents looking to give their bright secondary school child a deep foundation in mathematics may enroll their child in the first course of Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (EMF) at no charge. Parents considering university-level courses in computer science and advanced mathematical logic may register their child for a free aptitude test.
Idea Math (Various Locations)
The IDEA MATH program was created to help talented students who want to advance their problem solving skills – both to expand their mathematical horizons, and to maximize their performance in math competitions. They offer the following for students entering 6th to 12th grade: weekend program; winter program (AMC 123); summer program; and an online program.
Scholars Online
Scholars Online offers a full college preparatory course curriculum in a classical Christian mold. Our rigorous curriculum includes up to seven years of Latin and Greek, and a full range of science, mathematics, literature, and writing instruction.
K5 Learning
This is an online math and reading enrichment program for kindergarten through fifth grade allowing students to work independently with more than 3,000 lessons. Their philosophy about gifted students as stated on their website is that gifted children should work at their skill level, not grade level. It is recommended that gifted students complete the free online reading and math assessments. Then, each student is placed in the lessons according to their skills, not their grade levels. A gifted child may be placed several grades ahead in particular skill areas.
The K5 material is typically suitable for gifted kids in a younger age range (pre-k to grade 3/4).
PCS Edventures Online
PCS Edventures! is an educational adventure where kids discover how things work using exciting hands-on projects, safe and secure communication tools, and a powerful reward system to motivate students. Subject areas are diverse ranging from art to engineering and there is a strong emphasis on technological skills, computer and Internet use, and design skills.

Gifted Academic & Enrichment Programs by State

Academic & Enrichment Programs in California

Gifted Academic Programs

Call of the Sea (COTS) (Sausilto, CA)
Call of the Sea is an educational nonprofit with the mission to inspire youth to unleash their potential through experiential, environmental education under sail. Their vision is to empower generations of students to become environmental stewards and transform their world through sailing. From three-hour educational day sails to multi-day overnight adventures, Call of the Sea’s youth programs provide hands-on, impactful learning experiences for youth in grades 3-12.
Electivity (Novato, CA)
Electivity has helped parents and schools in the North Bay area launch a full spectrum of activities that promote new knowledge and life-long skills through enriching learning opportunities that complement the school day. Electivity’s Enrichment Programs provide the opportunity for students to continue to learn new skills and discover new abilities after the school day has ended. Electivity adopts an ecosystem model where parents, schools, communities and partners collaborate closely to customize and provide the best and most affordable programs for children to explore their interests. These programs are conducted in the comfort of the children’s Elementary and Middle schools as an extension of the school day.
Euler Circle (Palo Alto, CA)
Euler Circle is a mathematics institute for advanced students in the San Francisco Bay Area who love mathematics. The organization offers a range of college-level mathematics classes, specifically tailored to the needs of advanced high school students, many of whom have exhausted the mathematics curriculum at their schools and want to learn more. Each class offered is the equivalent of an upper-division college mathematics class.
Gifted Children’s Association (GCA) of the San Fernando Valley (CA)
GCA is a non-profit, membership-based organization providing enrichment classes for gifted and high-achieving students from Pre-K through 9th grade in the San Fernando Valley. Among the classes we have offered in past sessions are: All the World’s a Stage, World of Harry Potter, Making a Newspaper, Jurassic Art, Rocketry, and much more.
Lyceum (Santa Clara Valley, CA)
Lyceum of Santa Clara Valley is an organization that provides enrichment seminars for intellectually gifted children and is primarily staffed by volunteers. Seminars are developed and taught each year within four areas: Art, Humanities, Natural Science and Physical Science.
Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) Scholars (San Francisco, CA)
SEO Scholars is an academic advocacy program based in New York City and San Francisco, which aims to motivate low-income public high school students to get to, and graduate from, competitive colleges and universities. High school students are offered classes on Saturdays, after school and during the summers to prepare them for college. Once in college, SEO Scholars are supported through direct, ongoing counseling to assist with adjusting to college life, building academic success skills, exploring career options and securing internships.

School & Education

Excel for Youth Program – Sonoma State University (Rohnert Park, CA)
This program offers students in 4 -1 0th grades the opportunity for academic enrichment in accelerated classes. Classes are held at Sonoma State University and utilize labs, guest speakers and field trips. An exciting variety of courses are designed to stimulate, challenge and provide participants with resources to enhance their learning experience. Classes range from Shakespeare to clay, microscopes to jewelry, chemistry to inventing, researching and performing to Web page design.

Schools & Programs: Public

School in the Park (San Diego, CA)
School in the Park is an innovative program that shifts the location of “school” from a traditional classroom setting in an inner-city school, to the resources and educational opportunities available at museums in San Diego’s Balboa Park. A relevant instructional environment is created as hands-on learning challenges students to become active participants in their own education. Rosa Parks and Hamilton Elementary Schools participate in this program that allows third, fourth and fifth grade students to spend up to eight weeks at Balboa Park, where they participate in week-long educational programs at nine institutions.

Summer Programs

Bay Area Writing Project – Young Writers Camps and Teen Writing Camps (Berkeley, CA)
The Bay Area Writing Project sponsors both the annual Young Writers Camps and Teen Writing Camps. Young Writers Camps offer students entering grades three through nine a unique opportunity to develop their creative abilities and writing talents. The Teen Writing Camps are for incoming ninth through 12th graders. Enrichment opportunities for students who enjoy writing, literature and poetry, both camps are offered on the University of California Berkeley campus.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Colorado

Gifted Academic Programs

Denver Museum of Nature and Science Youth and Family Programs (Denver, CO)
Workshops offer your child the opportunity to investigate the Museum’s unique collections and specimens, venture into various cultures, and wonder at the human body through activities, experiments, and crafts. We also offer parent-child workshops, so you can explore the world together. The Adult Programs Department offers a year-round selection of courses, workshops, and lectures for the 18-and-older crowd. Classes are on subjects ranging from Artifact Illustration to Space Art, and slide
presentations from visiting scientists and Museum curators.

School & Education

CU Wizards Program (Boulder, CO)
Professors from different fields at CU Boulder give lectures with demonstrations on topics related to their research as part of the CU Wizards program, which generally occur on the second or third Saturday of each month. While the programs are advertised as targeting 5th-9th graders, the target age for gifted students is around grades K-4. Starting in 5th or 6th grade, gifted students can switch to the Saturday Physics Series, hosted by the CU Physics Dept once monthly.
University of Colorado – Science Discovery (Boulder, CO)
Science Discovery, established in 1983, is an experience-based educational outreach program of the University of Colorado in Boulder. Science Discovery’s mission is to stimulate scientific interest, understanding, and literacy among Colorado’s youth, teachers, and families by interfacing with university resources and academic expertise. Science Discovery is dedicated to engaging the whole person in the journey of learning, and strengthening individual capacities to participate actively in local and world communities. Programs include after-school classes, homeschool classes, summer programs, and wilderness camps. They also offer professional development programs for teachers.
Space Voyage Academy – Summer Programs, Weekend Programs (Littleton, CO)
Space Voyage programs bring to life the importance of math and science, reinforces concepts identified in academic content standards, build confidence through genuine achievement and offer a fun place for kids to imagine the possibilities, learn and grow. Parents of gifted children report that the program is challenging and supportive of their gifted children. The Summer Camp offers 10 weeks to choose from for ages 5-16.

Summer Programs

University of Northern Colorado (UNC) – Summer Enrichment Programs (Greeley, CO)
These university programs are designed primarily for students entering grades 5-10. Students enroll in four classes for 10 days to explore their interests. Students select activities ranging from research to arts & crafts. Saturday sessions led by experts from the university provide an additional opportunity for learning. The cost includes housing, food, tuition and staff fees. For children ages 4-9, a Young Child Program is offered daily from 9 a.m. to noon. Students entering the 11th and 12th grades in the fall are eligible to participate in the Leadership Enrichment Program.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Connecticut

Gifted Academic Programs

Saturdays at Talcott Mountain Science Center (Avon, CT)

TMSC’s Saturday program reaches the needs of high-ability, high-interest students in grades 4-8, all areas of the state, and accepts both individual applications and students in local Gifted & Talented programs. Students meet for five Saturdays, and for an additional day’s worth of enrichment programs for each course. Some programs will meet by arrangement (astronomy nighttime programs) and some even continue to ‘meet’ over the Internet during the week.

School & Education

Dr. Joseph S. Renzulli Gifted and Talented Academy (Hartford, CT)
The Renzulli Academy in Hartford, CT is an inner city school designed for students who have a passion for learning and are capable of gifted performance. Students not only share academic talents, a knack for curiosity and high levels of task commitment, but they also display an abundance of additional gifts and talents that extend beyond the formal classroom. They are original thinkers who are open to discovering their gifts in a creative educational setting. Students are characterized by intrinsic motivation, creativity and high aptitude.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Florida

Gifted Academic Programs

Engineering Minds (Tampa, FL)
Engineering Minds is an engineering education program teaching theory, application, and career skills to intellectually gifted middle and high school students. Saturday, weekly, and summer workshops are offered and include high level technical discussions and videos on topics such as artificial intelligence, quantum mechanics, entrepreneurship, intellectual property, and much more.
Leon County Gifted and Talented Programs (FL)
The mission of Leon County’s gifted program is to identify and serve students with demonstrated gifts and talents as well as those who may be able to develop their talent potential with appropriate educational experiences.
Sunshine Math Superstars (Chipley, FL)
Sunshine Math is “a K-8 program designed as an enrichment opportunity for self directed learners in mathematics. It provides the extra challenge needed by self-motivated students.”
Sunrise Learning Lab (Wesley Chapel, FL)
The Sunrise Learning Lab Gifted Pilot Program serves highly and profoundly gifted students, ages 9-13. It provides a completely individualized, customized program, with partial scholarships available.

Summer Programs

Stetson University, High Achieving Talented Students (HATS) (DeLand, FL)
High Achieving Talented Students (HATS) is a three-part program sponsored by Stetson University. In collaboration with the Belin-Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development at the University of Iowa, Stetson provides outstanding educational opportunities for high-achieving Florida students in grades 4-9. These opportunities include the HATS Summer Program, above-level testing through the Belin Blank Center’s academic talent search and Stetson scholarships.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Georgia

School & Education

Georgia Tech CEISMC (Atlanta, GA)
The Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing (CEISMC) is a partnership between Georgia Teach and educational groups, schools and opinion leaders throughout the state of Georgia. The mission of CEISMC is to enhance STEM education in schools leading toward an improved appreciation and performance in STEM for all students in grades K-12.
Programs offered to students through CEISMC include academic mentoring, a variety of summer programs and camps, and the K.I.D.S. Club Saturday program for gifted students. CEISMIC also works with educators and schools providing professional learning initiatives and programs focused on to bring STEM into classrooms.

Summer Program

Saturday School For Scholars and Leaders – Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA)
This summer program is for grades K-8 and is taught by educators from the Atlanta, Georgia area.
Saturday is not your typical day for school but participants in Georgia State University’s Saturday School for Scholars and Leaders are not your typical students. Since 1975, parents and school personnel have identified scholars and leaders to participate in this special Saturday program. Each session, Atlanta area educators teach a variety of enrichment classes, ranging from the fine and applied arts to math and science, designed to challenge participants at all levels.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Idaho

Gifted Academic Programs

Treasure Valley Mathematics & Science Center (TVMSC) (Boise, ID)
The Treasure Valley Mathematics & Science Center (TVMSC) is a unique learning community that offers opportunities in mathematics and science education unlike those found in traditional school settings. The curriculum is specifically designed for students with a strong interest/desire to excel in mathematics and science. A key focal point of the instructional program will be activities that require students to work as a member of a research team. Students will collaborate in posing questions, designing experiments, acquiring and analyzing data, and finally, presenting their findings. The Center will run a half-day junior high program and a half-day senior high program.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Illinois

Gifted Academic Programs

Illinois – Friends of the Gifted and Talented (FRoG) (Downers Grove, IL)
This non-profit organization in Downers Grove, IL, has been a resource for gifted youth and their families for 26 years. FRoG co-sponsors a science fair, offers weekend enrichment programs and has a support group for parents of gifted youth.
Packer Foundation Scholars Program (Multiple Locations, IL)
This enrichment program is open to all gifted students in private or public schools in DeKalb, DuPage, Kane, Kendall and Cook Counties in Illinois. The Scholars Program gives students the opportunity to enhance their learning outside of their regular classroom through practical experience, field trips and by working with teachers. Most Young Scholars classes are held on the campus of Aurora University. Topics are covered in greater depth than what is presented in the regular school curriculum. Enrichment programs are offered year-round.

School & Education

Center for Talent Development (CTD) – Northwestern University (Evanston, IL)
The Center for Talent Development (CTD), housed at Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy, is an accredited learning center and research facility serving gifted students, their families and educators for nearly 30 years. Some of their programs include: the Midwest Talent Search, summer programs for pre-K through grade 12, Saturday enrichment programs for pre-K through grade 9, an Accelerated Weekend Experience (AWE), Gifted Learning Links for K through grade 12, a Civic Education Program for grades 7 through 12, scholarship programs for underrepresented students, and educator and parent programs.
College of DuPage Talent Search Program (Glen Ellyn, IL)
The College of DuPage offers gifted students in grades 3 – 12 the opportunity to take courses in math, science, information technology, problem solving, literature, language and writing. Located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, this talent search admits students who score in the 95th percentile or higher on a qualifying standardized test.
Keller Regional Gifted Center (Chicago, IL)
The Chicago Public School Gifted and Enriched Academic Programs is a citywide network of program models and services avalible to gifted children. They are designed to challenge children identified as gifted and talented who demonstrate superior general reasoning ability and/or potential to excel in a specific academic, creative or artistic area.
Sprout – Enrichment for the Gifted Child (Chicago, IL)
Sprout is an after-school program for gifted children ages 7-12, located in Chicago. Our mission is to help gifted children discover their talents and become comfortable using them. We hope to enrich the lives of Chicago’s gifted youth through socialization with like-minded children, meetings with experts in a variety of fields, and freedom to explore their interests in a risk-free environment.
Saturday Enrichment Program (SEP), Center for Talent Development – Northwestern University (Evanston, IL)
The Saturday Enrichment Program (SEP) at Center for Talent Development (CTD) offers challenging and enriching courses for academically talented students age 4 through grade nine. SEP courses in mathematics, science, technology, English & writing, and social science engage students during eight Saturdays in the fall and winter and a six-week term in the spring. These research-driven courses, outstanding instruction and the camaraderie of learning with like-minded peers make SEP the place to be on a Saturday.

Summer Programs

Kids and College – McHenry County College (Crystal Lake, IL)
Kids and College is an expanded enrichment program for all students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12th. Classes are designed for four different age categories to help all students explore new interests, gain additional skills, and start the process of life long learning. Programs include: Discovery Crew PreK to 3rd Grade; Kids on Campus 4th to 8th Grade (Summer Program); Investigators 4th to 8th Grade; Home School Connections 4th to 12th Grade; and, G.O.L.D. 9th to 12th Grade.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Indiana

School & Education

Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI) – Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN)
The Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI) at Purdue University conducts research into the psychology of gifted and talented individuals and effective educational practices for high ability youth. Super Saturday and the GERI Summer Camps, GERI’s youth talent development programs, provide challenging learning opportunities and a healthy social environment to a diverse population of high ability children and teens.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Iowa

School & Education

Iowa State University – Office of Precollegiate Programs for Talented and Gifted (Ames, IA)
This organization, located at Iowa State, is designed to match exceptional students with advanced learning opportunities well-suited for their advanced needs. Some of the services OPPTAG offers are: A talent search program, summer and academic year programs for students (grades 2-11) and links for helpful resources. Students will find each of the three summer programs challenging: CY-TAG, which addresses individual needs and learning styles; Explorations!, which covers areas of study usually not taught in a high school curriculum; and Adventures!, designed for those who excel academically at a very young age.
Challenge Saturdays – Belin-Blank Center (Iowa City, IA)
Challenge Saturdays are for high-ability students and are offered through the University of Iowa’s Belin-Blank Center for Gifted Education. The Challenge Saturday Program is an academic program for high-ability students that takes place over five successive Saturdays in the fall semester on the Des Moines Central Academy campus or on The University of Iowa campus.
Weekend Institute for Gifted Students (WINGS) (Iowa City, IA)
Belin-Blank Center offers half-day weekend enrichment opportunities for elementary and junior high students. Classes include science, art, math, writing, computer science and social studies.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Kentucky

Gifted Academic Programs

Super Saturdays – The Center for Gifted Studies (Bowling Green, KY)
Since 1992, The Center has been providing this opportunity for young people to explore their interests. Students select from many courses that take place in Bowling Green, on the campus of Western Kentucky University and also in Owensboro, on the campus of Owensboro Community and Technical College. Classes range from science and mathematics to Spanish, puppetry, poetry and making web pages.
The Center for Gifted Studies – Western Kentucky University (Bowling Green, KY)
Located on the Western Kentucky University campus, The Center for Gifted Studies has been serving children who are gifted and talented, their educators, and their parents for more than 35 years. The Center provides exciting educational opportunities for gifted young people, including residential summer programs for sixth through tenth graders. It also provides professional development for teachers, including one of the largest Advanced Placement Summer Institutes in the country and a Master’s Degree in Gifted Education and Talent Development.

School & Education

Liberal Arts Academy at Henry Clay High School (Lexington, KY)
The Liberal Arts Academy at Henry Clay offers academically gifted Fayette County high school students an alternative, challenging, liberal arts curriculum.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Maryland

School & Education

Center for Talented Youth (CTY) Discovery Series – Johns Hopkins (Baltimore, MD)
CTY Talent Search participants in grades five through seven are invited to experience the wealth of resources and activities available at prestigious museums, aquariums, and nature and science centers. As determined by the unique focus of each host institution, scientists, naturalists, historians, artists, and other educators guide participants through an exploration of on-site exhibits and activities, using their professional expertise to address the learning needs and lively curiosity of highly able students. Overall, the series provides a stimulating environment where families share a common love of learning while discovering new interests. The Discovery Series includes one-day, overnight, and extended programs.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Massachusetts

Gifted Academic Programs

Milton Academy Lower School’s Saturday Course (Milton, MA)
Courses are offered in a wide range of academic areas. Students work in small groups (approximate ratio of 9:1) throughout the campus on Saturday mornings–making use of the school’s classrooms, libraries, art studio, photography darkroom, science laboratories, and computer labs. We are also fortunate to be able to use special campus equipment such as skeletons, computer programs, video equipment and high-powered microscopes. The academic periods, each an hour and fifteen minutes, provide the teacher and student with a unique learning environment.
The Math Circle (MA)
The Math Circle is a “program of courses founded in 1994, designed for students who enjoy math and want the added challenge of exciting topics that are normally outside the school curriculum. Its teachers are experienced, committed, and enthusiastic. Our classes encourage a free discussion of ideas; while the courses are mathematically rigorous, the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed.”

School & Education

Harvard Extension School (Cambridge, MA)
Harvard Extension School offers 100 online courses and a unique blend of traditional liberal arts and professional studies programs. Classes are offered to students with various backgrounds and academic experience. The course tuition is the “lowest in the Boston area.”
MIT Educational Studies Program – Splash (Cambridge, MA)
For one weekend each November, thousands of students of all types attend MIT for ESP’s Splash program. From music theory to Hungarian history to aircraft analysis, Splash participants are introduced to a huge variety of topics in over 400 classes taught by undergraduates and other members of the MIT community.
MIT Educational Studies Program (ESP) (Cambridge, MA)
The MIT Educational Studies Program (ESP) was created by MIT students in 1957 to make a difference in the community by sharing knowledge and creativity with local high school students. Since then, the program has grown to support more than 3,000 students each year. The original High School Studies Program (HSSP) has been joined by many other enrichment programs, and the agenda changes each year to best suit the community’s needs.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Michigan

School & Education

Gifted & Talented Education (GATE), The Honors College at Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI)
The various Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) programs offered through Michigan State University (MSU) are dedicated to promoting differentiated educational programs for students in grades 7-12. Mathematics Science and Technology (MST) is a two-week residential program for academically talented students. CHAMP is a regional program for students highly gifted in mathematics. ISHALL is an accelerated, intensive two-year course in literature and language designed to meet the curricular goals and merit standards of high school English, grades 7-10, in two years. Plus, there is also a dual enrollment program, a Michigan-Shiga Exchange program, a CSI Forensic Science program and several others listed on the website.
Glenn T. Seaborg Center at Northern Michigan University (Marquette, MI)
The Center is both a department in the Northern Michigan University College of Arts and Sciences and a member of the Michigan Network of Mathematics and Science Centers funded by the Michigan legislature. A major component of the Center’s activities are in programs for K-12 students, teachers, and the community. As a Michigan mathematics and science center, the Seaborg Center is accountable in six areas: leadership, student services, professional development, curriculum support, resource clearinghouse services, and community outreach.
Kids on Campus – Schoolcraft College (Livonia, MI)
Schoolcraft College offers a Kids on Campus program that offers a large variety of exciting educational programs for children grades 1st – 12th. Classes are offered during the fall, winter, and summer semesters at times convenient for children and parents.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Mississippi

School & Education

The Frances A. Karnes Center for Gifted Studies – University of Southern Mississippi (Hattiesburg, MS)
In 2004, The Frances A. Karnes Center for Gifted Studies celebrated its 25th anniversary. The Center for Gifted Studies was established in 1979 and provides services for children and youth in grades kindergarten through 12 and support for teachers at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Missouri

Gifted Programs

Phelps Center for Gifted Education (MO)
This organization advocates and offers support for intellectually gifted students in Missouri. It provides a rigorous academic curriculum in a supportive environment.
Gifted Support Network (Missouri)
Based in Missouri, the Gifted Support Network seeks to provide information, connection, and enrichment to families of gifted and high-ability children. The Gifted Support Network is based in St. Charles County, although their events are also easily accessible from the neighboring St. Louis, Warren, and Lincoln counties. They also partner with Lindenwood University to offer graduate credit to educators.

School & Education

College for Kids Program – St. Louis Community College (St. Louis, MO)
The College for Kids (CFK) program is offered by the Continuing Education office of St. Louis Community College at Meramec for gifted and talented elementary and middle school youth who have completed kindergarten through eighth grade. Courses offered are designed to challenge and advance a student’s skills. Programs are offered in the spring and summer.
Academy of Science (St. Louis, MO)
Founded for the advancement of science, the Junior Academy of Science of St. Louis is a special program for all students in the 7th through 12th grades whom are interested in science. The program is sponsored by the Academy of Science of St. Louis. The Junior Academy encourages students to explore various branches of science as they plan their future careers.
Metro Academic & Classical High School (St. Louis, MO)
Metro High School (MHS) one of three full-time gifted schools in the greater St. Louis area. To be eligible, students must score above the 95th percentile in intelligence testing. Metro High has an IB diploma program, is the top scoring public school in Missouri and ranked in Newsweek’s best public schools list.

Summer Program

Mathematics Education for Gifted Secondary School Students (MEGSSS) (MO)
This program provides St. Louis and Rolla-based summer and after-school programs for middle school students highly talented in mathematics, defined roughly as those scoring the 98th percentile. Nominations for the program are accepted through May for a 10-day summer introductory program. The Summer MathJam program also offers math challenges and enrichment for math-talented students in the 90th percentile. Financial aid is available. Project MEGSSS bridges the gap between elementary and high school mathematics for mathematically talented middle school students. Coursework is offered to MEGSSS-qualified students for up to 3 years, including summer programming, which also serves as excellent enrichment for students unable to commit to an after-school program.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in New Jersey

School & Education

Primoris Academy (Westwood, NJ)
Primoris Academy is a vibrant and nurturing school for passionately curious students. Students are placed based on ability rather than by age, and experiential learning is at the core of the school’s approach. Serving grades K-12 in the NY Metro area, Primoris provides an accelerated, rigorous program that emphasizes creativity and collaboration.
The Gifted Child Society (NJ)
The Gifted Child Society (TGCS) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing unique enrichment programs and services to gifted children in preschool, elementary school, middle school, and beyond. Since its inception in 1957, TGCS has served nearly 70,000 gifted children in New Jersey and its surrounding areas. TGCS also runs a summer program known as TGCS’ Summer Super Stars Camp STEAM day camp.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in New York

Gifted Academic Programs

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) Scholars (New York, NY)

SEO Scholars is an academic advocacy program based in New York City and San Francisco, which aims to motivate low-income public high school students to get to, and graduate from, competitive colleges and universities. High school students are offered classes on Saturdays, after school and during the summers to prepare them for college. Once in college, SEO Scholars are supported through direct, ongoing counseling to assist with adjusting to college life, building academic success skills, exploring career options and securing internships.

Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM) (New York City, NY)
Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM) is a nonprofit organization based in New York City that seeks to find low-income, high-performing math students. The mission of Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM) is to create pathways for underserved students to become scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and computer scientists. BEAM Scholars are provided with organizational help, academic counseling, academic help, mentorship, and support to enable them to attend advanced academic programs through high school. BEAM Scholars are immersed in deep mathematical experiences through rigorous summer programs and challenging, enriching year-round activities.

School & Education

Long Island University – Center for Gifted Youth Summer Program (Brookville, NY)
This program is unique in that it provides gifted students the top gifted educators in the area in university-level facilities. A wide range of subjects are offered, varying each year. Summer courses are also available, as well as Saturday classes throughout the semester.
State University New York at Buffalo (SUNY) – Gifted Math Program (Buffalo, NY)
The Gifted Math Program is an enrichment program for students in grades seven through 12 at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Students commute to the University twice weekly to study an enriched and accelerated program of mathematics in grades seven through 10, and university level courses in discrete mathematics and calculus in grades 11 and 12. They can accumulate a total of 22 semester hours of university credit for successful participation.
My Spectrum School (Port Washington, NY)
Located in Port Washington, New York, My Spectrum School is dedicated to educating gifted children in their preschool, kindergarten, first grade, after school enrichment, and summer camp gifted programs. Their facility has 5,000 square feet of carefully designed classroom space for stimulating and enriching learning experiences. Students are challenged and their interests’ cultivated with an accelerated curriculum modeled after the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Harvard University Project Spectrum in conjunction with New York State Common Core Learning Standards.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in North Carolina

Gifted Academic Programs

North Carolina – PAGE of Wake County, Saturday Program (Wake County, NC)
PAGE is a nonprofit volunteer run organization of parents, teachers and others interested in supporting and encouraging the development of gifted students by promoting an understanding of the characteristics and needs of gifted students and fostering appropriate educational opportunities for them at home, school and in the larger community. An exciting selection of morning and afternoon classes are available through their SuperSaturday program.

School & Education: (North Carolina)

Duke Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) – Duke University (Durham, NC)
The Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) identifies academically talented children through the 4th-6th Grade Talent Search and the 7th Grade Talent Search, providing resources, enrichment activities, and advice to ensure students reach their highest potential. TIP also offers educational programs for students in grades four through 12, including residential summer programs, weekend programs during the academic year, distance learning programs, and independent learning options.
Metrolina Regional Scholars’ Academy (Charlotte, NC)
This public charter school, designed for children of extremely high intellectual ability in grades K-8, provides numerous enrichment classes. The goal of the Academy is to provide an environment tailored to the unique needs of gifted children.

Summer Programs

Duke University Summer Session (Durham, NC)
The Duke University Summer Session consists of two different programs, Duke Summer College for High School Students and Duke Summer Academy for High School Students. The Duke Summer College for High School Students is for grades 10 and 11 and prepares students for University learning. The Duke Summer Academy for High School Students if for all high school students and is a personal enrichment program.
Duke University Youth Programs (Durham, NC)
Duke Youth Programs is a part of Duke University Continuing Studies and has provided summer academic enrichment for more than 30 years. Each summer approximately 650 youth from around the nation, representing some 22 states and 5 different countries, attend one of our summer programs. All programs seek to engage learners in innovative, interactive, transformative learning experiences. Co-curricular social and recreational activities complement the instructional day. The camp “learning community” approaches learning as a shared responsibility among students, instructors and counselors.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Ohio

Gifted Academic Programs

The Super Saturday Program (Sharonville, OH)
The Super Saturday Program is a quality enrichment program for intellectually gifted children, ages 4-14, at the Scarlet Oaks Campus in Sharonville, Ohio. Each session, children choose from dozens of classes that allow them to stretch their abilities in new areas. More importantly, gifted children come together each week with their gifted peers. Children can soar to their own heights and not feel out of place. They make new friends who share their goals, ambitions, interests, and abilities.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Oklahoma

School & Education

College of Professional and Continuing Studies – Programs for 6th-8th Graders (Norman, OK)
During the school year, Precollegiate Programs offers gifted and talented workshops for Oklahoma schools’ gifted and talented programs. Precollegiate Programs also offers a one-day Model United Nations workshop that prepares students for the High School Model United Nations of the Southwest conference held in April for high school students. During the summer months, Precollegiate Programs has several camps that are both fee and non-fee based. Several camps are application based, requiring an essay to be written and teacher recommendations to be obtained. Two of the Precollegiate Programs summer camps offered at this level are one or two week long overnight camps, where students get to truly experience life as a college student. Camps like Mini College and Horizons Unlimited are day camps.
Barthelmes Conservatory Music School (Tulsa, OK)
Barthelmes Conservatory is a non-profit organization offering a year-long music program. This after school schedule provides music education and is tailored to the needs of musically gifted and talented elementary and middle school youth displaying the potential to pursue music as a professional career.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Oregon

Gifted Academic Programs

Saturday Academy – Oregon (OR)
Saturday Academy’s Classes & Workshops program offers enrichment courses after school and on vacations and weekends to 4th-12th grade students. Classes are available throughout Oregon in the Portland/Vancouver area and at regional centers. Classes are project based with lots of hands-on opportunities for students. An emphasis is placed on classes in the sciences, math and technology.

Summer Program

Oregon State University (OSU) – Precollege Summer Program (Corvallis, OR)
OSU’s Outside the Box Summer Program enables gifted, talented and creative youth (grades 7 and 8) to pursue topics of interest through a unique combination of in-depth, challenging academic explorations and social interaction with intellectual peers. Students can anticipate discovery and challenge in the program’s offerings which are designed specifically to address their interests and abilities. In the past, popular courses have included Creative Writing, Cyberspace 101, and Mural Painting.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Pennsylvania

School & Education

Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh Gifted Center (PA)
Located in Pittsburgh’s Elliott community, the Pittsburgh Gifted Center provides gifted education for students in grades 1 through 8 who live within the School District of Pittsburgh. These students attend the Center one day a week from public schools. Eligibility for participation is determined by standards set by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which includes an evaluation by a certified school psychologist and recommendations from a multi-disciplinary team.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Tennessee

School & Education

Walters State Talented and Gifted Program (Morristown, TN)
Consisting of approximately 100 programs designed to stimulate and challenge East Tennessee’s gifted students, from the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades, these classes are instructed by area experts and encourage student participation in hands-on activities.
Discovery School at Bellwood (Murfreesboro, TN)
The Discovery School at Bellwood provides a K-6 program for high achievers by utilizing classroom time in application of skills, extension activities, individual projects and research endeavors as well as acceleration and weekly enrichment clusters.
Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) – Gifted and Talented Education (Nashville, TN)
Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) serves Gifted and Talented students through the Encore Program. Students eligible for this program are in kindergarten through sixth grade. Encore classes meet one-half day each week in local schools.
Vanderbilt Program for Talented Youth – SAVY (Grades K-6) – Saturday/Summer Academy at Vanderbilt for the Young (Nashville, TN)
SAVY – Saturday Academy at Vanderbilt for the Young Day Program – Held each fall and spring, students in grades K-6 engage with like-ability peers in accelerated courses over six consecutive Saturdays.

SAVY – Summer Academy at Vanderbilt for the Young Day Program – Each summer, rising 1st-7th grade students take part in a variety of advanced courses taught by content experts. Weekly sessions are available for all grades in the months of June and July.

Vanderbilt Program for Talented Youth – Weekend Academy at Vanderbilt University (WAVU) (Nashville, TN)
The Weekend Academy is held for one full Saturday each Fall and Spring for qualifying 7th to 10th grade students. WAVU provides students with an in-depth look at careers in math, science, and engineering, and the humanities. WAVU also provides an opportunity for students to come together to learn and collaborate with a group of like-ability peers. Accelerated laboratory courses are led by professionals in their field to provide students with the opportunity of career exploration.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Virginia

Gifted Academic Programs

Saturday and Summer Enrichment Program – College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, VA)
Programs for high-ability students are offered through the College of William and Mary’s Center for Gifted Education. Students in Kindergarten through grade 9 may apply for enrollment in the Saturday/Summer Enrichment Program courses. These courses are offered each year at The College of William and Mary and at various locations in Richmond, Virginia during fall, spring, and summer sessions. This enrichment program enables students to explore specialized topics not typically studied in the regular classroom.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Washington

Gifted Academic Programs

Math in Action – Lake Washington School District (Redmond, WA)
Math in Action is a collection of math enrichment programs available for Norman Rockwell Elementary and other elementary students in Redmond, Washington. Math in Action was originally sponsored and partially funded by the Norman Rockwell’s PTA in 2006. After school programs started at fourth grade and expanded to other grades since 2007. The math challenge program, piloted in 2007, is now participated by more than 1,000 students from different elementary schools at the Lake Washington School District.
Prodigy Northwest (Spokane, WA)
The goals of this organization are to provide the highest level of academic and enrichment opportunities for gifted students by: providing an assortment of enrichment opportunities; working in conjunction with regional K-12 school districts to assist in their efforts to effectively serve gifted students; and assisting in the process of what can be an overwhelming journey for many families.

School & Education

Robinson Center for Young Scholars at University of Washington – Saturday Program (Seattle, WA)
The Saturday Program is an enrichment program offered by the Robinson Center for Young Scholars for students currently in grades K-8. These classes are intended to provide intellectually ambitious students with challenge, inspiration, and fun, in a collaborative, supportive learning environment. Classes are not intended to move students ahead in the standard curriculum, but rather to explore topics not usually covered in the K-8 classroom. Classes meet for one or two hours per week on Saturdays, for eight sessions each quarter; not open in the summer.
Robinson Center for Young Scholars at the University of Washington (Seattle, WA)
The University of Washington is home to an internationally unique and renowned resource for gifted students, the Halbert and Nancy Robinson Center for Young Scholars. For more than 25 years, the Robinson Center has been the gateway through which some of the brightest young scholars in Washington state enter the University of Washington and/or participate in academically accelerated summer courses. The Early Entrance Program and UW Academy are the Robinson Center’s early university entrance programs. The Robinson Center also offers summer academic programs for students finishing the 5th-10th grade, as well as a Saturday Enrichment Program during the school year and the Robinson Center Online Program.

Academic & Enrichment Programs in Wisconsin

School & Education

University of Wisconsin, Regional Center for Math and Science (RCMS) (Green Bay, WI)
The RCMS is a federally funded, six week residential pre-college program, designed to enhance and enrich high school students’ understanding of science, mathematics, and the nature of scientific research. The Center’s emphasis is on the health sciences. Careers in medicine, nursing, physical therapy, medical research, and the like, will be explored.


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