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Gifted Education and Support

Mentorship of the Highly Creative

This article details the positive effects of mentoring on a gifted young man. This particular mentorship lasted four years and involved a high school student and two mentors–one of which who resided on the…

Gifted Education and Support

Intrinsic motivation

This detailed article outlines 21 strategies for enhancing motivation in students. Theroux has extensive experience dealing with underachieving students and has been greatly influenced by the insight of Joanne Rand Whitmore and Sylvia Rimm.…

Gifted Education and Support

Acceleration: What we do vs. what we know

This article by Karen Rogers and Richard Kimpston is a review of studies that indicate gifted young people really do benefit from being academically challenged. It states that providing a challenging learning environment will…

Gifted Education and Support

A best-evidence synthesis of research on acceleration options for gifted students

This article by Karen Rogers examines 12 forms of acceleration. The author discusses research results from 314 studies with positive effects. The results show that there were positive findings for socialization effects from grade…

Gifted Education and Support

Selection of Candidates for Early Admission to Kindergarten and First Grade

This article by Nancy Robinson and Linda Weimer explains that children learn best when challenged appropriately at a level they are ready for. It suggests strategies for parents to use when advocating for early…

Gifted Education and Support

Differentiating curriculum for gifted students

This article by Sandra L. Berger discusses how gifted students “need an appropriately differentiated curriculum designed to address their individual characteristics, needs, abilities, and interests. It is difficult to generalize about students who are…

Gifted Education and Support

Mentor Relationships and Gifted Learners

This article by Sandra Berger explains what a mentor means, guidelines, questions to ask students, and questions to ask mentors. From th author: “One of the most valuable experiences a gifted student can have…

Gifted Education and Support

Career Planning for Gifted and Talented Youth

This article by Barbara Kerr offers guidelines in planning career paths for gifted and talented youth. Possible intervention strategies are presented for elementary, junior high, senior high, and college/young adult ages. The article is…

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