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Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

The intellectual and psychosocial nature of extreme giftedness

This article by Philip Powell and Tony Haden compares the differences of average, moderately and extremely gifted individuals. The authors explore the psychological difficulties of the highly gifted, especially in terms of self-esteem and…

Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

Profiles of the gifted and talented

This article by George Betts and Maureen Neihart offers a succinct chart that profiles 6 different “types” of gifted individuals: Successful Challenging Underground Dropouts Double-labeled Autonomous It includes their feelings, attitudes, behaviors, needs, adults…

Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

A Strengths-Based Approach for Children Who Are Twice-Exceptional

From the Davidson Institute’s guidebook, Twice Exceptionality: A Resource Guide for Parents Pete’s Story In the fall, we asked the school for a 504 Plan, but the biggest challenge we have is that one side of the…

Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

The Goldilocks Question: How to Support your 2e Child and Get it “Just Right”

This article examines three situations common to twice-exceptional children and their parents. From them, guidelines to help parents determine just how much support to give their struggling twice-exceptional children are provided. Author: Neumann, L.…

Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

Special Considerations in Gifted Identification and Assessment

If you are a parent, you may have noticed signs that your child is gifted or has gifted characteristics. Perhaps you are looking for resources on gifted testing to confirm something you see in…

Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

The highly gifted baby

This article by Kathi Kearney points out the need to recognize the gifted early in life. It also discusses the lack of research and makes a strong case for more study of highly gifted…

Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

2e Guidebook Resources and Bibliography

These references are part of a Davidson Institute’s guidebook, Twice Exceptionality: A Resource Guide for Parents. This list is divided by section. Under each section, you will find:   Links to the Resource Highlights Lists…

Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

The Writing Can Wait

This article describes how writing is a complex skill that requires not just an agile mind but a set of mental and physical skills that don’t always keep pace with a child’s ability. As…

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